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West Chester University 
West Chester, Pennsylvania 


]A WCCI Marching Band niember plays intently. 

J_F/ou)ers left at the Wall That Heals, a traveling memorial to Vietnam veterans. 

[Rammie makes his tvay down the field with a new friend. 

[^Buttons and cards to campaign to new WCCI students. 

—Two WCCI students take time out from the Homecoming parade to smile for the 


-"SGS«M A 'siW(r7>*SL 

''The only difference between 

genius and stupidity is that 

genius has its limits ^ 

"When I grow up I 
wanna he like me,'^ 





«^ ^: 












\ReciLaUon Hall makes a nice background for this photograph. 
— IlOne of the many floats In the 1999 Homecoming Parade In November. 
-^\Aboue is Just one of the many Friars who auctioned themselues to raise money 
for charity. 
-A simple photograph taken outside of the Francis Haruey Green Library. 






♦ —J 






^lOne of the many public safety officers who keep WCU a 

safe place to Hue. 

]]Presldent Adler giving her speech at the opening ceremony 

for the Wall That Heals. 

]A simple statement but a powerful message. 

■ — This WCU dancer patiently waits for her cue to begin the 


^ r 

\One of the many uisitors to the traveling 
memorial wall that was housed at 
Hollinger Field for several days this 

[A veteran takes a moment to stop and 
just look at the names listed on the Walt. 
—[Several WCU students show their 
school spirit by stamping their cheeks. 
■ — The Philips Memorial Halt recently 
reopened this spring after completion of 
the renovations. 


— These West Chester coaches plan their team s next play. 

[A WCCJ soccer player pauses for a moment during the 


^vA member of the WCU Golden Rams during the 

homecoming parade. 

-^ — . A sign reminding people on campus of the Visiting 

Vietnam Memorial Wall. 

"The past is a ghost, the future is a 
dream, and all we ever have is now." 

Bill Cosby 

|]7"he ivomens soccer team takes a break during 

their game. 

] — 'Hands showing unity among team members. 

]A "Ootden Ram's" Marching Band member play: 

at the homecoming pep rally. 

— -Two dancers at the homecoming pep ratty 

*':«."? *r- A «*'■? ' uj^.' i" 

't;*"'-.:;'. •.■■<- 

"The flit I/re belongs to those who 
prepare for it today.'' 
Malcolm X 


"Two roads diverged in a 

wood, and I — 
/ took the one less traveled^, 
by, -^ 

And that has made all the 
difference. " ^ 


Robert Frost ^ 

Rooking around West 
Chester University's cam- 
pus is definitely a sight to 
behold. Particularly, in the 
spring when the flowers 
and trees start blooming, 
beginning a new growing 
season for them. For the 
students at West Chester a 
new period of growing be- 
gins with each academic 
year. One is never sure 
where the path of life will 
take them as they forge 
their way ahead. By the 
time their educational ca- 
reer at West Chester has 
come to an end, not only 
have many hours been 
spent studying both inside 
and outside of the class- 
room, but a new stage of 
growth has begun. 

— K.ShauUs 

FXcSdemic Festival 

^n October 5, 1999 classes were cancelled for an important event for all of the West Chester community and University members 
to attend. Lectures were presented, seminars were held, and workshops were given. This was West Chester's fifth year in hosting the 
Academic Festival. The University Festival provided students, faculty, and staff with a wide variety of topics. The subject matter 
ranged from lectures dealing with the arts to seminars on the sciences. All of the presentations were diverse and open to all University 
members. Anyone who attended the event came out with knowledge of a new subject or a better understanding of their own. In 
holding this festival West Chester provided students, faculty members, and staff with a break from the everyday schedule and 
subjected them to a new atmosphere of learning. 
— Brad Sanders 

'A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell, where 
his influence stops." 
— Henry Brooks Adams 

"Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten. 

— BV Skinner 

^e University Festival was 
not only a day of learning but a 
i day of dispute. A strike was au- 
[thorized, but never occurred 
\ around the time of the festival on 
October 5, 1999. The Festival 
went on as scheduled, but the 
tensions were high. Students as 
well as faculty members rallied 
against the University for various 
reasons. Eventually, the atmos- 
phere died down and everyone 
went back to their everyday rou- 
tine. Signs were the only visible 
evidence left after the tensions 

Academic Buildings 


I Mitchell Hall is where students 
become artists. Whether one is 
interested in photography, painting, 
ceramics, graphics, or sculpture, "the 
Department of Art at West Chester 
University has established an 
organized and structured program 
integrating the visual arts and 
academic disciplines" (Art 
Department Home Page) . 

I^ In the Ceramics Rooni inside 
Mitchell Hall, talent is combined uiith 
learning which creates amazing 
pieces of work and a more well 
rounded student, 

— Swope Hall houses the students 
who have decided to become music 
majors. These student are dedicated 
to their work and show off their talent 
at University plays and recitals. The 
future will be bright for these students 
as they continue to share there talent 
in the "real" world. 



"Every fool knoivs you can^t touch the 

stars, but it doesn't stop a wise man 

from trying.'^ 

Harry Anderson 


i Main Hall is the academic 
building which is used 
primarily for teaching and the 
learning of English, Foreign 
Languages. History, and 
Philosophy. Old Main was 
originally used to house faculty 
and students and was also 
used as a museum and chapel, 
as well as a laboratory. Old 
Main became New Main in 

^Recitation Hall was built in 
1892 and is now the oldest 
building on West Chester's 
campus. The building itself is 
built with a type of stone that 
was commonly used in the 
finer houses in West Chester's 
community called serpentine. 
Recitation Hall houses our 
future educators and is located 
directly behind Anderson Hall. 

— ■ Anderson Hall is the 
home for the business 
majors on campus. An- 
derson also houses the 
mathematics and com- 
puter science depart- 
ments. This building, 
erected in 1946, was 
named after an alumnus 
and teacher of West 
Chester University. The 
Academic Computing 
Center (ACC) is located 
on the bottom level of 
this building which al- 
lows WCCJ students and 
faculty a place to do 
homework, e-mail a 
friend, or just surf the 
internet between their 

Academic Buildings 

[ The Francis Haruey Green Library is a place were students can study and relax in a quiet 
atmosphere. The Green Library is fully equipped ujlth computer stations primarily on the main 
floor of the Library, but there are also workstations located on each floor. This Library houses 
ouer half a million books and periodicals. 

[ The Old Library was built In 1902 and Is presently being used for academic and nursing 
classes and p'iychology research space, as u'ell as faculty office space. 

— ''■ ^ n 

\The Messlkomer Hall also known as the Office of Admissions Is a familiar sight 
to most Incoming freshman and transfer students, as this is the place one goes 
to get a tour of campus, pick up applications, and ask any other questions 
pertaining to becoming a West Chester student. It is a beautiful building located 
next to Sykcs Student Union on Rosedalc Auenue. 



■ — Ruby Jones Hall was 
erected in the year 1899 
and houses the Crinninal 
Justice, Political Science, 
and Geography and Plan- 
ning departments, as well 
as various other faculty 
and staff offices. Serpen- 
tine stone was as used to 
construct the exterior of 
this building as well as Rec- 
itation Hall. Ruby Jones 
was renovated in 1988. 

Ruby Jones' interior is 
magnificent with its arch 
ways and historical class- 

i& — The Sykes Student Un- 
ion Building is place for stu- 
dents, faculty, and staff to re- 
lax, meet with friends, and 
study. Sykes houses the stu- 
dent organizations' office spa- 
ces and is a place for commut- 
er students become active on 
campus and to grab a bite to 
eat between classes. Sykes is 
also home to the University 
bookstore where students can 
find textbooks for all of their 

Academic Buildings 

Sclifiiuker Science Center has 
lour complete phases to it, 
Schniuker houses a series of 
lecture halls, laboratories, and 
classrooms. This builiding is 
the home of the Chemistry. 
Biology. Physics, Geology, and 
Astronomy departments. 
Science majors find these 
building as a second home due 
to the time that they spend in 
these buildings. Boucher Hall 
(which is not pictured) is 
considered the fourth phase 
and is the youngest branch as 
it was erected 1 996. In 
addition Schumker Phase II 
was Just recently renovated 
dnd reopened for classes. 

The Interior of each phase is a 
familiar site to most students 
on campus because euen if a 
student is not a science major 
they are still required to take 
general science class and 

' 'A professor is one who talks in someone 

else's sleep.'' 

— Anonymous 

1 1 Philips Memorial Hall is considered the key note 
building on West Chester's campus and has just 
recently been renovated. This building is truly 
magnificent. Philips was originally erected in 1925. 
Philips Hail was named after the late Dr. Philips, a 
principal of West Chester State Normal School. 
Philips was also a graduate of the Uniuersity. 
Students visit this building for many reasons, some 
believe that it is haunted, others go to experience 
the famous whispering arches. 
-^ Lawerence Center is not exactly an academic 
building but is a very important building on campus. 
Lawrence houses the University Dining Hall, as well 
as a tutoring center, women's center, a post office, 
and the career development center. 
~]This bulletin center is located outside of Ruby 
Jones Hall. Freguently. this is filled with a multitude 
of brightly colored flyers advertising for roommates, 
mountain bikes, old computers, and more. 






^^^^_ *!^^^it ' aJ 




»m .^ 

^^E^^^Hr ^^1 



-<#- ^^ 

^^tudying is an important part of the col- 
lege career. Students study whereever they 
feel the most comfortable and where they 
can get the most work done. Some students 
study at the library, some in Sykes, or in the 
residence halls, and some study in the aca- 
demic building that houses their major. Wher- 
ever students choose to study, they know in 
the back of their minds that the weekend is 
just around the corner. 

Housing Fair 

^e Housing Fair is a great 
event for students who decide 
that they need to live off cam- 
pus and on their own. If a 
student is commuter CAOS 
also has a booth set up at this 
even. Various real estate com- 
panies are involved and have 
stations set up around the 
Sykes Ballrooms. There is 
usually an apartment or house 
available for every student 
who attends. If a student still 
likes the idea of campus life 
but also wants more inde- 
pendence, then the South 
Campus Apartments are the 
way to go. There is a wide 
variety choices. 

'Colleges are places where pebbles are polished 
and diamonds are dimmed." 
— Robert G. higersoll 


tiicleiiit JL/iite 

"Some people weave burlap 
into the fabric of our lives, 

and some weave gold 
thread. Both contribute to 
make the whole picture 
'^« beautiful and unique." 

— Anonymous 

^bing off to college means 
many new experiences. Learning 
and living away from home for 
the first time are major factors in 
where to further your education. 
We all have stories to share, sto- 
ries about what we have done in 
our free time and the sights we 
have seen. All of these things 
make a good college experience. 
It isn't all work, there are fun 
and games too. Making the best 
of our time at college by getting 
involved as active members of 
organizations that plan the ac- 
tivities held on campus is an im- 
portant part of college life. We 
must have a balance during our 
college career to make the most 
of our futures as teachers, social 
workers, athletic trainers, nur- 
ses, and much more. 

— A. Price 

Residence Halls 

^Killinger Hall- 
Named after Glenn 
Killinger. this "U" 
shaped building hous- 
es about 300 WCU 
students. Its 24 hour 
quiet policy is con- 
venient, especially to 
students who are ac- 
tive in the Pre-Med 
and Honors pro- 
grams, who are 
housed primarily on 
the third floor. 


« i ; ; ~ 

..~ — H 5 "" "" ■ "i.^^B!! 




^Goshen Hall- 
Goshen Hall is a co-ed resi- 
dence hall that houses about 
450 students, predominantly 
music majors. It's named af- 
ter the former Psychology 
Chair and public education 
specialist. Anne M. Goshen. 
Goshen is one of three resi- 
dence halls with a "Y" shaped 

—Ramsey Hall- 
Named after Dorthy Ramsey, an English pro- 
fessor for 33yrs at WCU. this co-ed hall houses 
aproximately 400 students. Recently Ramsey 
recieved a brand new pool table in its tlrst 
floor lounge, which also contains a television 
and various vending machines. 



—McCarthy Hall- 
McCarthy is named after 
Grace D. McCarthy, the 
first Dean of Women. It is 
an all female residence hall 
housing about 250 women. 
Located in the basement of 
McCarthy is the WCU's 
Children Center, which al- 
lows students an opportu- 
nity to learn skills in teach- 
ing small children. 

ii ^ I: }l i\ 

y. i: ^» ^'^' }\ 





—Sanderson Hail- 
Sanderson is named after Christian C. Sanderson, alumnus 
of West Chester University as well as historian, writer, 
artist, and teacher. Located outside are the lighted vollyball 
and basketball courts. 





>^ x^. 


nir- - -^ 


—Tyson Hall- 
Named after S. 
Elizabeth Tyson, 
this hall houses 
about 450 male 
and female stu- 
dents. Located in 
the first floor 
lounge are various 
vending machines 
and game tables. 

North Campus 

— Students appoach their temporary ■■home" for the next semester filled with excitement. 

I When first moving into the Residence Halls. WCV students are welcomed by their 

Resident Assistants. 

—[This WCV student gets ready for another semester of studying and fun. 

\In rooms such as this a little bit of of ones belongings can go a long way 

[[T\son Hall fifth fioor residents pose for a shot before going to various Halloween parties 

South Campus 

Wimjb (foil fmcMf Im/t tjowo own klthJm! 

^nally. you have reached that point in your West 
Chester career where you are permitted to move into an 
apartment. Usually to obtain this privilege you are re- 
quired to be an upperclassmen. but some freshmen have 
even managed to move in after their first semester. 
Between having your kitchen right outside your bedroom 
door to sharing a bathroom and shower with three people 
instead of twenty, south campus life is convenient as well 
as comfortable. It is the complete feeling of apartment 
living without the hassel of certain bills such as water and 
electrical. South Campus apartments are a great way to 
make the last few semester enjoyable. 

— M.Cotellese 

I This is one of the many buildings found on the South Campus Apartment Complex. 

■ — Two WCCI students smile for one more picture before heading off to a formal. 

[At South Campus, admirering gorgeous uiews such as this one is an experience one 

should never miss. 

^■«-wwffiiiairiTmriiimim^i«pf"aiaia«B»aaaaaiia^^ " '•'''^"'±:j':"±j1 

]The wall space in the apartments is greater tt\an that of (he residence halls. 

I — 'The South Campus apartments are surrounded by fields which provide a 

great playing ground for a variety of sports. 

— 'The South Campus laundry rooms are a great place to find out about 

upcoming events and news. 

[Located about a mile from North Campus are the Garden-style appartments 

for West Chester University residents. 

Free Time 

Oo' (foil Im/C/ awj7 



•^ ^«lfef %-^-^*t^' 





^ ^!l- 



"pree Time is the very short amount of time that 
college students have but nevertheless treasure. 
Whether it is between classes or after an activity 
meeting, one can always find students walking 
casually about, as if they have no where important 
to go. Some of the time is spent sitting on one the 
benches either to have a smoke or catch up with 
old friends. It is the time for students to hang out 
and relax, which in college is important, when 
schedules are busy, and it feels like there are not 
enough hours in a day. 

— AI. Cotellese 

"Just wast- 
ing time, let the hours roll by. Do- 
ing nothing for the fun of it. Taste of a 
life, ivhether right or wrong makes me wanna 
stay for a while." - Dave Matthews 
Band, "Stay" 


~T r 

•ajB>-i** V 

'\WUh all the flyers posted on 
the bulletin board, one can 
always find somlhing to do 
during their free time. 
]^On a beautiful day. it isn't 
unusual to see couples 
around campus walking 
hand and hand. 
-^Jhese Resident Assistants 
seem happy to spare some 
time from their busy 
scheduals to stroll down the 

J* \ 

r ^%\ 



X -S3!i 

Familiar Sights 








■■ .vtiotoqt Depi 
Wist Chesiei 



|. — \Ui)ty West Chislfi iludenti team 

the rule of this sign the hard and c.v- 

pensive way. 

\\This sign let students know where to 
find Public Safety in cases of emergency 

and for information about transporta- 

]^\\'hile walking down the street. 

W'CV students are familiar with seeing 

the street vendors who sell a variety of 

food, snacks, and drinks. 

\This is one of the many pay-phones 

found on campus. 

—With the word "Free" printed on it. 
many college students can't help but 
notice the Quad's newspaper holders 

found all around campus. 
Students kicking back and studying 
IS a familiar sight here at West Chester. 
[With having both North and South 
sections of campus, the buses are seen 
thoughout the day and well into the 









— The Philideiphia Inquirer building located just 
inside of town. 

\Thiis bar and resturanl is one of the many 
businesses that can be found in West Chester. 
I The laundromat is ivhere one can find many off 
campus students ivho may not otvn a washing 
machine and dryer. 

m ^ CAMPUS -X-, ^a^ 




'ebple take different 
wads seeking fidlfUlment 

and happiness. Just 
because they're not on your 
road doesn 't mean they 've 
gotten lost. 

H. Jackson BroMw^e 

"pTse time can be hard to 
come by from semester to se- 
mester. However what the stu- 
dents do during that time is en- 
tirely up to them. A large 
number of West Chester stu- 
dents not only attend various 
events held here, but they help 
plan and coordinate them, as 
well. Planning for events, includ- 
ing Homecoming. Blood Drives, 
and the Dance Marathon, gives 
emerging student leaders a 
chance to grow and further de- 
velop their skills. For those of us 
who attend the events, not only 
do we get the opportunity to 
show support for our University 
and our fellow students, but we 
get a chance to learn something 
new about ourselves and our 
world. The events hosted by 
West Chester University are an 
important part of our college ex- 

— K.Shaulis 



TlMe^tct luttk^ 


^'s that time again. Time to load up 
the car and head back to college. For 
some, this day is a new experience, which 
can bring about fear and anxiousness, as 
many leave home for the first time to 
start their first semester at WCU. Others 
may find that they are reunited with 
friends they've missed over the summer. 
Either way it is an exciting day that starts 
a brand new semester. - M. Cotellese 



^^^^^^^^^^^mhHI 4 

~]Welcome back to WCU!! 

]]Eueryone pitches in to help Steph move in to her dorm! 

]Some of us had more fun moving in than others!! 

, — Some of us needed more help than others, but in the end there 

is always someone willing to lend a hand. 

^lart the "i^or off 
W With a 

■ — IJWhen you check in you get to meet 

your new RA! 

]Thie residence htalls like to look at a new 

year as a new beginning. 

— This student Just chills out between his 

trips upstairs. 

[Some of us are more "suited" for moving 

day than others. 

■ — [Euen in the South Campus apartments. 

residents have fun moving in together! 

^New student Move in Day is always a 

big occasion! 



Ssi^&t*--*' -^*s tSir'' 

I /ust look at the size of that band!! No wonder 

they are the incomparable Golden Rams 

Marching Band! 

— 'The football players really put all their 

energy into Iheir game! 

■ — The whole family can come to the game on 

Family Day. 

I Look at that team! Go Rams! 

■ — Everyone -wants to be a cheerleader 
and yon can in the stands. 
'There are the proud familf members 
ofWCV students. 

'_& — 'These families looks to be enjoy- 
ing the Golden Rams football game! 
.1 — A lot of the members of the com- 
munity come to join the fun as -well. 
i\Sou' here is a classic case of "like 
mother, like daughter." 

Our families miss us while we are 
away at school whether they like to 
admit it or not. But. at times like 
these we can see just how much 
they do miss having us around. Vis- 
iting with parents on Family Day is 
a great enjoyment for many. Some 
families come to see the Residence 
Halls for the first time, others to 
take in the football game. While 
others go out for the evening and 
enjoy a family dinner. For what- 
e\ er reason they come out for Fam- 
ily Day. it is nice for families to 
spend time relaxing together. 
— Janet Cassel 



h • f. 



-^ 4 


. — ]Here come the iieic 

Homecoming King and 


]\I)on'l he bored, have jini. 

this is a party! 

AVhat a fashion 

\At the pep rally, ex'eryone 
gets into their parts. 
— 'This year the dance team 
did a wonderful 
performance, also. 
■ — The cheerleaders are 
always the spotlight of the 
pep raU\. It's their lime In 

\\The 199V WCi' Cheerteading Hjuad 

performed u'ell at the pep rally. 

] — ■This Golden Ram demonstrates some new 

dance steps for the audience. 

— 'This group of Golden Rams seems eager to 


— .|1\>5/ Chester^s Dance Team members 

patiently wait for the music to begin. 

[The announcer lets the audience know what 

group is performing next. 

]Even the West Chester musicians get in on the 




^]]Thu Golden Ram takes 

a moment to just sit back 

and enjoy the game! 

JH> did it!! Come on lets 

hea r it! 

— •Cheerleaders get the crowd 

into the game, too. 

^U'av to go Color Guard! 

^^'W'hat did we do this 


^The victory is ours. 


11 ^99 

—As her book title puts it "Pimps. Whores. 
and Welfare Brats: The Stunning Conserua- 
tive Transformation of a Former Welfare 
Queen." Star Parker has come a long way in 
her own life. Formerly a dependent of welfare, 
she went back to school and got her degree in 
Marketing at Woodbury University. She founded 
N.E.TA. Christian Magazine in 1983. She is 
also known to be one of the nation's top new 
leaders representing Black Americans. 

— .Jane Brody is the hew York Times Personal 
Health Consultant and author of Secrets Of 
Good Health. Jane Brody' s Nutrition Book, 
and The New York Times Guide To Personal 
Health. In 1976 she was appointed the New 
York Times Personal Health columnist, and her 
widely read and quoted column continues to 
appear every Tuesday in The New York Times 
and in more than 100 other newspapers around 
the country. Brody attended Cornell University 
and earned her B.S. degree in biochemistry and 
later got her masters degree in science writing 
from the University of Wisconsin School of Jour- 
nalism. Her program focused on a lifestyle of 
staying fit and healthy over time. 

. — Mark Bowden was one of the first 
speakers to come to West Chester and 
talk about his book "Black Hawk Down: 
A Story of Modern War." Bowden has 
been a reporter for the Philadelphia In- 
quirer for nineteen years. His story is 
about 99 elite American soldiers who were 
trapped in the middle of a hostile city and 
surrounded by thousands of enemy gun- 

. — Diane Carlson Evans.RM is the founder 
of the Vietnam Women's Memorial Project 
and Chair of the Board of Directors. Evans 
spent six years in military service where 
she served as a staff nurse in surgical and 
burn wards at Vung Tau and later as head 
nurse in the surgical unit at Pleiku. She 
has spent the past nine years trying to get 
a memorial set up in the memory of the 
women whom she says were soldiers also. 
The dedication took place on November 
II, 1993. 

I William Finnigan, has a new book out en-^ 
titled "Cold New War: Growing Up in a 
Harder Country". This book is about fami' 
lies with teenagers and young adults growing 
up today. His work is about race, class, and 
social change in the United States. Finnigan 
uses his book to speak of these families lives 
— how they speak and act as they try to find 
their way in this cold new world. He also 
speaks of the profound effect that society has 
on these indivduals and others like them. 

1 Derrick Ashong gave an inspirational discus 
sion topic about the pressures today for 
young people to fit it and be "cool. " Hisj 
message is that the only people who really 
accomplish their goals in life are the ones whc 
have their own identity within themselves 
and do not let the pressures of today get tc 
them. Ashong appeared in Stever 
Spielberg's Amistad and is the President o 
the Black Students Association at Harvard. 


Dr. Marilyn Young visited West 
CInester this year on Movember 
3, 1999. She received her Ph.D. 
at Harvard University and taught 
for a while at the University of 
Michigan. She is now a professor 
of History at New York University 
where she teaches courses such 
as: the history of the U.S. foreign 
policy, the politics and culture of 
post-war United States. Dr. 
Young has also written several 
books: Rhetoric of Empire. 
Transforming Russia and Chi- 
na, and The Revolutionary 
Struggle in the 20th century 
and Vietnam Wars. These are all 
true historical accounts by one of 
the nation's premiere historians. 

■ — Country Joe McDonald perfor- 
med at the opening ceremony of 
The Wall That Heals. McDonald was 
an anti-war protester during the six- 
ties but was also a Vietnam era 
Navy veteran. He now has more 
than 31 albums and is one of the 
best known names from sixties rock 
still performing today. Starting out 
in a group called Country Joe and 
the Fish he later moved out on his 
own as a soloist. His solo albums 
range in style and content. Starting 
with musical renditions of the World 
War I poems by Robert Service to a 
1991 album with guest guitarist Jer- 
ry Garcia. 




—4 -<i*- 

ta— • 


— -IJoseph Galloway is the senior 
editor with the U.S. News and 
World Report. Galloway has always 
been a part of the media. At seven- 
teen, he was a reporter on a daily 
newspaper in Texas, at nineteen he 
was a bureau chief for United Press 
International. He also spent fifteen 
years as a foreign and war corre- 
spondent in Japan, Vietnam, Indo- 
nesia. India. Singapore, the Soviet 
Union, and covered the Gulf War. 
He co-authored Triumph Without 
Victory: The Unreported History of 
the Persian Gulf War and We Were 
Soldiers Once and Young: la 
Drang-The Battle That Changed 
the War In Vietnam. The program, 
in part, is dedicated to 450 men of 
the 1st Battalion, 7th Calvary, who 
were surrounded by 2,000 North 
Vietnamese soldiers. 

. — On Monday, November 1; 
Dr. Meta Mendel-Reyes came 
to speak here at West Chester 
about her new book 
"Reclaiming Democracy". 
She served as a labor and 
community organizer for over 
fifteen years, beginning with 
the United Farm Workers. 
She is now an Assistant pro- 
fessor of Political Science, and 
Director of the Democracy 
Project, Swarthmore College. 
Dr. Mendel-Reyes received 
her degrees from the Univer- 
sity of California at Berkley. 

, — Jan Scruggs is the founder and President of the Vietnam 
Veterans Memorial Fund. This memorial is a tribute to the 58.214 
dead, the thousands wounded, and others who served during the 
war. He served in the war in the 1999th Infantry Brigade of the U. 
S. Army. Scruggs hoped that the wall would help heal some 
emotional wounds for this country. He also wrote his story. To 
Heal a Nation, which was later made into an NBC-TV movie of the 
week. Scruggs is also a board member of the National Veterans 
Legal Services, special assistant to the Chairman of the Law 
Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, and was appointed by 
President Clinton to the Selective Service Appeals Board. 

[At this LUVIM Program this fall 
there was a panel of speakers. 
Their topic was "Alternative 
Views Against the War". This 
panel included: Dr. Steve Gary, 
Pacifist, Emeritus Professor, Hav- 
erford College: Pham Duy 
Thanh, First Secretary of Political 
Affairs-Vietnam Embassy, Wash- 
ington D.C. -North Vietnamese 
Army during the war: Thomas 
Moritz, S.D. S. Leader in the Six- 
ties and early Seventies-Director 
of Library Natural History Muse- 
um in New York City: and Lilian 
Herz, Labor Protester. Also the 
moderator was Dr. Lawrence Da- 
vidson, a WCU Professor of His- 





* ■ 












riie Wall 

The pictures sp 




eak for themselves. 

A Little Bit of History. . . 

^ie Vietnam War was the product of a military conflict between Communist 
guerrillas in Soutfn Vietnam who had allied with the already Communist North Vietnam 
in attempt to overthrow the government of the South. The struggle in Vietnam lasted 
from 1959 up through 1975 and in some ways even into the present times. The United 
Stated along with some forty other countries became involved in the struggle between 
the Vietnamese. It was not until December of 1961 that the first United State military 
troops consisting of 400 armed personnel arrived in Saigon and by the following year 
the G. S. presence increased to eleven thousand and two hundred troops. For the 
many United States citizens the war still is not over, but all of the U. S. troops were 
officially withdrawn from Vietnam in March of 1973. When it was all said and done 
over 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, including 88 men from Chester County and 
one West Chester University student. Over 150,000 additional people were wounded. 

In an attempt to help ease the pain of the war, to help veterans and family members 
heal, the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall was created. The idea for the Vietnam Wall 
was first presented in 1979 by Jan Scruggs, a decorated veteran of the War. Scruggs, 
the president of the Vietnam Memorial Fund, served in the 199th Light Infantry 
Brigade of the United States Army. The actual design for the Vietnam Wall was born of 
an undergraduate Yale designer by the name of Maya Lin. Written on the Wall are the 
names of all who died in Vietnam listed alphabetically by the date that they laid down 
their lives for the United States of America. It was not until three years later in 
November of 1982 that the dedication of the Wall took place. To date the Vietnam 
Veteran's Memorial Wall is the most visited memorial in Washington D. C. 

Each year millions of people are able to visit the Wall, but millions more are unable 
to make the solemn trip, so a traveling memorial was created. The Wall That Heals is 
an exact half scale replica of the original monument that stands approximately five feet 
tall at the vertex of the two panels that make up the Wall. This traveling memorial was 
constructed in Waukengan, 11. and has traveled all over the United States and even as 
far as Ireland. The main purpose, aside from allowing people all over to see this 
monument, is to help educate the youth of today. 

On November 4th West Chester University was one of the communities in 
Pennsylvania fortunate enough to be visited by this memorial. The opening ceremony 
took place on that Thursday at 2:30 in the Hollinger Field and the memorial remained 
there for the following three days. The keynote speaker was the founder of the 
Vietnam Wall, Jan Scruggs. Country Joe McDonald, a historic musician and friend of 
Vietnam veterans, performed during the ceremony. Throughout those three days, 
numerous West Chester Students took a moment to visit the Wall and to volunteer 
their time, helping people to find the names of their loved ones. Even though this may 
not be the original Wall, what this replica represents leaves visitors with an over- 
whelming sense of loss and love for those who fought for our country. This event is 
something that will not soon be forgotten by the community or the students at the 
_^n'versity, _ ^. Shaidu 



■ 'Look deeply into i)iy black granite face and 
see yourself in the reflection your face, super- 
imposed on names. Never forget the names, the 
names, the names, for they hold the ansiver." 

Terrence O'Donnell, Esq. (USAF) 

Vietnam 1969-1970 

"Oh, when o/ir struggle's over 

and we are all free, 

When the new day's dawnin' , 

think of we. 

It's been a long time comin' 

but I won't be there. 

When you see the sun risin' 

think of me." 

Carry On a song by 
Cmnitry Jne McDonald 




DeCembeii 5. lOOO 

On December 5, 1999 runners took 
their places to start the 22nd Annual 
Brian's Run. This special event star- 
ted in 1978 to raise money for Brian 
Bratcher who, during a football 
scrimmage game at West Chester 
Henderson High School, was injured 
and paralyzed as a result. In the 
past, Brian's Run has raised over 
S30,000 to benifit disabled persons 
of the local community. 

— M.Coltlltse 

■ — , — Graduation came early for this senior u'hio 
decided to come out and support the fundraiser. 
■ — This enthusiastic student looks ahead as he 
approaches the finish line. 

] A t-shirt. bearing the name of the race, was Just 
another way to help raise money for Brian's Run. 
1 The runners cheer as they begin the race for a 
good cause. 

1^ ^ ^ 

[AAE (Lambda Alpha Epsilon) poses 
for a quick picture before they take 
their places and begin the race. 
-~Not only WCCI students take part in 
Brian's Run, but also many who live 
within the community of West 

■ — This particular runner knows what 
Brian's Run is all about and so is 
taking an actiue part in helping to 
raise money. 

[These WCCI students may not be 
running: howeuer. they sure seem to 
be participating as they cheer for 
those going by. 


i Jkeater 


during the spring se- 
mester the thing to look 
forward to is Spring 
Break! This year some of 
our fellow students went 
to Florida, Cancun. 
Louisiana, or even jusl 
to the Jersey shore. Flor- 
ida can be a great time 
of fun doing so many ac- 
tivities at places such as 
Disney World like 
shown to the left. But 
places like Cancel you 
can really party and re- 
lax like shown to the 
right! These pictures 
show some of the fun 
and excitement they had 
this for their break. 
— Janet Cassel 


J\ HI 

idJleuitiai j^m 


J] President Adier is all smiles as she kicks off her annual Gala. 

J|— . The settings for this formal occasion prove to be quite impressive, 

-^ One of the performances at the event included outstanding sword 

handling by this tvoman. 

] Students working with Arantark received a chance to cater to this 

prestigious crowd. 

iks and 

The annual Presidential Gala took 
place on April 8th in Sykes Gnion. 
This formal event was initiated in 
1983 during the presidency of Dr. 
Ken Perrin. The Gala is held to cela- 
brate the recipiants of the Presiden- 
tial scholarship. This year's event 
was full of Eastern traditions includ- 
ing statues of dragons and perfor- 
mances of amazing sword handling. 
Next year's Gala is sure to be an 
event to look forward to. 

M. Cotellese 
■:■•' )>■' ■ 


|_ Caricature drawings were also a highiighl euenl 

at the Gala. 

I No. this picture is not upside-down! Everyone at 

llie event must have been amazed at this woman's 


^Music was provided not only by a band but also 

by the talent of this pianist. 

[^ These guests seem to be enjoying themselves as 

they stop to smile at the camera. 

[Many of the decorations included statues of 

dragons and exotic animals to keep the theme in 

the atmosphere. 




Going bananas ot Sa/OU 


Every spring West Chester's Wellness center, as well as 
many other campus organizations, participate in Banana 
Day. On this day five thousand bananas are given out for 
free to promote nutritious dieting. As well as those organiza- 
tions participating, other special guests show up for this 
event. These included Rammy, a gorilla, and, of course, a 
banana. With all the excitement and craziness of this day, 
there is always plenty of fun, smiles, and laughter(not to 
mention bananas) to go around. 
M. Cotellese 


— Rdmn\y geis teddy to celebrate WCU annual Banana Day. 

]Thiis poster promotes the event and explains what the occasion is all 


I— These Music Majors find other uses for their bananas. 

[These students of West Chester stay healthy u)ith all of these bananas. 



^oK a Good GoASe 


/ : ^ 

. — Although it is for a good cause, giving blood can sometimes be a tittle scary. 
This poster expresses how much the Blood Drive need supporters. 
< — This participent. looking calm, gets ready to give blood. 
[Many donors brought ivith them moral support to help ease the idea of the 

]• — Judging by this picture, the blood drive seemed to be busy during its time at 
West Chester. 

One of the events that is frequently present at West Chester during the second 
semester is the American Red Cross Blood Drive. During this time students, as 
well as faculty members, can take time out of their day and participate in a 
worthy cause. Many lives are saved because of people who donate their blood. 
If you haven't already, next year when you hear about the Blood Drive coming 
take some time to be a part of it, you could help to save a life. 


SAnty HoMf 

I,« \.~.^^«*"-*^«>",. 
J (it «»—» ainux •♦•««•*♦ "*• 

«>l «.'♦» ■>>"• •>••♦* !•»•••. 

F.r J ).•« y« 4..-tr '♦■'"• 

T,, i. !.»» l.»«»< t.»'«»'t »k«V««<t 

J, y.1 •«»+ <M^ <*>; »'*•>'; 
Co ,♦ »•«., «.»<>» >'♦• »•«••' 



•■■ i^^'H 

'^'"^ %*^aB 




,r^>^'" -K 


P!oe\ -^-^■ 

'^^ .|H 

' . >, 

zf^ - - ■ ' ■ * 


^very year that the AIDS Quilt comes to visit West Chester and it is such an 
eye-opening experience, if you get the chance to attend. These squares are so 
amazing! They show you how much the people who were affected by this 
terrible disease are missed by friends and loved ones. So many people are 
infected with HIV and AIDS every year and the hardest part is that there is 
currently no cure. When the Quilt comes to our campus, it is always a very 
touching and emotional experience for so many students. The Quilt is here tc 
ask for everyone's support and understanding. The more you educate yoursell 
by witnessing this ceremony will leave you with a whole new outlook on life and 
a better understanding for something that effects so many lives. 
— Janet Cassel 

^very year the Inter-Greek Council 
sponsors a Dance Marathon to sup- 
port Camp Dreamcatcher. a camp for 
children afflicted with AIDS. Again 
this year it was a great success! March 
24-25 the greek sororities and fraterni- 
ties got together and danced for a great 
cause. Everyone had a good time and 
we all know that all the time and ener- 
gy they put into this event will be 
greatly appreciated. Another job well 
done to the greek system! 
— Janet Cassel 


%''.M » 

/^ »^ 






LUVIM Program: 

PRrfoJitC, OIL Substance 

IDr. Greg Moses, author of Reuolution Of 
Conscience: Martin Luther King. Jr. and 
tiie Philosophy of Nonuiolence. spoke at a 
LGVIM program in February, primarily about 
Dr. King's nonviolent approach to problem 
solving. Dr. Moses is a Assistant Professor of 
Philosophy at Marist College in Poughkeep- 
sie. New York. He specializes in ethics, social 
and political, and applied ethics. 

[Ann H. Coulter, the best selling author of 
High Crimes And Misdemeanors: The 
Case Against Bill Clinton spoke at a Lu- 
vim program on March 28th about sexual 
harassment. George magazine has called 
Coulter one of the most fascinating wom- 
en in politics in 1997. Coulter is an attor- 
ney formally for the Center for Individual 
Rights, a center dedicated to the defense 
of civil rights, freedom of speech, free 
exercise of religion and sexual harassment 

• — Dr. Ivan Charles Kors spoke to WC(J on 
January 31st to discuss ideas from his 
book The Shadow University: The Be- 
trayal of Liberty on America's Campus- 
es. Kors is a defender of free inquiry on 
college campuses and is a Professor of 
History at the University of Pennsylvania. 
He teaches lecture courses on 18th Cen- 
tury Intellectual History and has won The 
Lindback Foundation Award and the 
Abrams Memorial Award for his college 
teaching. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of 
the Oxford University Press Encyclopedia 
of the Enlightenment. 

I Dr. Helen Fisher, member of the Cen- 
ter for Human Evolutionary Studies 
and Research Associate in the Depart- 
ment of Anthropology at Rutgers Uni- 
versity, spoke at West Chester on Feb- 
ruary 2nd. Her topic was based on her 
current book The First Sex: The Nat- 
ural Talents of Women and How 
They Are Changing the World. She 
has been seen on NBC's Today Show, 
as well as being shown in The Readers 
Digest and Time-Life Books. 

jMark Massa, S.J. spoke at a LUVIM 
program on February 9th about his 
book Catholics And American Cul- 
ture: Fulton Sheen. Dorothy Day and 
the Notre Dame Football Team. 
Massa is an Associate Professor of 
Church History and Director of the 
American Studies Program at Fordham 

—Mary Gabriel spoke at a LCIVIM pro- 
pam in March to discuss her newest 
siography on the first woman to ain for 
jresident Notorious Victoria: The Life ol 
/ictoria Woodhull. CJncensored. Gabriel 
s a writer and editor at the Washington 
D.C. bureau of the Reuters PSews Service. 
5he has been published in the New York 
rimes, and the Washington Post. Gabriel 
'■eceived her Master's Degree in Journal- 
sm from American (Jniversity. 

'Fergus Bordewich spoke at a LGVIM pro- 
gram in April to talk about his research on 
his latest book Killing The White Man's 
Indian: Reinventing Native Americans 
at the End of the Twentieth Century. 
Bordewich is an international corres- 
pondent for Reader's Digest covering Chi- 
na. Southeast Asia, the Middle East and 
Europe. He articles have appeared in sev- 
eral magazines and newspapers. 

[Dr. Allida Black spoke to West Chester Uni- 
versity at a LCIVIM program on April 10th to 
discuss the influence and ideas Frederick 
Douglass had on Eleanor Roosevelt's life in 
Frederick Douglass And Eleanor Roose- 
velt: Fighters For Justice and Equality 
Black is a Lecturer in History at The George 
Washington (Jniversity in Washington D.C. 
She is one of the nation's leading scholars on 
Eleanor Roosevelt and is the author of several 
books on her. 

— Dr. Susan Strasser spoke at a LCJVIM pro- 
gram about her book Waste And Want: The 
Social History of Trash. Strasser's lecture 
looked at the trash consumer culture has 
produced and how it transformed American 
society. She is praised for "retrieving what 
history discards: the taken-for-granted mi- 
nutiae of everyday life. " Strasser is a pro- 
fessor of History at the University of Del- 

I Dr. Martin Duberman spoke at two LCIVIM 
programs to lecture on Paul Robeson: Com- 
munist or Militant from 1-2:15, and The Way 
Queer Studies Are Transforming Other Disci- 
plines from 7:30-9 on April 5th. Duberman is the 
founder and first director of the Center for Les- 
bian and Gay Studies at the CCINY Graduate 
School. He is a Distinguished Professor of His- 
tory at Lehman College and the Graduate School 
of the City University of New York. He is a 
historic scholar and has received numerous 
awards for his work. 

1 Ethel Taylor spoke in March concerning her 
book We Made A Difference: My Personal 
Journey With Women's Strike For Peace. Tay- 
lor was appointed by President Carter to the 
International Women's Year Commission. She 
has been a leader of the peace movement since 
the end of WWII and was the coordinator of 
Women Strike for Peace. Women Strike for 
Peace is a movement against testing nuclear 
weapons which is perceived as a threat to the 
safety of future generations. 



"Vimowmal ^ovaCm" 


/^ybody who has ever heard of Maya Angelou knows her 
for her world renowned poetry. She is also an educator, a 
historian, and a mother. She truly touched the lives of her 
audience in the Philips Memorial Building in the Emilie K. 
Asplundh Concert Hall on thirtieth of March. Having Maya 
Angelou speak at West Chester brought numerous students, 
staff, faculty, and community members together for an evening 
of inspiration. Through her poetry, Ms. Angelou has shared 
pieces of her life as a child and how she overcame many 
obstacles. She encouraged the students in the audience to take 
charge of their own educations. She also urged them to do 
everything that they can do to learn as much as possible while 
at West Chester University. We, the students, have the power to 
mold our lives into whatever we want, whether it be teacher, 
mother, father, or friend. Ms. Angelou then went onto ask 
everyone to compose their lives, like a poem, to the fullest and 
be the best that they can be. After her departure many 
commented on her speech and how very inspiring it was for 
them. She was more than that, she was, is, and always will be a 
"Phenomenal Woman." 

— A. Price 

— Maya Angelou talks 
about ' 'being a 
composer" of your life. 
I Through her poetry, 
she touched an entire 

—A WCU student has 
the honor of introducing 
Maya Angelou. 

. — Maya Angelou during 

one of her many poems. 

]Tlvo WCU students 

came to hear Angelou 


[Three audience 

members show their 

looe for the renowned 


^Ms. Angelou talking 

about her childhood. 

prmg WeeJkenid 
Goshen's GM and G/und 

— 'This singer seems like a pro as she 
impresses the audience with her 
beautiful voice. 

— , — .These Goshen residents show off 
their new tyedyed creations. 
[As well as singing, this violinist also 
performed at the Grill and Grind. 
i— .These students seem to be having 
a blast during their spring weekend. 
II This drummer seems taken away by 
the music. 

[^This smile explains it all. Spring 
Weekend at Goshen ujas surely a 




"/^e Philips Memorial Building has been special since its 
construction in 1925-27, the cornerstone laid June 5, 1926. 
Built under the supervision of former principal Dr. George 
Morris Philip, for whom the landmark is named, and archi- 
tect Walter F. Price, Philips Memorial was the first structure 
on the quad to be built of something other than the native 
Chester County serpentine. The exterior of this building is 
fashioned from a local hammer-dressed stone known as Fox 
Croft Wissahickon schist. This material was selected be- 
cause of its hues of green which were reminiscent of serpen- 
tine. The stone trim of the exterior is carved Indiana lime- 

The main attraction of Philips Memorial Building is the 
archway entrance of the building. There is a double cavetto 
cornice located above the arch on either side of the building, 
each one with five grotesques. All of which are unique, 
representing medieval scholars. All of the figures are portray- 
ed in some scholarly pursuit, some with scrolls, some with 
books, and still others with musical instruments. The Gothic 
style arch is repeated various times throughout the building 
from the doors and windows, to the passageway between 
the two sections of the building. The doors have been 
constructed out of oak with old-fashioned wooden pegs. The 
strap hinges are made of hammered iron with a Swedish 
type finish. 

Separating the windows of the second and third floors 
above the entrance archway, one can find smooth-dressed 
limestone panels that have names of famous writers, artists, 
statesmen, and scientists carved into them dating from the 
classical period through the 20th century. A brightly colored 
coat of arms can be found above the names. Some of the 
shields depicted are also found on the library ceiling or the 
windows of the Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall. 

The concert hall features long Gothic windows that are 
framed by buttresses and raised string courses in accordance 
with the European cathedrals of the 13th, 14th, and 15th 
centuries as by design. On the left of the concert hall are the 
shields of five old European Gniversities — Old France, 
Cambridge, Bologna, Oxford, and Heidelberg. The right side 
features the shields of five early American Gniversities — 
Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown , and CIniversity of Pennsyl- 

The comprehensive renovation and preservation of this 
landmark, thanks to principal donor Emilie K. Asplundh '27 
and many generous alumni and friends of West Chester 
University, was completed officially on March 25, 2000 with 
a formal Rededication Ceremony. All of the donors and 
various other alumni, faculty, and friends of the University 
were invited to attend the ceremony marking the reopening 
of this special building, making it the "landmark which it 
should be." 

— KShcutl'is 

emorial ive 
PeKoQ'Qtion and 


clecllicataoii v^eremony 



mf«f/ :„ remei 



„ forever rern^^^.i also r^j ' rs Eve- tion 
v^"/.rthereo/- 'Jon Ne^ .Jmusic Ed" 
the la* ^ concert °phomore'^ 
.a Gilbert, as K 




"I'll remember the raid on the home of Elian 

-Heather Hillmann, a senior Kinesiology major 


£me2^ 1h^ iIjujJM 

■\ NfV 







a sop\^' 

'77/ remember biiidling stronger relationships 

with }n\ best friends and having a blast in our 

apartment. " 

— Marjorie Moser, a senior Russian major 

AS'J'^'^V ti. 






">'■ L 








"Dr. Laura Schles,singers is offered a television show by 

paramount, resulting in a large public outcry that fills 

magazines and newspapers as supporters and opponents 

begine a several month fight. The website is 

launched, receiving ovei' 2.5 million hits in one week, the 
creators of the site gaining a voice in nearly every major news 


— Christina Vanacore. a .sophomore Instrumental 

Performance maic)r 

"Pleclsing Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity. 1 

will also remember experiencing a lot more of the real 

world, taking on more challenges than I would have in the 

past and slowly becoming what I have always wanted to 

be. . . a teacher." 

— Theresa Wells, a junior Karth and Space Science 

Education major 

-Sarah Rice a fof-wf ''"'"" ^^v " ' ^'"^''^^ »" m 
-^ ^-'^ year senior sociaf Work., or 













«/e;a mmu6&c, . . 

"I can recall the near strike of the faculty during the fall 

semester. It was reallv a stressful time because no one knew 

what was going to happen and the students scheduled to 

graduate were both frustrated and upset. I am glad that 

things turned out for the best." 

— Dawn Wilson, a third year, senior Criminal Justice major 







J • "'6 




"The possibility of a teacher strike here at West 

Chester and all of the other state schools." 
-Gwendolyn D. O'Brien, a senior Psychology major 


"My junior year was yery important for me because in 

September I had a tough C(3urse load and was yery frustrated in 

my art classes. I almost transferred in December or was going 

to take a semester off to work. I was confused about what to 

do, but I stuck it out and had probably my best semester ever 

this past spring. I had a really gcjod ]5ainting professc^r and I 

was awarded a painting scholarship which has encouraged me 

eyen further." 

— Jen Thompson, a senior Art major 

.he ^ '^-^ , 

"All of the school shootings and the aiiniversaiy of Columbine. 

I'll also remember how much school safety was questioned 

after those events." 

— Julia Cranmer. a sophomore Geography major 


''Character cannot be 

developed in ease and 

quiet. Only through 

experience of trial and 

suffering can the soul be 

strengthened, ambition 

inspired, and success 

achieved. " 

— Helen Keller 

dedication, hard work, 
perserverance, and love of tiie 
game. Tiiese qualities are just 
a few possessed by the student 
athletes at West Chester Uni- 
versity. Whether they play 
soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, 
football, or any other sport 
that is offered by the Univer- 
sity, all of these students have 
the common goal: being the 
best possible athlete that they 
can be. These students work 
hard to perform well in both 
their respective playing fields 
and their areas of study. 
Upon completion of their 
West Chester University ca- 
reers, these student athletes 
have grown into individuals 
who are ready to take on the 
world as teachers, lawyers, so- 
cial workers, and more. 

— K.Shaulis 


Charging Ahead 

■^ineteen Ninety-Mine proved to be an outstanding season for the Golden Rams. 
This year was a season to shine for the Golden Rams coach, Rick Daniels as he 
claimed the honor of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) East 
Division 11 Coach of the Year and proved to be yet another record breaking season for 
quarterback Mike Mitros and receiver Kevin Ingram. Both of the seniors will be 
leaving their marks on both the WCCI and PSAC record books as they finish their 
West Chester careers. Ingram holds the West Chester record for career receptions 
(235) and yards (3159), the second place title for the number of touchdown 
receptions (45) and points scored (278) and was also named the WCG male athlete of 
the year. He holds the second overall touchdown record in the PSAC record books. 
Ingram was also named to the 1999 Daktronics Inc. Division II All-American 
Mortheast Region Football First Team and the PSAC East First Team Offense for the 
second straight season and the 1999 American Football Coaches Association 
Division II Burger King All-American. Ingram is the only Golden Ram in WC(J history 
to catch over 80 balls, record over 1000 yards, and over 10 touchdowns twice in his 
career. Fellow Golden Ram Mike Mitros, one of the best quarterbacks in West 
Chester history, holds the record for career 200 yard games and virtually every 
passing record possible: touchdowns (94), 200 yard games (27), pass attempts 
(1402), completions (819), completion percentage (58.4%), and yardage (9834). He 
also holds the record for more plays (1716), more yards of total offense (9714), and 
total touchdowns (111) than any other Golden Ram. Mitros has also etched his name 
in the PSAC record books as the all time leader with 94 scoring tosses and is ranked 
second in pass attempts, completions, passing yards, and total offense. Mitros was 
also named to the PSAC Division II Second Team for the second time in his career. 
Ingram and Mitros were joined on the PSAC conference teams by fellow Golden 
Rams, seniors Mike Spinka, Matt McFillin, Vance Row, Matt Cozza, and Chris 
DiSanto, junior Lamont Johnson, sophomores Brian Kersey and Duane Thomas, and 
freshman Rashieem Reed. McFillin also joined Mitros and Ingram in the 2000 Snow 
Bowl, as well. As a whole the Golden Rams played a successful season finishing 7-3 
overall and 6-0 in the PSAC. Yet, even with the loss of these record breaking seniors, 
there is a strong foundation for the next squad of Golden Rams to accomplish 
another successful season in the year to come. 

— K. Skmlis 

\This Golden Ham watches as his teammates take the ball down the field. 
~\]]Tackling is the art of the game called football. 
— IIA WCU players attempts to tackle his opponent. 
-^]Taking your opponent head on is demonstrated by this Golden Ram. 







Bloom sburg 



Let's Go West Chester !! 

I^ear after year West Chester athletes give their all to put forth successful seasons, 
including the men and women on the WCCI cheerleading squads. Try to imagine the 
basketball and football games throughout the season without hearing the cheer of, "Let's 
go Rams. " Those members of the cheerleading squads add to the atmosphere of each 
game by encouraging those playing to do their best and by getting the fans to actively 
participate in the process. These athletes devote hours of their time to this sport to prepare 
and choreograph their cheers, striving to achieve perfection. At any given moment these 
men and women are ready to give their all in support of West Chester University and their 
fellow athletes. Way to go Rams. 

— K. Shc7nl'ts 




Dance Team 

Take it from the Top 

basketball games have a relatively new addition to their half time shows, the West Chester Dance 
Team. Still in its fledgling years the dance team achieved organization status in October of 1996. However, 
1997 was their first official season as performers. Recently the twenty women Involved in the organization 
expanded their horizons by performing at homecoming and participating in the Dance Marathon. The next 
goal these athletes are striving for is competition. These Lady Rams put in many hours of practice and 
hard work, choreographing their own dance routines and striving to put forth an excellent performance. In 
the past, before becoming an organization, some of the participants on the dance team have gone on to be 
Sixer's Girls and one is an Eagle's cheerleader. The potential of these women is still untapped, waiting for 
the opportunity to strut their stuff and add West Chester University to the list of winning competitors in the 
dancing arena. 

— K. Shtuil'is 

11 The WCU dance team demonstrate that 
they are all keeping with time. 
1^— These Lady Rams strike a pose, 
keeping in step with each other. 
]^Dancing can be a lot of fan. just look at 
this Lady Ram. 

-^ moment to shine for this Lady Ram. 
]Pause, two, three, four... 

Women's Soccer 

A Goal Ahead 

■^ineteen Ninety-Nine proved to be yet another record breaking season for West Chester University. 
For the first time in the history of WCCI wonnen's soccer, the Lady Rams competed in the All 
Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference East Division I! Championships (PSAC). These women athletes 
finished the season 15-5 overall and 8-2 in the PSAC. Five of the Lady Rams, seniors Heather Allgyer, 
Stacie Bencivengo, and Andrea Sheffer, and juniors Christina Almquist and Val Bowman, earned spots 
on the PSAC Conference First and Second Teams. Allgyer was not only the game leader for goals (19), 
assists (7), points (45), and game winning goals (6) for the season, but she holds every WCG game, 
season, and career record for goals, assists, and points in the WCCl record books. She wraps up her 
career at West Chester with 66 goals, 29 assists, and 161 points. Fellow senior, Christina Almquist holds 
the second place record for scoring with 26 points on 10 goals and six assists. Almquist wraps up her 
college career with a total of 67 points scored on 27 goals and 15 assists. Teammate Val Bowman and 
goaltender Bencivengo also completed successful seasons. Bowman was ranked third with goals (7) and 
points ( 1 7). She even posted a pair of game winning goals this season. Bencivengo was a leader in the net 
with 0.84 goals against the average and 10 shutout games. She proved a powerful force to overcome on 
the field playing every minute of every game in the 1999 season. Since the beginning of the women's 
soccer program at West Chester, the Lady Rams have proved that they are formidable opponents, again 
and again. Last year the Lady Rams earned a spot in the PSAC playoffs for the first time in the history of 
West Chester, this year a spot in the Championship game. Who is to say what the future season holds? 
The Two Thousand season could prove to be yet another record breaker, perhaps with the Lady Rams 

claiming the PSAC Title. 

K. Shaiilis 

■ — \This Lady Ram worka the ball down 

the field. 

1 This Lady Ram watches the ball as she 

moues away from her opponent. 

[A WCCJ squad member prepares to make 

the pass. 

^Maneuvering around her opponent, this 

I adit Ram maka thr pljii 




Locl\ Haven 









Opponent Tl 








Lock Haven 


















Slippery Rock 



California (PA) 



Holy Family 





East Stroudsburg 




New York Tech 






Lock Haven- 
PSAC Champ. 


\This Lady Ram stops at nothing to get the ball. 

|_7"/ie WCU goattender watches her teammates 

move down field. 

—A powerful pass is provided by this Lady Ram 

to a fellow teammate. 

[The WCU team huddles a moment 

demonstrating team support. 

—A short moment of peace for this Lady Ram is 

about to end as the ball heads her way 

Men's Soccer 

Determination and Hard Worlc 

/ne Golden Rams played hard this season, wrapping up Nineteen Minety-INine 9-9-1 
overall and 3-4- 1 in the All Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC). Junior Tom 
Creighton was the team leader in goals despite having played only 12 games this season. 
So far for his career, Creighton has amassed six goals and three assists for 15 points. 
Creighton also represented West Chester in the PSAC, earning a spot on the PSAC Second 
Team, despite an injury this year that led to his absence for a large portion of the season 
late in the year. Freshman Charles McDermon also performed well this season, turning in 
six saves and earning a shut out game when he filled in for senior, starter Sean Gablehouse. 
Even though this proved to be somewhat rocky season for the Golden Rams, the men on 
the team played hard, as will those Golden Rams returning next season. The experience 
gained in 1999 could prove an excellent foundation for the season to come. 

— K. ShauUs 

\tighting lor control o/ the ball in Iront of the referee is no easy task. 

-^]]The Golden Rams head coach watches his team work the ball on the field. 

— -ISeuera/ of the WCU team observe their fellow teammates in action. 

-^ split second ahead of the opponent Is all that is needed to pass the ball down field. 


Opponent THEM 





District of Columbia 



Westminster • 


Lock Haven ' 







Millersville -#•««» 


Columbia Union 








Slippery Rock 


California (PA) 
Goldey-Beacom fl 


Clrsinus fl~ 



East Stroudsburg 






New York Tech 

Women's VolleylDall 

Dig, Set, Kill. 

'7^16 Lady Rams closed the Mineteen Ninety-Nine season 12-10 overall and 7-3 in the All Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference 
(PSAC), making their first appearance at the PSAC finals in almost a decade and finishing In second place. Senior Beth OIney completed 
a successful career at West Chester earning the title of 1999 PSAC Eastern Division II Volleyball Athlete of the Year, making her fourth 
appearance in the PSAC selections during her career. Her previous titles include being named to the second team in 1996, 1997, and 
1998. and Rookie of the Year in nineteen ninety-six. OIney led the conference by averaging 4.57 digs per game, topped the PSAC with 
1.11 blocks per game and is ranked first in digs (329), block assists (42), and block solos (38) in the WCCI record books. OIney also holds 
the second place records for kills (203) and service aces (31). Sharing PSAC honors was fellow teammate, junior Liz Huber. Huber was 
named to the PSAC Second Team, leading the Lady Rams in kills per game (3.19), aces per game (0.43), total kills (223), and second 
place for service aces (30), digs (274), block assists (14), and block solos (19). The Lady Rams returning next season could prove 
formidable foes to their opposition, which would make the year 2000 yet another worthwhile season. 

— K. Shaiilh 

|7"his Lady Ram is poised and ready to 

serve the ball. 

-^]]Feel planted and arms in passing 

position, this Lady Ram is ready to make 

the pass. 

—Thinking quick on her feet, allows this 

WCU teammate to make the play. 

— .[This Lady Ram moves into passing 

position as the ball heads her way. 

[The Lady Rams setter exhibits e.Kcellent 

form as she sets the ball to her main 





California (PA) 


Seton Hill 











East Stroudsburg 





3 > 











Columbia Union 



Columbia Union 

- 0- 




East Stroudsburg 





Lock Haven (S) 
PSAC semifinals 


Cross Country 

A Length Ahead 

'aib men and women's cross country teams put forth a lot of effort in the 1999 season. 
Those Golden and Lady Rams standing out in the rani<s included juniors Kelly Walton, Jackie 
DiStefano, Doug Mascherino, Mike Grezechowsky, and Vince Zingaro. Walton, a two time All 
American, captured the Delaware invitational with a time of 18:40 in the 5000m course 
competing against 70 opponents. She also posted a 23:02 time finishing seventeenth out of 
226 competitors representing 32 teams in the Eastern Regional competition where the cross 
country team finished seventeenth. At that same competition Mascherino placed 50th out of 
218 competitors from 29 different teams with a time of 33:06. Youth and potential are two 
factors that favor the West Chester cross country team making them a power for opponents to 
overcome in the 2000 season. 

— K. S/.M/z/is 

]]This Golden Ram takes a moment to watch the reniauidci 

of the runners complete the race. 

]— .Cooling down with a slow run after practice is an impor 

tant part of the sport. 

^^Running well in practice is the key to competing well in 

an actual race. 

-,A WCU runner takes a moment to look ouer the other 


\Stretching plays a key role in all sports, as this Lady Ram 


Field. Hockey 

Steadfast and Strong 

The West Chester University Lady Rams wrapped up the 1999 season 7-1 1 overall and 1-4 
in the Atlantic- 10( A- 10) Field Hockey Conference. This year proved to be one filled with hard 
work and dedication. Overall the team played well, several players standing out amongst the 
squad, such players included seniors Donna Polito and Christina Mitchell, juniors Marisa 
Mitchell and Kim Rochon, Devon Tirpack, sophomore Kate Fitzpatrick. and freshman Kate 
Randle. Polito, Mitchell, and Mitchell were all named to the 1999 Mational Field Hockey 
Coaches Association (MFHCA) Division I Mideast Region All American Second Team. These 
three squad members tied for leading West Chester scorer each with six goals. Marisa Mitchell 
led the team in shots with 43 and tied for the lead in points with fourteen. Polito was named to 
the A- 10 Conference Team after securing 14 points on 8 goals and two assists this season. 
She also recorded a pair of game winning goals this year. Four the of Lady Ram's squad were 
also named to the 1999 NFHCA National Academic Squad. Those who shared in the honor 
had to meet the following requirements: a minimum GPA of 3.30; be a starter or a key reserve 
player, and at least in a sophomore of competition. The Lady Rams who met these 
requirements were senior Natalie Landis, juniors Devon Tirpack and Kim Rochon, and 
sophomore Kate Fitzpatrick. Rochon also earned this honor in the nineteen ninety-eight. 
Rochon was also named as the A- 10 Athlete of the Year this season. However, even with the 
loss of seniors in the upcoming season, the foundation that remains in tact is a strong one and 
West Chester could prove a formidable foe to all that oppose them in the season to come. 

K. Shaiiiis 

*• as 



2 , 

Rider Union 

1, -W 

Tow sen 

■■ * 

Penn State 

5 \ 








Temple 1 
Drexel .^RfeW 1 
Lehigh ^s^*^ 2 


St. Joseph's 






Rhode Island 






H Syracuse 


3 1 

f La&lle 

1 m 




Penn (Var) 


■ \Having total control of the puck is the key 
/o playing a good game. 

' This Lady Ram is willing to body check her 
I opponent if necessary to keep control of the 

\Hitting the ground in effort to make the play 
■ annot always be avoided. 
. -One of the Lady Rams puts forth a good 
effort to keep the puck away from the goalie. 

—A member of (he Lady Rams squad 

turns to congratulate her teammate. 

—]The 1999 West Chester Uniuersity 

Women's Field Hockey Team. 

^n^"^*^ L^'^y R^f^s ^^^'^ coach watches 

as her team moues the puck down the 


jl^.Keeping her eye on the puck, this 

Lady Ram is prepared to make her move. 

\]The Lady Rams goaltender is ready to 

block an opponents shot. 

]This Lady Ram is going in for the kill as 

she maneuvers to gain control of the 


Women's Tennis 

Game, Set, Match 

Tie Lady Rams tennis teann closed the 1999 season with a firm hold on fifth place at the 
Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC), moving them up four spots from the previous 
season. Senior Rebecca Roy and sophomore Kitt Camplese forged their way into the semifinals 
before bowing out of the competition, junior Adrianne Ansel and freshman Rachel Wexler made 
their way to the quarter finals. This years PSAC tournament was hosted by West Chester at 
Hershey, Pennsylvania in mid-October. The Lady Rams also had a solid showing at the 1999 Rolex 
Tournament which was held in Shippensburg. Mew goals have been set for the future teams of 
West Chester University this year, goals which the Lady Rams have a good chance of setting even 
higher in the upcoming 2000 season. 

— K. Shaidis 

\ \Liuing III luu\ Uu:^ l-^^ly l\^ni jucfj^lic^ lu Lul^kluiud lite bull. 

\This Lady Ram is patiently waiting for the serve. 

— \Returning the ball with a powerful swing seems the goal in sight. 

■ — In preparing to serve, this WCCJ squad member shows good form. 




Opponent THEM 

Dowling 3 
Philadelphia 6 


Pifehippensburg. '>^'--:'-:l v 8 
pk^ lUP ^Mi^ 7 


Clarion 4 


Edinboro 2 


Swathmore 4 



MiUersville 9 


Kutztown 1 


District of Colunnbia 1 


East Stroudsburg 
Widener 3 

SthPSAC © 

,^ Hershey 

Men's Tennis 

Serving to Win. 

7vo Thousand proved to be a formidable foe for the Golden Rams who had to play hard to 
fight Injury and illness throughout the season. The men's squad did have several key components 
on their side — youth, talent, and a solid core of veteran players. Returning this season were 
seniors Chris Fiorello and Dave Mackenzie and juniors Joe Dianna and Chris Kyper. Kyper and 
Mackenzie staked claim in the PSAC as one of the best doubles combinations early on in the 
season. Freshman John Considine also put forth a good season which started when he captured 
his first collegiate match early in the season. Considine went on to amass 10 singles wins, putting 
him In first place for singles wins amongst the Golden Rams. Along with Mackenzie, Considine 
tied for the role of team leader for doubles wins with five for the season. 

The Golden Rams fought their way to the PSAC Championships held in Bloomsburg and 
claimed fifth place. Freshmen John Ellis, Daniel Renn, and Considine finished out the singles 
matches fifth, fourth, and fourth, respectively. Joining them for PSAC honors were Mackenzie, 
who earned a sixth place position, Dianna, who claimed fourth, and Kyper, who battled his way 
to third. Kyper was the top WCU finisher at the PSAC event. Earning honors in the singles events 
was not enough for this group of men who went on to dominate the doubles. The Golden Rams 
won all three flights of the doubles competition. The first team consisting of Ellis and Dianna 
claimed fifth place in the semifinals, won the consolation for first doubles, and went on to beat 
East Stroudsburg (Jniverslty(ESG) 8-1 in the finals. The duo of Kyper and Mackenzie followed 
along the same path in second doubles, winning 8-4 in consolation semifinals and 8-2 in 
consolation finals. The remaining duo of Renn and Considine followed in suite with their fellow 
Golden Rams beating their opponents. Slippery Rock University, 8-4 in the semifinals and ESCJ 8- 
2 In the finals. (Next season could prove to be unforgettable as a new core of Golden Rams return 
and take their places, giving their opponents the West Chester challenge. 

— K. Shalt its 

|l|r/iis Golden Ram watches hia 

opponent make the next move. 

]]Congratulating each other on a Job well 

done is empahsized by this duo. 

I This WCU player is ready and waiting 

for the ball to come back on his side. 

■ — . — Mentally, this Golden Ram has 

already scored the next point. 

■ — Patience is the name of the game while 

tt\iiling for a return serve. 

;r/iii WCd itjaiv. ir.cinbcr always thinks 
three steps ahead of the opposition. 
—A smile of satisfaction for a Job well 
done by this Golden Ram. 

[ -Speed and agility are important in 

the game of tennis. 

[^Thinking quick on his feet, this Golden 

Ram moves into position. 

[Frustration can also be a component of 

the game. 

Swimming and 


A Season to Remember 

'^e West Chester University swimming and diving squads set new standards for the future 
generations of of Lady and Golden Rams this season, as they closed 9-1 and 10-0 overall, respectively. 
The Golden Rams forged their way to the top of the PSAC claiming their second consecutive 
Championship Title, winning 75% of the individual championships and all five of the relay races, and 
claimed third place at National Competition. The Lady Rams finished second in the PSAC and hold 
the sixth place title for the National Competition, setting a new record highest ranking for West 
Chester at both events. 

The unblemished season for the Golden Rams was the first since the 1959 squad posted an 8-0 
record as well as the first 10 win plateau since the 1972 season. Standing out amongst the Golden 
Rams squad was sophomore Matt Matys. Matys recorded two individual wins, was a component of 4 
of the 5 winning relay teams in the PSAC Championships, and earned the title of the 2000 Male 
Swimmer at the meet. He also wrapped up nationals with seven Ail-American accolades, as well as 
several West Chester CIniversity records. Matys set the record this season for the 50 and 100 freestyle 
events and the 200IM with the times of 21.39, 46.41, and 1:23.53, respectively. At Nationals Matys 
set the record for the 100 backstroke at 51.37 for West Chester, won the event, and set the mark for 
the NCAA. Junior Todd Albert was also a WCG record breaker at the NCAA Competition with 50.25 
for the 100 fly. West Chester also set records of 3:24.79 for the 400 medley relay, the squad 
consisting of senior Sebastien Verstraet, juniors Grant Clark and Todd Albert, and sophomore Matt 
Matys, 1:23.34 in the 200 freestyle, the squad consisting of Verstraet, Matys, Albert, and freshman 
Kyle Almoney, and 6:47.97 in the 800 freestyle, the squad consisting of Verstraet, Almoney, Matys, 
and freshman Ryan Weathers at the NCAA event. The Golden Rams walked away from Nationals with 
36 All-American and Honorable Mention accolades. 

The Lady Rams also earned high honors at both the PSAC and Nationals this season, recording 
several new records at these meets. Freshman Megan Straehle earned six All-American accolades at 
Nationals along with breaking the West Chester record as a member of the 800 freestyle relay squad 
by four seconds at a time of 7:43.00. The relay squad consisted of Straehle, junior Meghan Farrow, 
sophomore Meredith Eyier, and freshman Corey Dennis. Dennis also earned All-American accolades 
in the 100 yd. freestyle event in which she recorded a career best time of 53.41. Sophomore Taura 
Wizniak also earned All-American accolades for her time of 53.86 in the 100 yd free. The Lady Rams 
also found themselves posting their highest double finish of the NCAA Championships in seven years 
in the 200 fly due to the performances of Dennis and Straehle who placed fourth and fifth, 
respectively. West Chester also broke their records in the 200 yd freestyle and the 400 medley relay at 
the PSAC Championships with a time of 1 :38.92 and 3:56.22 as a result of the four member squads 
consisting of junior Kristen Krail, freshman Tracy Collington, Wizniak, and Dennis and freshman 
Jaime Dolbow, Krail, Wizniak, and Straehle, respectively. The 400 medley relay is the event that 
qualified the Lady Rams for the NCAA National event, an event that they walked away from with 32 
All-American and Honorable Mention accolades. The Lady and Golden Rams of West Chester 
University have set new standards by which the future generations will be judged. After completing 
such a successful season, who is to say what the future holds for next years squad? 

— K.Shaults 

]]A WCU diver shows perfect form 
as she completes her diue. 
\This Golden Ram pauses a 
moment, mentally preparing [or his 

— -Making his event look easy, (h/s 
WCU swimmer glides toward the 

College of 

New Jersey 





South DgKofe 

_ Binghamton 
• South 







ECAC Diving 
^.: Champoinship 








Ron Leararis, 4th 




— ]iA WCU sivimmer shows good form as ne proceeds down the last 

length of the race. 

]]This Lady Ram has a look of determination on her face, long before 

competing in her event. 

]The butterfly is one of the most difficult strokes to master, but this WCU 

swimmer does it well. 

~One of the WCU diuers peeks out over the tub as she watches her 

teammate diue. 

—\Freestyle is one of the commonly seen strokes, one that this Golden 

Ram demonstrates well as he pushes down the length of the pool. 



Sticking the Landing. 

^wo Thousand proved to be a season to remember as the Lady Rams went on to 
post their first winning season since 1990 and their first double digit winning season 
since 1987 with 1 1 wins. This season started out for the WCCi squad with a new head 
coach stepping into place, 1999 West Chester graduate Jennifer Scheuer and a strong 
core of veteran gymnasts. Among that core were seniors Jennifer Harriger and Colleen 
Curran. Curran had an outstanding season setting a new West Chester team record on 
the bars and all around score with 9.3 and 37.4, respectively. Junior Holly Sliker also put 
forth an excellent season going out and beating Curran's 37.4 with her own all around 
score of 37.575. Both Sliker and Curran went on to compete at the Collegiate Mational 
Championships in Arizona in May. 

As a team the Lady Rams went the extra mile, breaking several West Chester 
University records. The squad surpassed the team scores for the vault, balance beam, 
floor exercise, and uneven bars with 46.35,45.85,48.325 and 48.475, respectively. The 
Lady Rams also posted a West Chester team high score with 181.325. The WCCJ team 
wrapped up the season by claiming third in the ECAC Championships. Also earning 
ECAC honors were head coach Scheuer and assistant coach Carly Meyer who were 
named the ECAC II Coach and Assistant Coach of the Year. With a strong core 
remaining for 2001 and an excellent coaching staff, the Lady Rams could prove to be 
the force to beat in the season to come, 

— K.Shaidii 

|/s this a WCU gymnast or a pretzel? 
\A back Lvalkouer as demonstrated by a 
WCU Lady Ram in her floor exercise. 
l—fhe 2000 West Cliester University 
Gymnastics Team. 

■ — Flexibility is one thing, but balancing in 
such a precarious position on the balance 
beam takes niany hours of practice. 
— jr/iis Lady Ram is ready and waiting 
for her floor routine to begin. 








Wilson College 



Wilson College 












k Cornell * 



Sountem CT 


180 ion 



1 7<^ 875 


175 950 



185 65 











Western Ml 








Men's Basketball 

A Shot Ahead of the Rest 

'^e Golden Rams wrapped up the 1999-2000 season 22-6 overall and 10-2 in the 
PSAC, as the PSAC Champions, and ranked 6th in the NCAA Division II Eastern 
Region. The Rams claimed the PSAC Title outright in an 80-74 victory over East 
Stroudsburg. This season proved a successful one for not only the Golden Rams as a 
team but on an individual basis as well. As a team the Golden Rams broke the 100 
mark twice this season, making it the first season since 1995-96 to break the 100 point 
mark. Several of the games this season saw all five of the starters notching double 
figures in their scoring, two Golden Rams breaking the 1000 point career mark, and 
several PSAC honors at the seasons close. Junior Joe Meade was one of the Rams 
who reached the 1000 point plateau and is considered the best free throw shooter in 
the PSAC at 87% and one of the best in Division 11. Meade also earned fifth place 
honors in the WCCI record books for single season assists with at total of one hundred 
and thirty-two. Fellow junior Tyariq Corbin was also a 1000 point player this season. 
Corbin earned a career high 41 points on 12 of 19 shooting from the floor and 11 of 12 
free throw attempts, making the fifth highest single game total in West Chester history. 
Both of these juniors earned PSAC honors, Corbin making the PSAC First team and 
Meade making the Second team. Joining Corbin on the First team was redshirt, 
freshman Ramzee Stanton. Stanton averaged 14.1 points and 9.3 rebounds per game 
and made 60.3% of his field shots earning him the 1 1th place slot in the WCU record 
books for field shots. Also earning PSAC honors was head coach Dick DeLaney. 
DeLaney was named as the PSAC Division II Coach of the Year for the third time in his 
career. He is the highest winning coach in West Chester history with a record of 229- 
128 and has guided WCG to three straight 20 win seasons. The foundation for a strong 
season in 2000-200 1 has been set for the new and returning members of next years 
squad as they will be competing as the PSAC Defending Champions and the team to 
beat. — K. ShiU/lis 

\\lhis Uotden Ham envisions Ihe ball in //ir 
hoop as he prepares to make the shot. 
]Watching the ball to make Us way into the 
basket seems to take an eternity. 
— ■WCU Head Coach Dick DeLaney shares 
strategies with his team. 


'This Cotden Ram ;a^to. a rM.j:.:t .i .^ .u ly u.^ij/ia 
before getting back into the game. 
-Searching past his opponents for a teammate, this 
WCU Golden Ram dribbles the ball another time or two. 
. — The Golden Rams demonstrate team camaraderie as 
[hey huddle before going out onto the court. 
A Jump shot takes coordination and skill, something 
that this Golden Ram demonstrates well. 






























Columbia Gnion 





Belmont Abbey 

Columbia Union 

Lock Haven 




Millersville ■« 

Lock Haven 

Bloomsburg ^' 





Pittsburgh- Johnstown 


Disctrict of Columbia 

East Stroudsburg 


PSAC Quarter Finals 






Shooting to Win 

'^e Lady Rams put forth much handwork and dedication this season to 
produce 11-15 overall record and 6-6 in the PSAC this season. The women's 
team earned their way to the PSAC quarterfinals for the second consecutive 
season but fell to Millersville 68-79. Several of the Lady Rams put forth 
excellent seasons, including freshman Kiera Manlove. Manlove finished the 
season as West Chester's top scorer with 8.4 points per game and top 
rebounder with 5.9 rebounds per game. Manlove along with junior Hallie Roulin 
earned positions in the PSAC top fifteen in field goal shooting at 15th with 
47.1% and 11th with 47.9%, respectively. Senior Carolyn Casey earned a 
career high 24 points this season on 11 of 14 shooting from the floor. Senior 
Emily Bender closed her final season as the second place holder of career 3 
point goals with 139 and more attempted 3 point shot at 425 than anyone 
besides Jodi Jancosko. Fellow Lady Ram, sophomore Carolyn Rozich closed 
out her season as at the third highest single season total in WCCl history with 7 1 
thefts and shot at 8 1 . 1 % from the foul line for the year. The PSAC honored two 
of the Lady Rams this season, junior Amy MacDonald was named to the PSAC 
Second team and Manlove was named as the 1999-2000 PSAC Rookie of the 
Year. Though several seniors will be greatly missed the youth on this team 
have the potential to be a powerful force on the basketball court in the season 
to come. Who is to say what the 2000-2001 season holds for the Lady Rams? 

— K.Shaiilis 

n These Lady Rams do their best to keep their opponent from making the shot. 
]]~.Rammie shows his support for the Lady Rams at one of their home games. 
-^]\One could easily be intimidated when an opponent is towering ouer them. 
—This Lady Ram and her opponents wait for the ball to make Its way into the hoop. 
]Jumping high, this WCU player tries to keep the ball from her opponent. 
'{—Making the rebound, this Lady Ram goes up for another s/in/ 





New Hampshire 



St. Michaels 



Columbia Union 



Gwynedd Mercy 



CW Post 






Clarion University 



Wilmington (DE) 



Binghamton (NY) 



California (PA) 






Columbia Union 









Millersville, mmm» 

■»* 69 





East Stroudsburg 












Holy Family 






East Stroudsburg 



PSAC Quarter Final 





Baseball ' 

]]]This Golden Ram does his best to tag out his opposition as he 

slides into third base. 

]]Perfect form is something to strive for in this game and takes 

many hows of practice to achieve. 

\This WCU pitcher looks ready to strike his opponent out as he 

prepares to throw a fastball. 

-^Next at bat, this Golden Ram is hoping for no strikes and to hit 

at least a double. 

Sliding Home. 

'^le Golden Rams started out the season on a sad note, losing coach 
Jack Hopkins, who resigned early in the spring. Hopkins completed five 
seasons with WC(J and was a key player In leading the Rams back to the 
PSAC in 1997 for the first time since nineteen eighty-five. However. WCG 
did not let that stop them from putting forth a valiant effort for the 200C 
season as they played hard, giving their all, combined with a late season 
surge. As surge that put a dent in the PSAC by West Chester beatinc 
Bloomsburg. East Stroudsburg, and Kutztown Universities, and by then 
rallying against Shippensburg University, and knocking off Millersville Uni 
versify to finish the 2000 season 6-18 in the PSAC. 

Several of the Golden Rams stood out this season, among them were' 
juniors Paul Spiewak and Justin Konnick. Jr., sophomores Mike Welsh anc 
Shawn Duff, and senior Jason McDevitt. Spiewak, a pitcher for the Golden 
Rams, was named to the 2000 PSAC II All Conference Baseball Team, 
claimed five victories for the Rams, and led WCU in appearances, starts 
completed games, innings pitched, and strikeouts with 11, 10, 4, 68.2, and 
58, respectively.. Also pitching for the Rams Konnick earned the title of 
PSAC Pitcher of the Week for his efforts against East Stroudsburg and his 
save against Kutztown. Welsh was the WCU team leader in hitting 
withO.380 for two thousand. Duff ended the season with a 0.346 batting 
average, 16 runs, a slugging percentage of 0.500%, and sharing the team 
lead in triples(2) with McDevitt. McDevitt is tied for second with 36 hits, 
leads in runs scored{18), homeruns(2), doubles(9), triples(2), and has a 
batting average ofO.293 — and that was just for this season. He also saw 42 
games this season and started in 41 of those games. McDevitt wrapped up 
his West Chester career with an impressive list of statistics: 124 games, 123 
games started in, 384 at bats, 70 runs, 119 hits, 24 doubles, 3 triples, 8 
homeruns, 173 total bases, 19 stolen bases, a batting average of 0.310, a 
slugging percentage of 0.451%, and an on-base percentage of 0.401%. The 
last Golden Ram to be mentioned is transfer, junior Jay Wittgreen, Witt 
green ended the year with a 0.377 average in just 29 games, 23 hits in 61 at 
bats, 15 runs, and tied for third on the team with seven doubles. Two 
Thousand proved to be a growing year for the Golden Rams who wrapped 
up 11-38. The experience gained in just this season alone could give the 
Rams the edge to make 2001 an unforgettable season. 

— K.SI.h:!/!u 



^ ^. 

^r '^ ^^^ 










Averelt CoHege 



Guilford College 




Ferrum College 




Lycnhburijl College 


^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^ ^^^i^9^^Kh 


Averelt College 


^^^^^H|*^^ p^ ^ 


Montreal College 
Montreal CoSege 




Montreal College 




Jersey City 
» Bre*lon-Parker 
J BrewtonParicer 



^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^ 


U Jersey City 


^^^^ \ /'"^ 

2 ^ 

B Oeorgia College 



B Jersey Cily 


Bb V / 




^^\ ^^^#0 "419 










^^^^^t^^^^^KEm^^Mm n^MWm 




^5^^^^^^^^ M^R^'^ 


Long Island 






^K , : '■ ^m ,^M^^Btfjp*%te^^.^_ 




L '^^^t ^^^^^BP^s ^HHHh 


Lock Haven 


Hh ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^'^^B ^^^^i^l 

Lock Haven 


^^IL ^ ^^^^^^^BbiI^^^ ^^^ 





i .]^ Stroudsburg 
cast Stroudsburg 


\ComidLdane is demonstrated by ttxesL' 


l^f^^"^^^!^ Shlppensburg 


Golden Rams, ivho take the time out 


JtKI^^^^^^^^ Shlppensburg 
Wm Mlllersvilie 


to congratulate each other on a job 

M MHlersvliie 


well done. 


^Ke ^ Bloomsburg 


—The WCU catcher and pitcher take 
a moment on the pitcher's mound to 


^J^^^ gjl Bloomsburg 
^^^■■•f, Philadelphia 
i ^^^B ^KvJ^utztown 




exchange strategies. 


^^H V^^Kutztown 


[Being a good catcher takes balance, 
coordination, and quick reflexes — not 



s ^J^^^Bg^^^B$troudsburg 


■■^B^5^ Shlppensburg 

J^^^f ^ Shippensburg 



to mention a good set of knees. 



l^This Golden Ram looks poised and 

JBIw^ Mansffeki ,^ 

mm I 

ready to make his more and steal 



- R 

second base. 




—Will this WCU opponent be called 



safe or out? 




One Run Ahead. 

"T^e Lady Rams played hard to wrap up the 2000 season 15-29 
and in sixth place in the PSAC. The squad consisted of many young, 
talented athletes including sophomore, pitcher Stacy Schellenger. 
Throughout the season Schellenger pitched hard, often scattering hits 
in each game and allowing minimal earned runs over the duration of 
those games that she pitched. She wrapped up the season leading the 
team in wins with six under her belt. Seniors Donna Polito and 
Christina Mitchell also put forth excellent seasons. Polito averaged 
0.291 in 29 games and led WC(J with 18 runs scored and 23 stolen 
bases, even though her final season was cut short due to a knee 
injury. Mitchell lead the Lady Rams in hitting, base hitting, and 
doubles with 0.288, 36, and 8, respectively. She also claimed second 
for WCG in RBI's with 14 for the season. Freshman Kristyn Baker also 
stood out amongst her teammates, claiming first place for RBI's with 
nineteen. Baker started and played in 42 of the 44 games of her 
rookie year. As a team the Lady Rams posted a 3.51 ERA for two 
thousand. A solid group of veterans will be returning to make tht- 
Lady Rams a formidable foe to any opposition in the 2001 season. 

— K.Shaulh 

]\This Lady Ram shows good 



form as she prepares to make 


tl ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

the catch. 

\ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

\Before resuming her catching 

1 . ^^BM^^^^^^^^^v^l 

stance, the WCU catcher wait^ 

■ ^^B^ ^^^^^^^^^^ft 1 

for the pitcher to resume the 

H ^^P*^ ^^^^^^^^^^J 


^HT^HMKiiiriMk^ ^^^^BN 

]^The WCU coach watches 

Er^^V^^^^F^ .^^^^ 

her team as they give their all 

■^V^ vl^' ^^^^tfd 

for the game. 

W ^jlS*" sV-^^P -^V"^ 

-^Ready and waiting for the 

f ^ '^lif ;*:::^^C 

pitch, this Lady Ram enuision^ 

hitting a triple. 

■ — Winding up for her pitch, thf^ 

WCCI pitcher is planning on 

slrikintj out her opposition. 

i^ ^H^li 1 



Iirhe squad of WCU outfielders take a moment to exchange 

strategies and ujishi eacf\ other luck. 

— <]]"And she swings hard..." 

—]This Lady Ram patiently waits for the ball to come her way. 

^Mentally, this Lady Ram has already tagged out her 


]"And she's safe. 





Fdirmont State 









Ul- S.jperior State 






L on;or-Rhyne 



Lenor Rhvne 



n '.i\on 






CW Post 



CW Post 


^[X)rt5 PUk Tournament 


Cteotge Mason 


6 « 

— Saint Joseph's 



■HB Ubaty 
^^^^^^ofl-i Plus Tournament 



Saint Joseph's 






Philadelphia .^r^ 

[ 4 


Philadelphia ^P^ 

• i 


Eastern Shore MD • 1 

f i 


Mansfield M 

i 3 


jn|^^ r^ansfield ™ 





^S^^ Shippensburg 


East Stroudsburg 



East Stroudsburg 
















1^ Bloonisburg 
WS Woornsburg 
7* Shippensburg 
















. 2 




E^ist Sloudsburg 


ea* Stroudsburg 












Men's Lacrosse 

Giving Their All. 

before the 2000 season even began, several of the West Chester Golden Rams were singled out as members 
of the Division 11 Preseason Ail-American Teams by Face-Off Magazine, one of the leading publications for 
Lacrosse in the nation. Those chosen were junior, midfielder Karl Baur and senior, attackmen Jeff Pettit and Jay 
Gambriil. Baur was named to the first team and both Gambrill and Pettit to the second team. As the twc 
thousand season got underway WCCi was listed among the top 10 lacrosse teams. However, as the seasor 
progressed the demon of injury reared its ugly head, amongst its claims was Gambrill. This attackman finished 
his career with 22 assists and 17 goals for a total of 39 points in just 13 games. Gambrill is the 10th most 
productive attackmen in West Chester University history. He was also amongst the three Golden Rams who 
broke the 1 00 point goal mark this season. Joining him in that honor were Pettit and Baur with a total of 1 37 and 
124 points, ranking them ninth and eleventh, respectively. Pettit boasted 106 goals in just the 2000 season 
alone, securing him sixth place in the WCCI record books. Baur also earned an additional honor this year by being 
named to the New York Collegiate Athletic Conference Men's Lacrosse Second Team. He wrapped up the 
season holding second place for points scored with 35, goals with 25, and tied for third with 10 assists. Even with 
the loss of these talented seniors, the club of Golden Rams that remains for the 2001 season have the potential 

and youth to pose a serious threat to their future opposition. 


]Scooping the ball quickly and 
dccurately is the fcey to the game of 

—These two men look ready to 
•square off. 

■ -]The WCCI goalie watches his 
Icammates take the ball down the 

— ]]Being a length ahead of everyone, 
even one's teammates, can make a 
world of difference in a game. 
\.—This Golden Ram pulls ahead of 
his opponent in attempt to save the 
























CW Post 






NY Tech 




"T- 19 


Saint Vincent's 














\\Maybe this Ram tsjusl camera shy. 

]This Golden Ram takes a breather 

between periods. 

[Who says football is the only full 

contact sport? 

I— The center Golden Ram never 

takes his eyes from the ball. 

■ — These lacrosse players battle over 

the ball. 

]. A Golden Ram on the WCU 

lacrosse team. 

—]The WCU head coach explains a 
:- ir course of action. 


Women's Lacrosse 

Venturing into Uncharted Territory 

*7^e Lady Rams played hard in the 2000 season, fighting along the way for a spot in 
the playoffs for the first time in the history of West Chester University. Even though they 
gave 110% all the time, the Lady Rams did not secure such a position. Regardless. 
several of the squad members put forth excellent seasons, standing out amongst their 
teammates. This list of women includes freshman Andrea Tyman; sophomore, goal- 
keeper Mindy Bodolus; juniors Kim Rochon and Shannon Eidse; and seniors Kris 
Lawson and Andrea Bing. Eidse and Rochon tied for the team lead in points with 53 on 
38 goals- 15 assists and 48 goals-5 assists, respectively. Eidse led the team in assists and 
Rochon in goals scored. Rochon also broke the 100 goal mark with 132 this season, 
putting her at 154 career points at West Chester. She is only the ninth WCCI player to do 
so and is currently ranked fifth for goals in a season and is ranked eighth for all time 
career points. This Lady Ram also holds the record for the most goals in a game with 10, 
which she set back in 1998 against Shippensburg University. Rochon along with Lawson 
and Eidse earned PSAC honors, Rochon and Lawson to the first team and Eidse to the 
second team. PSAC honors were not the only honors to be bestowed on the Lady Rams 
this season. Several of the squad members earned IWLCA II All-American titles: Rochon 
was named to the first team offense for the second straight year, Bing to the first team 
defense, Lawson to the second team defense, and Eidse to the second team offense. 
The Lady Rams wrapped up their season 7-6 overall and 4-2 in the PSAC. The 
foundation for a strong season in 2001 has been set and it is up to the new and returning 

Lady Rams to stay one goal ahead of their future opposition. 

— KShiiiilis 

\\A Lady Ram along with the head coach Lvatch the 

team move down the field. 

■ — tust before the game starts, the Lady Rams wish 

each other luck. 

^Speed is important in the game of lacrosse. 





Cabrini ^,^|a. 



f 'V 

1^ Lehiqh ""?TB| 

^ 10 



K- Mercyhurst iJ||H 



Shippensburg M 



Bloomsbuig j 



East Stroudsburg 



Gannon ' 

^^B 9 

18 , 


■ lUP gH| 

^^B .2 


ir j^H 

■F Millersville 3^H 




R- CW Post '^H 

^^^^ 9 



■ Lock Haven I^H 




B Lafayetter 

^■l 22 


K Loyola MO 


Jir/ie Lady Rams take a moment to breathe out on the 

field before springing back into action. 

]]^Sprinting down the field, this WCU teammate head- 

toward the action. 

— .This Lady Ram is determined not to be out scooped. 

[Waiting to make her move, this WCU Lady Ram is 


]The WCU head coach explains what the Lady Rams 

should do next. 

Track and Field 


Quick on Their Feet. 

/wo Thousand opened with a bang for the West Chester track and field athletes. In the 
very first meet of the season WCU had athletes qualify for the ECACII and PSAC Cham- 
pionships. Those Golden and Lady Rams included: senior, Givon Holmes; juniors, Ryan 
Oxenford, Doug Mascherino, Jason McCambridge, Jackie DiStefano, Mandy Herzog, Steph- 
anie Moss, and Kelly Walton; sophomores, Jim Gahagan and Karin Milovanovic; and 
freshman, Gretchen Burkholder. Both Burkholder and Walton qualified for the PSAC Cham- 
pionships. Throughout the successful season for these athletes many more names were added 
to that list of PSAC competitors, including: juniors, Joel Musika, Todd Reinert, and Vince 
Zingaro, sophomore Karin Huffnagle; and freshmen Scott Burns, Laura Shultz, and Kelly 
Horning. Zingaro and Huffnagle and qualified for the ECAC Championships, as well. 

Those Rams who competed at the ECAC's brought home a total of nine indoor personal 
records and nine overall personal marks. Shultz. who competed in the pole vault competition, 
broke the West Chester record with a jump of 7'5", a record that she went on to break twice 
over in the remaining season with 7'10" and 8'2". Also breaking WCU records at the ECAC's 
was Mascherino who took a second in the 800m dash with a time of 1 :54.02, which qualified 
him for the NCAA II Indoor Championships. Joining Shultz and Mascherino in ECAC honors 
were Walton, the relay squad of: senior, Mary Ovelman, sophomores, Ann Lodge, Katie 
Dickerson, and freshman Kelli Williams, Holmes, Oxenford, and Zingaro. After the ECAC's 
came to a close, the West Chester men and women set their sights on the PSAC's 
Championships. The Rams went on to put a serious dent in the competition by claiming many 
of the events at the two PSAC quad meets held this season. The second Quad meet saw the 
WCCI women's team finishing in second place. 

On May 13, all of those competing in the PSAC event gathered at our own Farrell Stadium 
for the weekend event. Even though Kutztown claimed both the men and women's titles, the 
West Chester Golden and Lady Rams put forth a strong showing finishing sixth and eighth, 
respectively. The highest scoring of the Rams was Mascherino who claimed second place in 
the 1500m, Holmes who placed third in both the 100 and 200m dashes, and Reinert who 
earned third in the men's long jump. The men and women athletes who comprised the WCCI 
team played hard this season and those returning in the 200 1 season are bound to do so as 
well. The foundation for a strong season is in place for next season, it is up to the new and 
returning Rams to use that foundation against their future opponents. 
— K.Shitidis 

]The high jump requires much effort combined with a little luck and a pair of strong leg'- 
—What better way to block out the glare of the sun than a pair of sun glasses? 
^This Golden Ram reaches back for the baton as he begins his leg of the race. 

k i) 

\ This Lady Ram knows the importance ol 
stretching out before running. 

.{Pacing himself, this Golden Ram pulls 
ihead of his opposition. 

-Taking a moment to uisualize his 
■'now. this Golden Ram prepares lo (/iron 
slwt put. 

This Golden Rani puts a lot of effort and 
strength into his throws. 
- -Never letting her eyes leave the Javelin. 
;lus Lady Ram waits for the Javelin to hit 
!ls mark. 

^ r 

Atlilete of 



tlie Wee 

V »* 


men's soccer "^ 
Christie Duffin - 
women's soccer "^ 
Mattjesson -football * Kel- 
ly Walton - crosscountry "^ Jason 
Muchler -football * Donna Polito 
field hockey * Mike Mitros - football * 
Kelly Walton - cross country * Kevin In- 
gram - football * Chrisitna Mitchell - field 
hockey * Tom Truitt - football * Heather Allgyer - 
u'omen's soccer * Mike Mitros - football * Sta- 
cieBencivengo - ivomen's soccer ^ Bill Lowe — football "^ 
Donna Polito - field hockey * Kyle Almoney - swimming * 
Megan Straehle - swimming * Mike Mitros - football * Meredith 
Eyler - swimming * Joe Mead - basketball * Cassandra DeYoung - 
basketball * Joe Meade - basketball ^ Emily Bender - basketball * Grant 
C[a.rk-sw'im?ning 'A Megan Strdehle-swimming * Tyan Oxenford - indoor track ^ 
Mandy Herzog - indoor track * Kiera Manlove - basketball * Matt Matys - 
j7r/ww/;7^ '^ Jaime Beaver - gymnastics "^ Andy Sedora - basketball * Holly Sliker 
- gymnastics * Grant Clark - swimming * Keira Manlove - basketball * Andy 
Sedora - basketball * Jaime Dolbow - swimming * Joe Meade - basketball 
* Keira Manlove - basketball * Tyariq Corbin - basketball * Chrissy 
Curran - gymnastics * Matt Matys - swimming * Megan Straehle 
swimming * Tyariq Corbin - basketball * Carolyn Casey 
basketball * Jay Gambrill - lacrosse * Holly Sliker - 
gymnastics * Matt Matys - swimming * Megan Straehle 
swimming * Matt MaCall - lacrosse * Kim 
Rochon - lacrosse ^ Ryan Oxenford - track and 
field * Kelly Walton - track and field * 
Tom Meredith - golf * Kim Rochon - 
lacrosse ^ Justin Konnick - baseball 
^ Laura Shultz - track and field 
^ Givon Holmes - track 
and field * Megan 
Randier - track and 
field * 


''Join the company 

of those who make 

the barren places of 

life fruitful with 

kindness. " 

— Helen Keller 

^ has been said that there are 
those who desire to make a dif- 
ference and those that do. At 
West Chester Univeristy there 
are over 200 ways to make the 
difference. Each year the stu- 
dents active in the WCU clubs 
and organizations help to plan a 
variety of functions including 
the campus blood drive, Dance 
Marathon, and local community 
cleanups in the hopes of helping 
those in need. What these groups 
accomplish in a year in hours of 
community service and fun- 
draising is amazing. Frequently, 
these groups accomodate new 
leaders annually, but they still 
manage to accomplish so much 
during the fall and spring semes- 
ters. Regardless, whether new or 
returning, these students are the 
ones who will make a difference 
— these students are the leaders 
of the future. 


Marching Band 

Play on! 

%fiat would a football game be without music? Dull!! 
So, in order to prevent that from happening West 
Chester brings in the West Chester Golden Rams 
Marching Band. (try saying that three times fast) Any- 
way, this band not only perfoms during halftime but 
also keeps the crowd cheering during the game. The 
members spend many hours a week not only prac- 
ticing together as an ensamble, but also individually 
thoughout the halls of Swope. This heavy amount of 
practicing pays off and can be seen during any one of 
their performances. Although marching band is not 
easy it is definantly an orginazation that is fun and 

— M. Oitfllest' 

WCU Traveling Players 

A Journey to Imaginationville'^ 

] William 
returns from the 
dead to perform A 
Night's Dream. 
I — The twins 
version of the 
comedy and 
tragedy drama 
faces for their 
Journey to 
■ — Sendherella 's 
dislikes doing 
errands so she 
sends Ella. 
— -Gremlin. 
Sendherella s 
horse saves the 
day once again. 

Elephant Man 


ilephant Man is a play based on the life 
ind disease of Joseph Merrictc. The play 
jpened with Merrick being put on display 
n a freak show because of his elephanti- 
us, a disease in which one's body is 
jvergrown. He was taken from the freak 
show by doctors. Many tried to make him 
lormal but were too scared of his appear- 
ince. Even with help, some things did not 
rhange. Merrick still had to sleep standing 
jp so he wouldn't kill himself because he 
was so overgrown, and he was not happy 
vith his life. Due to his depressed situa- 
;ion, Merrick ended his life by lying down 
o sleep allowing his own body weight to 
:rush him. 
J. Corzlne 

ol 133 






^d you know: that the Old Library houses 
the departments of Anthropology and Sociolo- 
gy? Hollinger Field House is the home of the 
North Campus swimming pool? The West Ches- 
ter University Ambassadors do. 

Many times class bound students observe 
large masses of people on campus. What the 
students may not notice is those leading the 
masses, the Student Ambassadors. Each week, 
come rain or shine, these students volunteer 
their time to take potential students and their 
parents on a walking tour of campus. Each tour 
takes forty-five minutes to an hour and a half 
depending upon the size of the group. These 
students have to be able to think on their feet 
and answer any questions that the families 
might have during the tour. University Am- 
bassadors are also responsible for attending two 
preview days and two open houses during the 
academic year. At these events potential and 
accepted students along with their families look 
over campus, meet with their perspective de- 
partments of study, and sample the food at 
Lawrence Dining Hall. So the next time you 
observe a large mass of people on campus, take 
a moment to notice the University Ambassador 
leading the tour. 

Alumni Student 


tnKoleiiii vjeYermii 


CoiiMcd of UmtMitlMq AmI Oft'CoMbui 

Every Wednesday from 1 2 to 1 the Coun- 
cil of Commuter and Off-Campus Students 
(CAOS) would meet to provide the rep- 
resentation for any commuter or off- 
campus student at West Chester. Leading 
the council's meetings were President, Ja- 
son DeLapp; Vice President, Gina Eisen- 
berger; Treasurer, Valeri Allmond; and Sec- 
retary, Brandi King. Currently there are 25 
members of the WCU student body active 
on the council. Some of the activities that 
CAOS organizes include Commuter Sur- 
vival Day and Morning Breakfasts. Wheth- 
er commuting and off-campus students 
know it or not, they are all members of 
CAOS. CAOS is there for such students to 
express their views and to consider ideas 
that would affect the commuting and off- 
campus student body. Get some CAOS in 
vour life! 


Every year much effort and planning goes into the 
homecoming events held every fall semester on West 
Chester's campus. This year the planning committee 
was Co-Chaired by Dawn Joslin and Brian Dougherty. 
Other members holding positions were: Treasurer, Bri- 
an Pfieffer; Pre-Pep Rally Chair, Dawn Joslin; Co- 
Chairs for the Pep Rally, Latisha Beal and Latifah 
Fields; Chairperson for the King and Queen Commit- 
tee, Melissa Spurrier; and Chairperson for the Parade. 
Jen Corzine; In total there were 17 members on the 
homecoming committee, which met every Thursday at 
3:30 in the afternoon. As a group the goal of this 
organization was to plan a fun and exciting schedule of 
events leading up to the actual event of homecoming. 
The purpose of Homecoming is to recognize the WCU 
athletes and to celebrate for and with our alumni and 
the community of West Chester. 


R&kUUm^ f-lcM Auocldllm 


Even,' student on the West Chester campus, all 3,300 
of them (in the 1999-2000 year), are represented by 
this organization. Leading this group of students were 
Executive Director, Matt Brenner, Executive Business 
Manager, Mandy Graber; Special Programs Chairper- 
son, Katie Brindley; Executive Secretary, Emily Cr- 
isman; and Advisor, Tom Puree. RHA is responsible 
for a variety of campus events including. Spring Week- 
end, Candlelight Dinner. Adopt a Block, the campus 
Blood Drive, the Induction Dinner, and Welcome 
Week. The goal to be met each year by RHA is to 
provide activities for the residents living on campus 
and to supply the resident halls with funding for their 



The Student Activities Council (SAC) was founded at West 
'hester in 1997. Every week the 35 members of this organiza- 
;on would meet in Sykes Wednesdays at one o'clock. Presiding 
ver these meetings was President Tara Herman, who was 
)ined by fellow executive board members. Vice President. 
Jick Polcini; Treasurer. Kelly Gallagher; and Secretary, 
)anielle Beal. SAC provides numerous activities for WCU 
tudents throughout the academic year. The list of activities 
lat they organize and provide include the Annual Battle of the 
lands, provided by R.O.C., educational and social trips 
iroughout the year, provided by T.R.I.P.S. (past trips include 
Iroadway Musicals and the David Letterman Show). Club 
"uesday. Lunchtime Entertainment, and SAC Night at the 
dovies. As an organization, SAC works to provide educational 
nd social programming for the entire student body of West 

% ^ f\ 0^ 

f f^ 




Fo gFammnimi 



The Student Government Asso- 
ciation consisted of 35 members for 
the 1999-2000 year and has been 
known as SGA since 1998. Leading 
the group of students this term was 
President Shamaine Daniels. Also 
sharing the executive positions 
were Vice President. Margaret Slas- 
ka: Secretary, Rachel Coley; Treas- 
urer. Grace Jung: and Parli- 
amentarian, Adam Swope. This 
group of WCU students would 
meet every Thursday night in Sykes 
at seven o'clock. SGA wants to en- 
sure that all students on West Ches- 
ter's campus have a voice and that 
those voices are heard. 


cadeiMiic and 


The Alchemist Club has been part of West Chester 
University for what seems like forever. This organiza- 
tion consisted of 20 students actively involved in the 
science programs offered at West Chester. Presiding 
over the meetings evei7 Tuesday in the fall and every 
Thursday in the spring was President, Kevin Baldo- 
vich. Joining him in the executive roles were Vice 
President, Tanna Sechrist: Treasurer. Timothy Sul- 
livan; and Secretary, Katie Shaulis. The members of 
this organization are responsible for several different 
activities including a semiformal in the fall, creating 
and presenting an educational activity to local el- 
ementary students, and Adopt-a-Family through the 
Salvation Army. However, one of the most important 
activities that these students take part in is tutoring. 
Anyone who is enrolled in a science class, whether a 
science major or not, is able to utilize the Alchemist 
tutors in Schmucker Science Center. 

The Anderson Mathematics Club 
had over 30 active members in the fall 
and spring semesters of 2000. Leading 
the meetings in the fall was President. 
Kyle Corcoran, in the spring President. 
Todd Saunders. .Also holding e.xecutive 
positions this past academic \ear were 
fall Vice President. .A.nnie Hens, and 
spring vice Presidents. Joshua Peterson 
and Ronald Phillips. Each year this 
organization is responsible for planning 
a Thanksgiving dinner for the 
Mathematics faculty, present students 
and alumni of WCU. They are also 
responsible for 30 hours of in-ser\ ice 
tutoring for the West Chester commu- 
nity, holding sessions for student teach- 
ers to speak of their in-class experi- 
ences, and to hold receptions for those 
seniors who graduate each semester. 
The main objective of this organization 
is to promote mathematics and math- 
ematics education to the undergraduate 
community on campus and in West 

Aiulmoii MdOt C&ih 


RuUim CM 

The Russian Club is open to all who are 
interested in the Russian language or culture; 
knowledge of Russian is not required for 
membership. The goals of the club are to in- 
crease awareness, understanding, and enjoy- 
ment of the Russian culture, and to provide a 
forum for apph ing what students learn about 
Russia and the Russian language. The Russian 
club sponsors the Brighton Beach field trip. 
Russian Orthodox Easter celebration, newslet- 
ter and charitN fundraisers for disabled Russi- 
an children. 




The Black Student Union serves as a vehicle 
committed to increasing student consciousness 
concerning the black experiences among the student 
community. Since its inception in the fall of 1970, 
BSU has sought to inspire, motivate, and unify the 
black student community, thus allowing the entire 
community to know of the roles black people have 
played on campus and throughout the world. The 
executive board members of the 1999-2000 year 
were Latonya Grant, Shawna Mungin. Otis Bullock, 
Latifah Fields, Kristen Cuthbert, Joy Stroman, 
Aubria Nanca, and Nikeeta Williams. 

The West Chester Association for the Education of 
Young Children (WCAEYC) had between 20 and 30 
active members in the fall and spring semesters of 2000. 
Executive Board members leading the group were Pres- 
ident, Janet Casseh Vice President, Mary Long; Treas- 
urer. Luke Boltz: Secretary Elli Hinkle; and DVAEYC 
Representative, Sharon Anderson. This group of con- 
cerned students met in Recitation Hall every Monday 
evening at 7:15. Some of the activities that WCAEYC is 
responsible for are the Halloween carnival, campus t-shirt 
and bake sales, a book fair, and Christman donations to 
local charities and families. Providing quality, affordable, 
and accessible child care through being active advocates 
for all children is the goal of this organization. 

B^ QuhitUHim (BW) 

Uiiu/mdl^ DaiKJuj^ 



Still in its fledgling years the dance team achieved organ- 
ization status in October of 1996. However, 1997 was their 
first official season as performers. Recently the twenty wom- 
en involved in the organization expanded their horizons by 
performing at homecoming and participating in the Dance 
Marathon as well as the WCG basketball games. Leading the 
squad of dancers co-captains Lindsay Williamson and Jenni- 
fer Caputo. The treasurer for the group was Bethanie Lori. 
The next goal these athletes are striving for is competition. 
These Lady Rams put in many hours of practice and hard 
work, choreographing their own dance routines and striving 
to put forth an excellent performance. In the past, before 
becoming an organization, some of the participants on the 
dance team have gone on to be Sixer's Girls and one is an 
Eagle's cheerleader. 



Cdtkom NeuJimn Qujhi^ /\j^ocldtloi/i 


The Catholic Newman Student Association is ded- 
icated helping people learn more about the teachings of 
the Catholic religion and beliefs. They help the com- 
munity of West Chester and meet new people along the 
way. Open to anyone expressing an interest in the 
religion, their meetings are Wednesdays at 7:30 and 
they invite all to visit the Newman Center whenever 
possible. The Catholic Newman Student Association 
participates in service projects, discussions and social 
gatherings. The executive members for 1999-2000 
were Angela Price and Kevin Baldovich Co- 
Presidents; Chris Jowett Vice President; Erin Houri- 
gan Secretary; and Lisa Haynes Treasurer. 



Abbe^ ^ocielj 

The Abbe Society provides service to West 
Ciiester University and its surrounding com- 
munity by taking part in projects such as 
Ronald McDonald House. Adopt-A-Block. 
community dinners. Habitat for Humanity, 
Brian's Run, service week, an adapted PE 
program and other services to on and off cam- 
pus needs. They have twenty-two active mem- 
bers. The Abbe-Society was founded in 1959 
known as the Alphites and was restarted in 
1970 as the Abbe Society. Their Greek Letters 
<l>XO stand for tYiendship. leadership and char- 
acter. These traits are upheld by the sisters of 
the Abbe Society at all times, in all situations. 
Its executive board members are Jennifer 
Clayton President; Stefanie Gallagher, Vice 
President; Shelly-Ann Harris, Secretary; and 
Rebecca Snodgrass, Treasurer. Other mem- 
bers of the executive board include Pledge 
Marshalls: Amy Drosdowski and Marissa 
Kuchta; Social Chair: Kathleen Morris; Alum- 
nae Liason: Joelle Tracy; Historian: Marcie 
Kilby and Advisor: Maggie Tripp. 

A^luu Pld OMfiqcu 

Alpha Phi Omega is a service fraternity that pro- 
vides service to the nation, community, WCU and 
to the fraternity itself Its members take part in Boy 
Scouts. AIDS Quilt, Adopt-A-Highway, Goose 
Creek Cleanup, Banana Day, and community din- 
ners. This year A<i>12 did over 1 500 service hours. 
This organization was originally founded on May 
16, 1965. The fraternity has twenty-five members 
and holds its meetings every Sunday at 7:30. Its 
executive board members are Jaime Bloh, Pres- 
ident; Sarah Rice, Vice President Service; Bob Mill- 
er, Vice President Membership; Brad Sanders, Vice 
President Fellowship; Jason Gosnell, Treasurer; 
Amy Klabunde. Secretary; Katie Shaulis, Scouting 
and Youth Coordinator; Leigh Creeden, Ambas- 
sador; Christine Gable, Historian; and Amanda Gil- 
bert, Sergeant-At-Arms. 


Circle K is responsible for a variety of 
community service functions, including 
YMCA middle school dances, break- 
fasts for the Ronald McDonald House, 
and fundralsing for United Way. This 
group also helps out at Friday Nites at 
the Care Center for Christ and works 
with the Salvation Army and local YW- 
CA. Leading this group of 33 service 
oriented students were President, Erin 
Kaplan: Vice President, Katie Melten; 

I Treasurer, Danielle Bell; Secretary, Ka- 
tie Garrigan; Project Chair, Kim Wat- 

' son; Fundralsing Chair, Anna Purcell: 
MD and E Chair, Dessire Paradise; and 
K-Family Chair, Heather Scheg. This 
group held its meetings every Monday 
at 7:30PM in Sykes and has been a 
part of West Chester's organizations 

I since 1995. The overall goals for this 
organization is to accomplish many 
hours of service for both West Chester 
University and the West Chester Com- 


Founded in 1937 at West Chester, the Friars 
Society is well known for the community servi- 
ces that it helps to carry out. The nineteen 
young men of this organization participate in 
various service projects throughout West Ches- 
ter University and its surrounding communities. 
Presiding over their weekly meetings were: Presi- 
dent, Daniel Steigherwalt: Vice President, Rich 
Toliver; Treasurer, Sean Talanco; Secretary, 
Mike Senko: Alumni Liaison, Brian Penn: Histo- 
rian, Timothy Roenigk: and Candidate Educator, 
Frank Addeo(Fall) and John Ciferni(Spring). As 
an organization, this group strives to design, 
implement, and attend various volunteer proj- 
ects to benefit others: to recognize and further 
develop collegiate friendships, leadership abil- 
ities, and overall character of those involved; 
and to foster the understanding, tolerance, and a 
spirit of unselfishness throughout the West 
Chester community and campus. 


^^ Tu,^ 1 1,-,;,, 

QliulM Comej^jum 

The University Ambassadors/Alumni Stu- 
dent Connection fills its ranks with forty 
students who are willing to volunteer their 
time to acquaint perspective West Chester 
students with campus. Come rain or shine, 
these students participate in weekly tours, 
leading groups of anywhere from five to 
twenty people in tours around North Cam- 
pus, answering any questions that the fami- 
lies might have about West Chester Uni- 
versity. The leadership team for the entire 
academic year consisted of: Brandi Bosek, 
Erin Kaplan, Shannon Bowers, and Heather 
Ii-win. This year the University Ambassadors 
represented West Chester at both of the pre- 
view days in the fall and open houses in the 
spring, the Philips Memorial Rededication 
Ceremony, and various other alumni func- 
tions held on campus. The overall goal of 
those participating in this organization is to 
help acquaint any perspective student with 
West Chester's campus and events, hopefully 1- 
providing them with a sense of familiarity to 
the place they might be calling their home 
away from home for four years. 


B^ Tldtb Pi 

Beta Theta Pi is the newest addition to the Greek life on 
West Chester's campus, founded in November of 1999. 
Leading this group of young men were President, Erik 
Zelesnick and Vice President, Tim Nagle. Every Sunday at 
7PM in the Old Library the twenty-three members of this 
organization would meet and discuss their upcoming service 
projects. Among these projects were Brian's Run, the Dance 
Marathon, Big Brothers/Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake. The 
international project that this group was actively involved in 
this year was the Children's Burn Awareness Program, 
which is dedicated to educating elementary students about 
the hazards that injure thousands of children each year. Beta 
Theta Pi is dedicated to building men of principle so that 
they may lead a principled life. After all, "What a few men 
united in object and effort will do, can be done; and more 
than that, such associations teach us how far human friend- 
ship can carry us." 



^^ A 



•"^^'^ ^- -4i 4> 


Delta Chi is an all male 
fraternity that was founded 
on October 28, 1994. They 
participate in many activi- 
ties throughout the aca- 
demic year and beyond. 
AX had fifty-eight mem- 
bers during the 1999-2000 
year. Their meetings are 
Sunday nights at 8:00 pm 
in Sykes Ballroom A. The 
executive members are 
President Paul D. Linder- 
man Jr.; Vice-President 
Andrew Pocklington; Sec- 
retary Tommy Vandergrift; 
Treasurer David Guiga; 
Alumni Relations Alex 
Newman; Sergeant-at 
Arms Paul Subbio; Mem- 
ber-at-Large Michael 
Rosen; Associate Member 
Counselor-Fall Brian Trau- 
gott; Associate Member 
Counselor-Spring Jake 

This national organization was originally 
founded at Howard University in 1913 and 
did not become a part of West Chester Uni- 
versity's campus until 1989. These young 
women are responsible for helping to plan 
and organize events such as the Voter's Reg- 
istration Drive and Book Drive on campus. 
They are also active with the Betty Shabazz 
Academy. As a group this organization pro- 
motes academic excellence and achieves to 
help those in need. They are also active in 
various other campus events and participate 
and organize community functions, as well. 


Pltl £p^o&fv Kappii k 

Phi Epsilon Kappa is a 
co-ed fraternity geared to- 
ward promoting and devel- 
oping a professional per- 
sonality. The members of 
^EK do volunteer work 
and meet on Tuesdays at 
7:00. This organization 
was founded at WCU on 
March 4. 1968 and had 37 
members this year. The ex- 
ecutive board members are 
James Peto, President: 
Janeile Miller, Vice Pres- 
ident: Karen Dreibelbis. 
Treasurer and Gina Liott. 






Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority is part of the 
Mu Delta Chapter here at WCU. They be- 
lieve in "Greater Service, Greater Prog- 
ress." They are dedicated to community 
service, unity on campus, and providing a 
way for young college women to advance in 
higher education and elegance. The sisters 
participate in Brian's Run, community ser- 
vice, events, tutoring, salvation army, pro- 
grams, parties, and act as tour guides. The 
sorority was Founded on April 13, 1991 
and presently has seven members. Their 
executive board members are Marissa Wil- 
liams, Basileus; Kimisha Maidson, Anti- 
Basileus and Tamicchus; Rolanda Meyers, 
Anti Grammateus. The sisters would like to 
congratulate their newest members 
Nyeasha Newell, Aheesah Smith and 
Marqweeda Bailey. 

Zeta Tau Alpha is one of the 
ororities on West Chester's 
ampus that is geared towards 
he promotion of helping others 
iiind fostering sisterhood. The 
vomen involved in this organ- 
zation do volunteer work both 
)n campus and in the com- 
nunity of West Chester. They 
ire also responsible for various 
iocial functions and fundraising 
events throughout the 
jcademice year. Leading this 
jroup of women were: Presi- 
ient. Lilith Buffington; Vice 
'resident, Jaime Yhost; Treas- 
jrer, Victoria Shaffer; and Sec- 
etary, Sabrina Eckrote. 

ication anc. 

m Ti 

^enpejiilm Yeanhook 

The Serpentine Yearbook 
members work all year long to 
provide WCU with a memoir of 
the years spent at WCU as a 
student. The Serpentine has giv- 
en past students a history of the 
University over many years and 
throughout many historic events 
into the new millenium. The 
yearbook includes pictures and 
information on seniors, events, 
organizations, sports, student 
life and academics. Currently 
there are six members. The exec- 
utive board members are Katie 
Shaulis and Angela Price, Co- 
Editors-in-Chief and Jen Cor- 
zine. Business Manager. The 
staff members are Janet Cassel, 
Maureen Cotellese, and Brad 



The Quad is the student newspa- 
per of WCU. It is published even' 
Tuesday during the academic year 
and contains the events occurring 
at WCU and in its surrounding 
community. Undergraduates and 
graduates interested in journaHsni. 
reporting, production, advertising, 
photography and graphic design are 
welcome to apply for positions on 
The Quad. No Prior experience is 
necessary to write for the paper and 
its members meet on Tuesdays at 
3:30 in 253 Sykes Union. The 
Quad staff is Michael Neibauer. 
Editor-in-Chief; Aaron Benaon. 
Managing Editor: Christopher 
Cameron. News Editor: Jacqueline 
Knappick. Features Editor; Kristin 
Kot Sports. Editor; Maria Tesone, 
Photograph) Editor. 

Tke^ Quad 


^eiCClmlm Um/mdifi Raduy (WCUR) 

WCUR was founded at WCU in 1 967. In the past year they became an FM radio station. They participated in campus clean up and 
Banana Day. Their meetings were on Tuesdays at 3:30. WCUR had between 55 and 60 members for the 1 999-2000 academic year. Its 
executive board members are Ryan Smith. General Manager; Greg Boland Program Director: Lauren Smith Pr Director; Kathleen 
Patowski. Business Manager; Dennis Harbun. Music Director; Rebecca Miller, Training Director. As a group, these students hoped to 
provide free spirited radio entertainment to WCU and a learning environment for all of those student members on staff. WCUR is 
always looking for new members. 





The Fencing Club consisted of thirteen 
members of the West Chester student 
body this past year. Leading the meetings 
every Tuesday night at seven o'clock in 
the dance studio on South Campus were: 
President, Julie Gingrich: Vice President. 
Amy Madzelan; and Treasurer, Jeff Brad- 
bury. The overall goal of this organization 
is to both promote and learn the art 
known as fencing. The Fencing Club is 
always looking to recruit new members for 
its ranks. 

/c& Hochfj 

The Men's Ice Hockey team practiced three days a week this year, 
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This group consisted of thirty-five 
West Chester students. Leading this group of athletes were: Captains. Jim 
Henry and Josh Buchannon and Alternate Captains. Corey Brown and 
Terry Ciesielka. Over the past few years the West Chester University Ice 
Hockey Team has been making vast improvements. This season saw these 
young men finishing fourth in the league. Every member of this group 
works hard at each practice in order to prepare for each of the upcoming 



The Men's Volleyball team was founded on West Chester's campus in September of 1 99 1 . This year seventeen West Chester 
students were actively involvedin this athletic organization. Leading this group were: President, Dave More; Vice President, 
Jerr> Doolin: Secretary, Matt Convrey; and Treasurer, Brian Simmons. This group of young men met twice a week on 
Mondays and Wednesdays. They will also be playing in tournaments throughout the summer. The overall goal of this 
organization is to provide a recreational atmosphere for learning the sport of volleyball or the refining of talent. The Men's 
Volleyball team is always looking for new team members and is anxious to share the sport with others. 



The Criterions are a jazz ensemble that plays at charity balls, 
and other charitable fundraisers, public schools, on-campus con- 
certs, and they do a recruiting tour just after graduation. They 
have also performed a Christmas concert and a reunion concert 
on July twentieth. The players gain experience in Criterions that 
is directly related to their education. The band was originally 
founded as a dance band in the late 1920s. Rehearsals take place 
on Thursdays at 7:15. For the 1999-2000 academic year the 
Criterions had 19 members. Its executive board members were 
Adam Tucker, President: Bill Schaller. Vice President; Dave 
Gerard, Treasurer; and Rick Schwartz, Secretary. 

CnXtknloiKk Jozz 


The West Chester University Flute Choir 
strives to one day have a CD made with 
their music and are planning on creating 
their second jazz CD. They perform at ben- 
efits, retirement centers, churches, and dif- 
ferent conventions. They have toured 
Maine and have played at The Academy of 
Music and the Orpheus Club. The Flute 
Choir was started at WCU in 1944 and 
currently has 10 members. Ten years ago 
the Flute Choir performed "Angels and 
Devils" and had a live radio interview on 
Public Radio with Ward Marston. The ex- 
ecutive board positions are Karen Chais- 
toph. President; Marsha Osenbach. Treas- 
urer: and Julia Petters. Secretary. They 
rehearse Friday mornings from ten to elev- 
en o'clock. 

F&i& Eiiimm 

Flute Power! 



"Do not wish to be 

anything but what 

you are, and try to be 

that perfectly. " 

— Saint Francia 

/^fter first setting foot on 
West Chester's campus it is hard 
to envision ever making to that 
final year. For so many the steps 
leading up to this point have 
been filled with much hard 
work, determination, and tears 
of joy and frustration. But no 
matter how difficult things got, 
everyone who has made it to this 
point never let life get the best of 
them. Throughout their years 
here, those graduates of Decem- 
ber of 1 999 and May and August 
of 2000, have grown in knowl- 
edge and experience as well as 
cultivated friendships that will 
last a lifetime. No matter where 
they choose to go from here, 
those leaving West Chester for 
the last time as students will for- 
ever have the memories that 
have helped them to pave the 
road of life and prepared them 
for the world ahead. 

— K.Shaulis 



Judith 1. Act. .1 


, ,,;;,^ 

m^ ' V 


■r }i 

Brtgid Adams 

Elementary Education 

Heather Adams 




Jennifer L. Adams 

^B ^d 

Criminal Justice 


Heather L. Addison 

Athletic Training 


John Adjami 


Computer Science 

h -1 

Amy B. Ahn 

Elementary Education 

n n 

Edward J. Alessandrini Jr 


Environmental Geoscience 

• " . 

Melanie J. Alfano 

Elementary Education 
Melissa Alfano 


Liberal Studies 


Leah Algier 

m^ ^H 

Chemistry -Biology 


Zakiyyah J. Ali 


Tracie R. Allen 

Criminal Justice 

Tim Allison 

Criminal Justice 

Sharon Anderson 

Early Childhood 


Tracy L. Angstadt 

Psychology: Cognitive 


Andrea Augustino 

Elementary Education 

Ian K. Aweau 


Fitness Specialist 
Michele S. Baessler 


Early Childhood 

J-» <T 

Loree E. Bain 


5: T 

Kurt Baldwin 

Elementary Education 


Adrienne Banko 

.^^M ^^BH 

Political Science 

^^■a ^^^H 

Chris Barker 

■^ ^H 

Athletic Training 



Dena Barnes 


Criminal Justice 


Timothy Barnes 
Criminal Justice 


Todd M. Barnes 


Lori R. Barr 

^■L A 

Elementary Education 
Alicia Barratt 


Jeanine Barrington 

Political Science 





f. jV 


V ^\ 







Erica L. Barrow 
Criminal Justice 
Jason Barshinger 
Business Management 
Rachel L- Barson 
Monica Bartolett 
Gina Basciani 
Social Work 
Peter Bates Jr. 
Environmental Health 

Jon-Paul Battiste 
Special Education 
Jon- Paul Battiste 
Special Education 
Brian Beard 
Business Management 
Scott Beck 
Dawn E, Behney 
Business Management 
Allyson Bekas 
Early Childhood 

Kristen Bellamy 
Barbara Bench 
Business Management 
Shelly D. Benford 
Elementary Education 
Amy Bennecoff 
Athletic Training 
Lorraine Bennett 
Public Health 
Brad !- Bentman 
Elementary Education 

Ellen C. Berry 


Debra Biddle 

Elementary Education 

Andrea L. Bing 


Jaime Bloh 

Liberal Studies 

Kristen Bloomfield 


Steven Bocchinfuso 


Shanda S. Boddie 
Gregory Boland 
Music Education 
Justin D. Bond 

Rayna J. Bond 
Social Work 
Courtney A. Bonds 
Adam D. Borrelli 

Rehab u tan -P. 

Robert Bowman 


Megan R. Bradtey 


Kieman E. Brady 

Alhletk: Training 

Kimberiy D. Brautigam 

Elementary Education 

Belinda M. Braxton 

Public Health: Health 


Micole Brennan 



Matthew C. Brenner 

Dementary Education 



Kimberiy A. Breyfogle 



DiKeeU M. Brown 

Ik '^~ 

r- J 

Social Work 


Jaciyn R. Brown 

--^ .L 

Early Childhood and 


Dementary Education 


Kendall Brown 





Kevin C. Brown 



Korrl Brown 


Mendy L. Brown 

^^^w_J9^' V 

Environmental Health 


Tiesha Brandy 


Michelle Bruno 


Elementary Education 

^^ ^^^^ ^H 

Michelle A, Bruno 

^^ 4 ■ 

Criminal Justice 

Charlene Bryant 



Rachel Buckowitsky 


Micholas A. Buddock 


Lilith Buffington 


Jeffrey M, Bums 


Katherine Burns 


Kelly L, Busby 

Health and Physical 


Kia M. Butler 


Kristin L. Butterfield 


Jodi Byrd 


Angela T. Caccavo 

Public Health 

Walter Campbell 

Computer Science 


' K r "^Kfl 

^^^v>. Afe^i 

Andrea L- Capecci 
Erik R. Carlson 
Dawn Carter 
Public Health-rSutrition 
Jaciyn R. Carter 
Elementary Education 
JoAnna Carter 
Stephanie J, Carver 
Liberal Studies 

Erin Casey 

Elementary Education 
Christine Casseila 
John J. Cassidy 
Lindsay H. Castello 
Jennifer Catanese 
Elementary Education 
Teresa Cavara 

Timothy A. Celfo 
Music Education 
Jane W. Chaballa 
Computer Science 
Jennifer L. Chadwick 
Criminal Justice 
Keandra Chambers 
Early Childhood 
Steven Chapracki 
Ronald Chase 
Health and Physical 

Cheryl Chazin 
Elementary Education 
Shannon Chermela 
Elementary Education 
Kristy Chernin 
Environmental Health 
Mandy Chestnut 
Vocal Performance 
Craig M. Chuhran 
Jayne Ciervo 
Elementary Education 

John Ciferni 
Elizabeth Civitarese 
Amy S. Clark 
Early Childhood and 
Elementary Education 
Randall Clitherow 
Amy L. Clouse 
Music Education 
Laurie Coates 
Liberal Studies 


■.itthew Cohen 

._.. ;i_:iljry Education 

Holly J. Coldiron 

Mu^c Education 

Lakesha A. Collins 

Elementary Education 

Ryan Collins 

Computer Science 

Jennifer A. Colon 


Elementary Education 

Joshua S. Comolli 


^■rv V* H 

Johanna Conner 

■ -- 1 

Special Education 
David Conrov 

■ . - 1 

hatasa Constantinides 

i^ i 

Elementary Education 
Samantha J. Cooper 




Kyle C- Corcoran 

U ^1 

Renee M. Cordes 
Social Work 

Christina Costanzo 

Salina R. CoveleskJ 


Francis Coyne 

Theatre Arts 

4 i 

Matthew J. Cozza 

^^ / H 



Angela Cream 

Stephanie Crisanti 

Elementary Education 

Ashlee Cronan 

Early Childhood and 

Elementary Education 

Amanda C. Cuibertson 

Special Education 

Christine Curran 


James D. Damm 

Computer Science 

Shamaine Daniels 

Political Science 

Rebecca K. Davia 

Early Childhood 


Laura J. Davis 

Sociology/ Political 


Melissa A. Dawe 


Kathleen Deegan 

Elementary Education 

Micole Marie DeGregorio 

Special Education 

Michael DeMarco 


John J, DeMichele III 


Jannal Dennis 

Health and Physical 


Melissa D'Esposito 

Music Education 

Gina DeStefano 


David J, Detweiler 

Secondary Education- 


Dellinah Deveaux 

English Literature 

Robert L, Devers 

Health and Physical 


Kristy DiBona 

Special Education 

Megan Dietrich 


Jessica A. DiGatI 


Brian Dilenschneider 


Thomas Dinan 
Political Science 
Michele T. DiMapoli 
Elementary Education 
April D, DiPaulo 
Social Work 
Christopher DiSanto 
Physical Fitness 
Hang Do 

Elementary Education 
Stephanie L. Doe 
Criminal Justice/Political 

Cheryl Doebling 
Amy Dolan 
Public Heaith-rHutrition 
Kathryn Donahue 
Special Education 
Bree Donhue 
Elementary Education 
Alison Donnelly 
Jerry Doolin III 

Suzann Doran 
Kelly Ann Douglas 
Business Management 
Michelle Dowd 
Elementary Education 
Melanie Downs 
Stacey L. Dreyer 

Amy Drozdowski 

Andre Dubose 


Biotogy 1 

^^m. m 

Eric Duchin jB9 

^^^K' JM 

Hsycnoiogyi-ogniuve ^^ 

- - ■ 

RehabUIIaUon { 
ChrlsUna Dunbar 





Angela M. Durbano 

H '~'.. ^M 



Tlnr»lhy S. Eason 

; ^^r 



Megan Ebert 

Studio Art 




Michael Edelman 

Qemenlary Education 

Frank Edwards 


Stacey M. Egan 

Elementary Education 

Herbert C. Elizabeth 

Stacey Eltonhead 

Special Education 

Paulette Enea 

Dementary Education 


Matthew D. Engleman 



Physical Fitness 



Jeven W. Esch 



\ 'sr ^^ 

Andrea Esposito 

Elementary Education 

Brad Evans 

Health and Physical 



- -m- 


Regina M. Ey 



Elementary Education 



Gina Faggiola 










Tara Fallinger 

V % 


Audrey Fanucci 
Liberal Studies 

if" '^ 1 

Christopher J. 

M 1 


^P 1 

Health Science 

iJfc *^ ^ # 

Brent M. Famum 

B^^ m , 

Liberal Studies 

Keisha Q, Faust 



Sean Fa ye 



1^ -^ 


Sheree Fendler 


Mark Fereshteh 


Evan Ferstenfeld 


Vincent J. Fetter 


Danielle G. Finan 


Kathleen Finnegan 



Jennifer Fisher 
Business Management 
Christine Fithian 
Elementary Education 
Jennifer Fizzano 
Lori Fleischman 
Elementary Education 
Julie C. Fleming 
Elementary Education 
Lesley Fletcher 
Business Management 

Christopher Flocco 

Michelle M. Forsell 
Political Science 
Bradford T. Foster 
Business Management 
Robin S, Foster 
Sharl Franklin 
Deanna M Freda 
Business Management 

Annette L. Free 
Danielle Friel 
Kristin Fries 
Elementary Education 
Kelly M, Friscia 
Social Work 
Maryellen Funk 
Elementary Education 
Jemmie Furlong 
Social Work 

Caren A. Gadomski 
Elementary Education 
Gail Gagllardi 
Narah GallszewskI 
Catherine L, Gallagher 
Elementary Education 
John P. Gallagher 
Michelle Gallagher 
Elementary Education 

Stefanie A. Gallagher 


Lynne Gallery 

Cellular and Molecular 


Jennifer L. Gallo 

Health and Physical 


Steve Galos 


Andaiye Garret 


Tiffany Garvin 

Health & Physical 


V . 








Leslie IS 




Pubiic nejiin 


1 "' 


Kelly Geary 



Kdly C. Geist 



HoUy Gentles 


Special Education 


Ma* George 


Elementary Education 


Jennifer R. Gephart 



Carolyn Gerace 
Social Work 


Katherine A. Gerlach 

^^m '1 

Special Education 
Aaron Getzik 

H " — "ii 

Elementary Education 

HL ^^ 

Donald M. Gidusko 

KZb ^^^H 


■ T. t^BW 

Leah Giles 

L ^ ^fv 

Special Education 




Gretchen Gill 



Kimberly A. Glinski 


, , 

Public Health 

^M "^^ 

»■ ^\ 

Jason Glista 




Jill K. Gondek 

r ■ 

Special Education 


Shana Goodman 



Nicole Good now 





Rachel Goudie 



■fe ii 

Duane C. Graham 





James G. Grant 



Katherine Grant 

HL ^ 

— m 


LaTonya Grant 


Cynthia Green 



Elise Green 

Criminal Justice 

Jill K. Green 

Criminal Justic 

Shana L. Green 

Eiemenlary Education 

Krista M. Greger 


Charles Gribbin 


Misa K. Griffin 





SelJna Grisolia 
Early Childhood 
Jeremy Groff 
Music Education 
Wendi E. Gross 
Michele Grunwald 
History Education 
Scott Grygo 
Political Science 
Angela M, Guerriero 
Music Education 

James Guiberson 
Denise Gummel 
Elementary Education 
Gail Habbersett 
Liberal Studies 
Jeffrey S. Hackett 
Karen A. Hajek 
Elementary Education 
Kristina Haley 
Environmental Health 

Christy Hall 


Jennifer Halligan 

Special Education 

Kristen L, Halvorsen 

Public Health-Health 


Mary Hammond 



Michael E, Handfinger 

Elementary Education 

Michelle Handlon 

Early Childhood 


Joel R. Hardink 


Jennifer A. Harriger 


Shelly-Ann IN, Harns 


Marguehte A, Hartman 

Elementary Education 

Jeffrey W. Haynie 

Elementary Education 

Sarah Healy 

Studio Art 

Sherry E. Heffernan 

Elementary Education 
Katherine E. Heidler 
Social Work 
Leigh Helker 
Liberal Studies 
Kelly Hemple 
Stephen C, Henderson 
Business Management 
Danielle Henry 

Lynn A. Hepner 



Robert Hermann 

Ekmentary Education 

Lori D. Hewitt 

Wonwn's Studies 

Ryan Hick 

Business Management 

Ashley L. Hill 

Studio Art 

Heather Hillmann 


Shawonette E. Hines 


Brian J. Hirshman 

Political Science 

Christopher J. Hoffman 

Criminal Justice 

Keisha Holmes 

Criminal Justice 

Rachel E. Holt 


Charron M. Hopson- 


Political Science 

Stephanie Horn 


Eva Home 

J. D. Houston 

Music Education 

Emily Hunke 

Elementary Education 

Janine D. Hunsberger 


Kristen Hunter 

Elementary Education 

Emily Hurley 



Kelly Hutchinson 


Ryan Ickes 


Melissa E, Ivans 

Criminal Justice 

Kelley A. Jackson 


Suzanne E. Jackson 

Liberal Studies 

Tracey Jackson 


Michael T. Jadach 


Jonathan R. Janiszewski 


Amy Jaszczak 

Criminal Justice 

Tamikia Jenkins 

Public Health-Health 


Chet Johnson 


^ V * 

Amy Jones 
Liberal Studies 
Andrea Jones 
Kate Kalogris 
American Studies 
Letlia Kaminski 
Social Work 
Jordanna Kaplan 
Special Education 
Laura Kaschenbach 
Public Health-Health 

Steven G Kauffman 


Michelle P. Kee 
Elementary Education 
Shawn M. Keenan 
Political Science 
Allison Keiser 
Athletic Training 
Kristie L. Keller 
Health Science 
Lisa Kelly 

Robert Kelly 
Special Education 
Lisa Kent 
Special Education 
Erin Kern 
Colleen Kestner 
Business Management 
Thomas King 
Business Management 
Tracy Kirby 
Elementary Education 

Lindsey H, Kirschner 
Elementary Education 
John S. Klein Jr. 
Business Management 
Kelly J Klelnsmith 
Health and Physical 
Maria Kllamovich 
Criminal Justice 
Melinda A. Klunk 
Secondary Education- 
Lisa Kocher 
Business Management 

Amy Kolb 


Jeanmarie E, Kolka 

Music Education 

Denise Kovalevich 


Deborah Krammer 

Performance-Music and 


Joshua E. Krangel 


Katherlne Krause 

Elementary Education 

Alison M. Krevttz 


Psychology -Cognlilve 


Katherine E. Knigler 

EJementary Educatton 

^^m U 

Lori A. Kuehn 

^^^K i^H 

Elementary Educatton 

K^ M 

Virginia E. Kurtz 

Music Education 


Lisa Kvaikauskas 

^^K^ .JH 

Elementary Education 


Artgela Lachman 




Allison B. Landau 

Social Work 

Matalie Landis 

Michael Lang 

Business Management 

Dana M. Latella 

Special Education 

Michael D, Lauwers 


Bethany K, Lavoie 

Music Education 

Shy Lawing 

Criminal Justice 

Melissa Lendzinski 

Special Education 

Christopher J, Lewis 


Velesia Lewis 


Kelly E. Lightner 

Business Management 

Paul D. Linderman Jr. 


Can-ie Ann Lindstadl 
Secondary Education- 
Earth and Space Science 
Michael E, Lindy 
Gina Liott 
Health and Physical 
Genna I. Lippman 
Lisa A- Lloyd 
Music Education 
Lynn M, Lorenz 

Catherine E. Loveland- 
Brendan Lowe 
Music Education 
Jemilla Lowery 
Secondary Education- 
Jenifer Lowmaster 
Joseph Ludwig 
Timothy Lyons 
Elementary Education 

Michelle Magrann 
Elementary Education 
Leigh Maiale 
Finance/ Economics 
Amanda Mairose 
Public Health-Mutrition 
Matthew T. Manelski 

Heather Mangold 
Elementary Education 
Christina B. Mann 
Elementary Education 

Jennifer Mariani 

Business Management 

Jessica Markey 


Ryan Marley 


Denise Martini 



Sandy A. Martinson 


Janice Mason 

Special Education 

Kara Masters 

Public health-Mutrition 

Jill Matarese 



Brandon G, Mathews 

Special Education 

Noel Mattiello 


Bonnie Malz 


Christina Maugeri 

Elementary Education 

Stacy L. Mayberry 
Special Education 
Stephanie Mazzoni 
Social Work 
James D. McCall 

Janelle M. McCall 
Tara McCann 
Liberal Studies 
Sara McCairaher 
Elementary Education 

Melany McClary 
Michelle McCloskey 
Elementary Education 
Shaun McClung 

Richard McCormick 
Criminal Justice 
Eric McCurdy 
Theresa McCusker 
Elementary Education 

JoneUe McDanlel 


Business Management 

^^ V 

Lofi F. McDanieli 


^^ ' 1 

Andrea R. McFaddtn 

Wf i 


w -" 1 

Aesha D. McGibbone\ 

m. "' i 

Social Work 


Teresa McGlonc 

Elementary Education 

Lauren A. McClennen 

Elementary Education 


Melissa L. McGov, 


Kristie McKe-r 

Special Education 

Tara McGuirT 


Ryan C. McKeon 


Colleen D. McLenaghan 


Sara McMichol 



Stacy McQuaide 

Liberal Studies 

Kathryne MeakJm 

Forensic Chemistr\ 

Robert A- Mealano 

Liberal Studies 

Koren Medea 

Special Education 

Kevin E. Melanson 

Special Education 

Amy Mellinger 

Liberal Studies 

Fawn L, Meloney 

Criminal Justice 

Nicholas Melonill 


Pedro Menendez-Manion 


Matthew Mergogey 

Elementary Education 

David M. Messick Jr. 

Music Education 

Craig Metcalfe 


Lauren Meyer 


Lynne R. Michele 

Special Education 

Courtney Mika 

Special Education 

Eboni Millei 

Liberal Studies 

Jennifer A. Miller 

Fine Arts 

Linda Mimm 






' V 







AJ Mimms 

Stephaine Mindlin 
Early Childhood and 
Elementary Education 
Michael Minko 
Teresa A, Minzola 
Social Work 
Kimberly L, Misket 
Jared Moffett 
Business Management 

Elizabeth A. Monaghan 
Music Education 
Carln Montgomery 
Caroline A. Moore 
Liberal Studies 
David Moore 
Timothy Morris 
Liberal Studies 
Victoria Morris 

Catherine M. Motznik 
Elementary Education 
Timothy Moyer 
Arian L. Moyle 
Lisa Rose Muccia 
Education-Earth and 
Space Science 
Michael C, Muhr 
Special Education 
Kate E. Mulhern 
Elementary Education 

Menso Munkanta 


Ryan M. Murphy 


Kerry D, Myers 

Business Management 

Scott E, Myers 


Terren Myers 


James Mafus Jr. 

Elementary Education 

John J. Magle 
Music Education 
Robyn Marayouski 
Liberal Studies 
George Mardone 
Education -Hi story 
Autumn Nitka 
Liberal Arts 
Kelly A. Morman 
Elementary Education 
Kathy O'Brien 
Social Work 

Stephanie M. OBnen 

Liberal Arts 

Marsha L. Osenbach 

Musk Ed. 

Sara T. Painter 


Regtna Palamone 


Stephanie Palton 

MlcheUe Palmer 

Nancy IN. Pantano 

Liberal Studies 

Mark Papuga 

Criminal Justice 

Dizabeth V. Parsons 

Dementary Education 

Dawn Paszkowski 

Account ing/FinancL 

Melissa L. Paulson 


Cori L. Pearson 

Social Work 

Jeanine Pearson 

Elementary Education 

Brian Penn 

English/ American 


Anjela J. Penny 

Special Education 

Raymond M. Perone 

Public Health-Health 


Saleemah N. Perry 


Kenya Peterson 

Social Work 

Melissa Peterson 

Business Management 

Tracy Petrushkewich 

Criminal Justice 

Joy M. Petruzzelli 

Business Management 

David P. Phillips 

Studio/Graphic Design 

Joi M. Pickens 


Jennifer Pierson 

Public Health-Nutrition 

Natalie A. Pietrowski 

Secondary Education 


Amanda E. Pike 

Elementary Education 

Lemont M. Pincus 

Political Science 

Kristina Plachuta 


Michael Pock 

Liberal Arts 

Donna M. Polite 


Jennifer Pompizzi 
Elementary Education 
riaima L. Powell 
Liberal Studies 
Alyssa L. Priebe 
Elementary Education 
Zakia Pugh 
Criminal Justice 
Judith A. Pumell 
Elementary Education 
Conrad Quarles 
Criminal Justice 

Lauren M. Quattrone 
Social Work 
Traci M Rakeslraw 
Special Education 
Amy Raschiatore 
Tina Rawley 
Lauren Rebar 
Criminal Justice 
Silvia Rebimbas 
Athletic Training 

Emma C Reed 
Elementary Education 
Amy M, Regan 
Business Management 
Erin Regan 

Elementary Education 
William T Reichert Jr. 
Social Work 
Hana Renor 
Cori Rhoades 
Special Education 

Shawna E, Ricci 


Sarah L. Rice 

Social Work 

Tamarra Rivera 

Carrie Roberts 


Shana A. Robinson 


Stacy C. Robinson 

Liberal Studies 

Amy C. Roderick 
Elsa Y- Rodriguez 
Jeremy Rogers 
Music Education 
Andrea Rosenkowitz 
Elementart Education 
Akselrad Ross 
Mark M. Ross 
Music Education 

Issac W. RothmtUer II. 


Lordet R. Route 


Vance Row 

Criminal Justice 

Dawn L Rover 

Business Managemeni 

Paul L Rozzi 


Brigid Rudolph 


Sarah C. Rula 


Jennifer A. Ryan 

Elementary Education 

Kelly Ryan 

Qementary Education 

Tyra K. Salapeh 

Business Management 

Joyce L. Salpan 


Ronald J. Sandor Jr. 

Health and Physical 


Amy Sandrowicz 
Secondary Education- 
Rajindes Sangwan 
Computer Science 
Rosalee A. Scarafone 
Business Management 
Philip Scargill 
Marlena Schaefer 
Marlena J. Schaefer 

Christopher D. Schaeffer 

Elementary Education 

Jason M. Schilling 

Business Management 

Janelle M. Schink 

Elementary Education 

Brian Schmidt 


Sybil L. Schnakenberg 


Mariah Schnee 


Andrea Schoedler 
Elementary Education 
Eric S. Schrader 
Elementary Education 
Kelly Schramm 
rSicole R. Scott 
Business Management 
Margery Seaman 
Social Work 
Courtney Selwood 
Political Science- 
International Relations 


Sarourn Sen 

Michael W. Senko 
Social Work 
Laurie M. Senkow 
Liberal Studies 
Kenneth E, Seymour 
Jennifer M. Shatzer 
Elementary Education 
Leah Shaughnessy 
Social Work 

Vanessa R. Sheets 



Heather D. Sheridan 

Elementary Education 

Mary C, Shields 


Shelley A. Shipp 


Janelle E. Shoup 


Kelly Shunk 

Health and Physical 


Alexander Silow 


Marcellus J. Simmons 


Wendy Simonett 

Liberal Studies 

Cary Simons 


Amy Skidmore 

Criminal Justice 

C. A. Sklar 


Jeffery A. Slaymaker 
Erycka D. Smalls 
Elementary Education 
Andrea R. Smith 
Business Management 
Corinne Smith 

Darian M. Smith 
Early Childhood 
Diana L. Smith 

Jennifer L. Smith 
Public Health-Health 
Zena N. Smith 
Erich Snyder 
Jeffrey Snyder 
Liberal Arts 
Mark Snyder 
English Literature 
Nathan Son 
Public Health 

Jennifer A' 




Peggy Soublls 



Elementary Education 

■ - 


Trida L Spangler 



Musk: Education 



Steven Squltlere 

" 1 





Shaye D. Stalllngs 

^ 1 





Jacqueline Stanback 



B « 

Michael M. Stegossi 

H.,-^ --^m 

Piano Perfomnance 

B '- fl 

Erica L. Stelan 


Music Education 

Vk^ m 

Gan-etl L. Stephan 


Music Education 


Carolyn Stewart 


Jason J. Stewart 


Music Education 

. V/ 

Megan Stewart 

Criminal Justice 

Sarah M. Stival 

Political Science 

Kimberly Storey 


Christine Streeter 

Business Management 

Erika J. Stretch 

Public Health-Nutrition 

Douglas S. Strickland 

Music Education 

William J. Suozzo 


Claire M. Swift 


Stacy Sylvina 


Amy Szewczak 

Business Management 

Max T. Taylor 

Music Education 

Michele Tedeschi 



Lisa Strigel 

tMf j^ 


H^L w 

Kurt Strittmatter 

^■^H^k 4m^ Kl 


^^^BfI h 

Tanya Strunk 


Elementary Education 

Carman Sullivan 

Elementary Education 

V J^ *^' 

Kevin Sullivan 



Timothy F. Sullivan IV 

Forensic Chemistry 





',0^ -^ » 



: - 

^ '^ ^- " 


", ■"' ..!» 

t ^ 


Alexis i. Telegadis 
Elementary Education 
rNicole D. Terra 
Graphic Design 
Maria Tesone 
Studio Art 
Amy Teter 
Music Education 
Deborah L. Thomas 
Kimberiy A. Thomas 

Pauiette Thomas 
Business Management 
Sallie D. Thorpe 
Political Science 
Jennifer Tittle 
Public Health-Health 
Mitzi Tolentino 
Richard Toliver 
Criminal Justice 
LaKisha Tomlin 

Luis M, Torres III 
Amy Toth 
Melanie K- Town 
Liberal Studies 
Tara Treston 
Graphic Design 
Lauren S. Truitt 
Special Education 
Thomas Truitt 
Liberal Studies 

Adam L. Tucker 
Music Education 
Stacey B. Turner 
Christine Tyirin 
Forensic Chemistry 
Yasmeen Tyler 
Marcie Valenzo 
Christen Vanderstine 
Business Management 

Jennie J. Verrill 

Business Management 

Paula A. Vey 



Jodi A, Vittoria 

Business Management 

Kristen Voelker 

Studio Arts-Graphic 


Jiilian Vogel 


Haliie B. Wahrman 

P.arly Childhood 




Leiu Wallln 

Criminal Justice 

Tonya Walls 


Scott Walsh 

Secondary Education- 


Kerri L. Walters 





Lrin Walton N^H^m. 

^ .ii^a; 

Elementary Education ^^H 


Peter J. Ware ^^E 


Elementary Education ^H 

' Li 

Heather Warren tKM 


Communications f^l 


Anika B. Washington lUL 


Education IHh 


Aisha Watson ^H 


Special Education 



Chatd Washington 

Social Work 

Deidre Weinberg 

Business Management 

Trish Weishaar 


Kathryn M, Welliver 

Psychology /Criminal 


Philip Welsh 

Geography and Planning 

Jill C. Wenger 


Azure White 

Qementary Education 

Mosette S. White 


Marcie A, Wiater 

Qementary Education 

Heather D. Widmann 


Shannon Wiegner 

Criminal Justice 

James J. Williams 

Business Management 

Raymond M. Williams 

Public Health 

Sharron M. Williams 


Stacey Williams 

Fine Arts 

Whitney Williams 

Lindsay Williamson 


Dorinda T. Wilson 




Rae Wilson 

Terae P. Wilson 
Liberal Studies 
Lakeisha Wise 


Matthew A. Witmer 


Jennifer C. Woish 


Margaret A. Woifsteller 


Rohan A. Wright 
Kelly Yager 
Marie Yancy 
Liberal Studies 
Tamira Yates 
Ashley B. Yesse 
Amy K. Yost 
Health Science 

Theodore A. Young 
Liberal Arts 
Lynne Youngkin 
Criminal Justice 
Joseph A, Zack 
Business Management 
Shannon Zelesnick 
Early Childhood 
Karen L. Ziegler 
Amanda L Zonay 
Music Education 




'Toil hold all our 

futures in your 

hands, so you better 

make it good. '' 

Ve£mbex G/iaduotion 

*%€ December class of 1999 is the last graduating class 
before the turn of the century and the dawn of a new 
milleniunn. It is not only a new year to look forward to, but an 
opportunity to start over. These students get to begin their 
lives again with the turn of the tassel and explore the new 
year early, seeing what it will have to offer to them. 
Graduation is an important time of a college graduate's life. 
For some the journey was long, but all members of this class 
have much to look forward to. The transition from adoles- 
cense to adulthood could not have taken place without this 
necessary final step. 

Graduation marks the beginning of a new life. Some will go 
on to further their education, while others begin their careers. 
The years spent at West Chester University will pass and 
memories once held in the minds of these graduates will 
soon be filled with memories of their new experiences. 




^^^^Kf' ' 


^^^^^^^^^m ^'^ 


/^s the first graduating class of the year 2000, you will be faced with 
many new challenges ahead in your life. You will be given opportuni- 
ties to make new friends and colleagues. You will be making the 
decisions for yourself throughout the rest of your life. Memories ol 
days gone by are remembered and as are those of love once sharec 
between close friends. It is said that friendships made in college are 
the ones kept forever. You will understand that a part of getting oldei 
and wiser is going through difficulties and hardships with friends b> 
your side. With them, you can do anything. So as you turn to the lasl 
page of this book, reminisce on friendships that have passed, accept 
those that come along the way, and remember, "One day at a time 
together; Friends forever." 



''The highest reward for 
a person 's toil is not 

what they get for it, but 
what thev become by 


— John Riishkin 

"^(kW this is it — another aca- 
demic year has come to a close at 
West Chester University. Many 
students have brought their edu- 
cational career at WCU to a 
close as they marched at their 
commencements to receive their 
hard earned degrees. Many more 
will be returning next year, 
bringing them one more year 
closer to their own graduation. 
Still others will be setting foot on 
West Chester's campus for the 
very first time — ready to em- 
bark on the college experience. 
Whether beginning or returning 
to West Chester University, each 
student's life holds the promise 
of new experiences in education 
and expanding one's knowledge. 
For those who are now alumni, 
what the future holds is simply 
the next step down the road 
ahead called life. 

— K.Shaulis 



Acevedo, Judith 1. 
416 W. Master St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19122 
Acosta. Carla 
316 N. Lawrence St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19106 
Campus Bible Fellowship 3,4 
Adams, Brigid 
4 Apple Hill Rd. 
Belle Meade, K] 08502 
Adams, Heather 
39 Rampart West 
Media, PA 19063 
CAOS 2,3.4; UAB 3,4; Judicial 
Board 3.4; Orientation Leader 2; 
Homecoming Committee 2,3: Al- 
pha Phi Omega 3,4; Student Di- 
rector. Sykes Union 4 
Adams. Jennifer L. 
281 Wagner Dr. 
Carllisle, PA 17103 
Sigma Tau Omicron 3,4; Pi Gam- 
ma Mu 4; Lambda Alpha Epsilon 

Addison, Heather L. 
7540 Mayland Rd. 
Philadelphia. PA 19138 
Athletic Training Club 1,2,3,4; 
BSU 1.2,3,4; Wellness Center 
Peer Educator 2; Board of 
Governor's Scholar 
Adjami, John 
95 Ivy Hill Rd. 
Red Bank. NJ 07701 
Theta Chi 1,2.3,4; Order of Ome- 
ga 3; Pi Gamma Mu 4; IGC 4 
Ahn, Amy B. 
375 Pennsylvania Ave. 
Shellington. PA 19607 
Homecoming Court 1999; 
WCUA TV Manager 
Akslerad. Ross 
67 Taylors Way 
Holland. PA 18966 
Phi Delta Theta 2.3.4; pi Gamma 
Mu 3.4; Intramural Basketball 
3,4; Intramural Hockey 3,4; Fi- 
nance Club 4; Student Govern- 
ment 1 

Alessandrini Jr., Edvvard J. 
2463 S. Main St. 
Hanover Township, PA 18706 
Gigma Gamma Epsilon 
Alfano, Melanie J. 
502 Major Rd. 
Dayton, NJ 08810 
Alfano. Melissa 
502 Major Rd. 
Dayton, NJ 08810 
Algier, Leah 
109 Barneston Rd. 
Honey Brook, PA 19344 
Ali, Zakivyah J. 
2025 S. 7th St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19148 
BSU 1; Multicultural Affairs 3 
Allen, Tracie R. 
4815 Walton Ave. 
Philadelphia. PA 19143 
Allison, Tim 
847 Colwell Rd. 
Swarthmore, PA 19081 
Anderson, Sharon 
P.O. Box 498 
Westtown. PA 19395 
WCAEYC 2,3,4; RHA 
2(Philanthropy Chair-Wayne 

HallJ 3(Co-Pres. Wayne Hall); 
SGA Senator 2; Campus Crusade 
for Christ 2,3 
Angsladt, Tracy L. 
3 Shannon Ct. 
Olev, PA 19547 

WCU Women's Basketball 
(Manager) 2,3; Adaptive Phys. 
Ed. Program 2.3; RHA 1; Psychol- 
ogy Club 1.2,4 
Augustino, Andrea 
2719 E. Somerset St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19134 
Phi Sigma Pi 2.3.4; Italian Club 1 
Aweau. Ian K. 
321 Deptford Rd. 
Glassboro, NJ 08028 
Friars' Society 2,3.4; Tennis 3; 
Volleyball 2,3,4; RHA 2 


Baessler. Michele S. 

1311 Rachel Ln. 

Downingtown, PA 19335 

Bain, Loree E. 

9224 Academy Rd. 

Philadelphia, PA 19114 

Alpha Xi Delta 2,3,4; Panhellenic 

Officer 3,4; Rho Lambda 3,4 

Baldwin. Kurt 

228 S. Baltimore St. 

Dillsburg. PA 17019 

Marching Band 1,2,3 

Banko, Adrienne 

311 Dorwood Dr. 

Carlisle, PA 17013 

Men's Ice Hockey General Mgr. 

2,3,4; University Ambassadors 

2,3; Judicial Hearing Board 3,4 

Barker, Chris 

1222 Bradford Ave. 

Cherry Hill. NJ 08002 

Athletic Training Club 1,2,3,4 

Barnes, Dena 

2868 Spring Valley Rd. 

Lancaster. PA 17601 

Alpha Phi 2,3,4 

Barnes, Timothy 

521 S. 57th St, 

Philadelphia, PA 19143 

Barnes, Todd M. 

1319 Midland Rd. 

Conshohocken, PA 19428 

Kinesiology Majors Club lyr.; 

Men's Rugby Club lyr. 

Barr. Lori R. 

150 Chelton Rd. 

Parkside, PA 19015 

Alpha sigma Tau 2,3,4,5; Dance 

Production Workshop 1,2,3,4,5; 

Order of Omega 4,5 

Barratt, Alicia 

555 Sugartown Rd. 

Malvern, PA 19355 

Psi Chi 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4 

Barrington, Jeanine 

323 Cliveden Ave. 

Glenside, PA 19038 

Barrow, Erica L, 

639 E. Bay Ave. 

Barnegat. NJ 08005 

Circle K 4 

Barshinger, Jason 

2299 N. Point Dr. 

York. PA 17402 

Barson. Rachel L. 

1808 Robinson Ave. 

Havertown, PA 19083 

Bartclelt. Monica 

211 Fox Hollow Dr. 

Langhorne, PA 19053 

Alpha Sigma Tau 1.2,3,4 

Basciani, Gina 

220 Chambers Rd. 

Toughkenamon. PA 19374 

Social Work Club 3.4 

Bates. Peter Jr. 

12 Pearson Circle 

Springfield. PA 19064 

Battiste. Jon-Paul 

707 Mallard Rd. 

West Chester, PA 19382 

Battiste, Jon-Paul 

707 Mallard Rd. 

West Chester. PA 19382 

Council for Exceptional Children 

Beard. Brian 

122 Barringer St. 

Philadelphia. PA 19119 

Beck, Scott 

4218 Mohican Dr. 

Schnecksville, PA 18078 

Behney, Dawn E. 

64 N. 63rd St. Apt. 1 

Harrisburg. PA 17111 

Delta Phi Epsilon 1,2,3,4 

Bekas, Allyson 

22 11th Ave. 

Monroe Township, NJ 88310 

Bellamy, Kristen 

1536 BushkillSt, 

Easton, PA 18042 

Alpha Sigma Tau 1,2,3,4; 

University Ambassador 1,2; 

Women in Communications 2,3 

Bench, Barbara 

37 Bench Ln. 

Lehighton. PA 18235 

Benford. Shelly D. 

5814 Cedarhurst St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19143 

Bennecoff, Amy 

532 Eagle Rd. 

Fleetwood. PA 19522 

Athletic Training Club 1,2,3,4 

Bennett, Lorraine 

328 Landing Way 

Chalfont, PA 18914 

Bentman, Brad I. 

48 Cypress Ave. 

Richboro, PA 18954 

Alpha Chi Rho 2,3,4; Intern for 

Jewish Heritage Program 3,4 

Berry, Ellen C. 

19 Tenby Chase Dr. 

Voorhees, NJ 08043 

BiddJe. Debra 

1009 Victoria Rd. 

Warminster. PA 18974 

Intramural Field Hockey 1,2; 

AECI 1,2,3; IRA 4 

Bing, Andrea L. 

868 Jefferson Ave. 

Langhorne. PA 19047 

Field Hockey 1.2; Lacrosse 


Bloh, Jaime 

8169 Lister St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19152 

Alpha Phi Omega 1,2,3,4,5; Desk 

Assistant 5 

Bloomfield, Kristen 

1047 Charter Oaks Dr. 

Lansdale, PA 19382 

SNAP (secretary); Sigma Theta 


Bocchinfuso, Steven 

747 Haines Ln. 

Springfield. PA 19064 

Boddie. Shanda S. 

6118 MusgraveSt. 

Philadelphia, PA 19144 
Alumni Student Connection 3; 
SAC 3 

Boland, Gregory 
280 Burnt Meadow Rd. 
Ringwood. NJ 07456 
Bond, Justin D. 
92 Sycamoe Rd. 
Douglassville, PA 19518 
Bond. Rayna J. 
311 W. Washington St. 
West Chester. PA 19380 
SGA 1,2,3; BSU 1,2,3,4; Office of 
Multicultural Affairs 

Mentor/Mentee Program 1.2,3: 
Black Caucus 1,2; RHA 1,2,3 
Bonds, Courtney A. 
6 Black Rock Hill 
Chadds Ford. PA 19317 
BSU 2,3.4; RA 2.3; Delta Sigma 
Theta 3,4; Abbe' Society 3,4 
Borrelli, Adam D. 
138 N. State Rd. 
Springfield, PA 19064 
Accounting Society 3,4 
Bosek, Brandi 
85 Germania St. 
Galeton, PA 16922 
Marching Band 1,2,3; ACEI 1,2; 
Ambassadors/ Alumni Student 
Connection 3,4 
Bowman, Robert 
2875 Lehigh Rd. 
York, PA 17402 
Bradley, Megan R. 
520 M. Cherry Tree Rd. 
Aston, PA 19014 
Brady, Kiernan E. 
Reading, PA 19605 
Alumni Student Connections 
1,2: WCU Athletic Training Club 

Brautigam. Kimberly D. 
7620 Burholme Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19111 
Braxton. Belinda M. 
155 Rainbow Rd. 
Coatesville. PA 19320 
Eta Sigma Gamma 3.4; SAC 2 
Brennan, Nicole 
1216 Woods view Dr. 
Boothwyn. PA 19061 
Brenner, Matthew G, 
6312 Palmetto St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19111 
Sanderson Hall RHA 1,2; RHA 
Executive Secretary 3: RHA Ex- 
ecutive Director 4; RA in Goshen 
3; Sanderson DA 1,2 
Breyfogle, Kimberly A. 
Marching Band 1.2.3; Wind En- 
semble 1.2.3; University Chorale 
1.3; Women's Choir 2: Ma- 
terworks Chorus 3.4; Symphonic 
Band 1 

Brown. DiKeeta M. 
5212 Heston St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19131 
BSU 1,2; Social Work Club 
l,2,3(pres.),4(VP): Wellness Cen- 
ter Volunteer 1 
Brown, Jaclyn R. 
1315 Kerwood Ln. 
Downingtown, PA 19335 
Track and Field 1 
Brown, Kendall 
5817 Beaumont Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19143 
Brown, Kevin C. 
7806 Washington Ln. 
Wvncote, PA 19095 
SGA 1.2; BSU Exec. Board 1,2; 

Finance Committee 2; Gospel 
Choir 1; Residence Life 1,2,3.4; 
Merck Scholars Program 3 
Brown. Korrl 
5515 VVissahickon Ave. 
Philadelphia. PA 19144 
Brown. Mendv L. 
24 N. Hoffer Ave. 
Centre Hall, PA 16828 
Serpentine 1,2,3,4; RHA 2; BSM 

Brundy, Tiesha 
312 N." Wycombe Ave. 2 
Lansdowiie. PA 19050 
Bruno. Michelle 
709 Milmont Ave. 
Swarthmore. PA 19081 
Bruno. Michelle A. 
635 Old Elm St. 
Conshohocken. PA 19428 
Phi Sigma Sigma 2.3(PR Chair). 
4(PR Chair); Order of Omega 
Brvant. Charlene 
1341 Faucett Dr. 
West Chester. PA 19383 
National Association of Music 
Teachers; National Association 
of Speech and Hearing Profes- 

Buckowitskv. Rachel 
4316 LaurelCt. 
Bethlehem, PA 18020 
Buddock, Nicholas A. 
6266 Rt. 309 
Germansville. PA 18053 
Marching Band 3,4 
Buffington, Lilith 
303 S. Kirschling Dr. 
Swedesboro. Nl 08085 
Zeta Tau Alpha 

l,2,3.4(president); Mentor for 
freshman students through 
L.E.A.P.S. Program 4 
Burns. Jeffrey M. 
135 E. Svlvan Ave. 
Rutledge. PA 19382 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 2.3.4; Gamma 
Sigma Alpha 4: Intramural Foot- 
ball 3.4: Intramural Hockey 2.3.4 
Burns. Katherine 
2350 Highland Ave. 
Drexel Hill. PA 19026 
Busby. Kelly L. 
5906'Spruce Mill Dr. 
Yardlev. PA 19067 
Butler." Kia N. 
204 E. Gorgas Ln. 
Philadelphia. PA 19119 
BSU 1.2.3; Peer Mentor 2; Delta 
Sigma Theta 3.4; Women's Cen- 
ter 3 

Butterfield. Kristin L. 
106 Peter DeHaven Dr. 
Phoenixville. PA 19460 
Research 1.2.3; Merck Scholars 
Program 1; ApoUon Scholarship 
3; Internship at Wyeth-Ayerst 4 
Bvrd. )odi 

1001 Mt. Pleasant Ave. 
Wayne. PA 19087 
Abbe' Society 2; Gospel Choir 3; 
Mentorship Program 3; Develop- 
mental Research Assistant 2; RA 
2: Baptist Student Ministry 2 


Caccavo. Angelo T. 

213 Summit Rd. 
Malvern. PA 19355 
Eta Sigma Gamma 4 
Campbell. Walter 
1265 Baltimore Pike 
West Grove. PA 19390 
Keystone Library Network 3,4; 
Computer Science System Ad- 
ministrator 2.3.4 
Capecci. Andrea L. 
4 Coopers Hawk Ln. 
Chadds Ford. PA 19317 
Carlson. Erik R. 
6 Hillside Rd. 
Stockholm. NJ 07460 
Men's Swim Team 2; Men's 
Water Polo Team; Sports 
Club Council 4.5 
Carter, Dawn 
215 Worrilow St. 
Linwood. PA 19061 
WCU Women's Basketball Team; Student Dietetic Associa- 
tion 2.3 

Carter. Jaclyn R. 
751 Rivervale Rd. 
Reading. PA 19605 
Alpha Exec. Board 3.4; Alpha Phi 
2.3.4; Order of Omega 3.4; Gam- 
ma Sigma Alpha 3.4 
Carter. loAnna 
280 Bridgewater Rd. Apt. F-4 
Brookhaven. PA 19015 
Carver. Stephanie |. 
1457 Orlando Rd. 
Pottstown. PA 19464 
Casey. Erin 
3 Jupiter St. 
Vliddletown. NJ 07748 
Cassella. Christine 
623 Gage Ln. 
North Wales. PA 19454 
Cassidy. John J. 
1108 Red Oak Dr. 
Boothwyn. PA 19061 
Alpha Chi Rho (exec, board); Ec- 
onomics & Finance Society 
(president); Pi Gamma Mu 
Castello. Lindsay H. 
808 Colony Circle 
Lancaster. PA 17601 
Dance Production Workshop; WCU4 TV 1,2,3; WCUR 
4; The Quad 4 
Catanese, Jennifer 
1120 Kerwin St. 
Piscatawav. NJ 08854 
Goshen Hall RHA 1; SAG 1; 
WCU EMS 1.2,3 
Cavara, Teresa 
810 Peter Christopher Dr. 
Westchester. PA 19382 
Anti-Racist Action/Together 
Towards Peace 1,2; Catholic 
Newman Student Association 
1.2,3,4; Student Nurses Associa- 
tion of PA 1,2,3,4; Sigma Theta 
Tau 4 

Celfo, Timothy A. 
17 John St. 
Demarest. NJ 07627 
Symphony Orchestra 1.2,3,4; 
Statesman Jazz Ensemble 2; Cri- 
terions Jazz Ensemble 4; Combo 

Chaballa. Jane W. 
502 Thomas Rd. 
Downingtown. PA 19335 
Chadwick. Jennifer L. 
128 E. Benedict Ave. 
Havertown. PA 19083 
Criminal Justice Club 3.4 
Chambers. Keandra 

525 Legion Dr. 
West Chester. PA 19380 
Gospel Choir 3.4; WAECY 3.4 
Chapracki. Steven 
3 Blakely Rd. 
Downingtown. PA 19335 
Honors Society 4; Accounting 
Society 2; Delta Chi 4 
Chase. Ronald 
301 Anglesey Terrace West 
West Chester. PA 19382 
Men's Lacrosse 1.2,3,4 
Ghazin, Cheryl 
3 Locust Ln. 
Media. PA 19063 
ACEI 2,3 

Chermela, Shannon 
940 Crest Rd. 
Lansdale. PA 19446 
Phi Sigma Sigma 1.2.3,4; Intra- 
mural Sports 1,2,3 
Chernin, Kristy 
6419 Churchill Rd. 
Harrisburg. PA 17111 
Chestnut. Mandy 
812 Goshen Rd. C-23 
Westchester. PA 19380 
Opera Theater Ensemble 2,3 
Chuhran. Craig M. 
2719 Fiddlers Green Rd. 
Lancaster, PA 17601 
WCU EMS 2; Alchemist Club 
1,2.3,4: Future Health Profes- 
sionals 3 
Ciervo. Javne 
3 Brookfield Ct. 
Cherry Hill. NJ 08034 
DPW i; Delta Phi Epsilon; 
Rho Lambda 3.4; Order of Omega 
4; Dance Marathon 2.3.4; Adopt- 
a-School 3; Panhellenic Council 

Ciferni, John 
271 Green View Rd. 
Yardley. PA 19067 
RHA l'; SAC 1; Circle K; 
University Ambassadors 2,3.4; 
Desk Assistant 3; Friars' 3,4; Ori- 
entation Leader 3,4; Sykes Stu- 
dent Union 4 
Civitarese, Elizabeth 
104 Mayer St. 
Reading. PA 19606 
Delta Zeta 2.3,4 
Clark, Amy S. 
Rd. 2 Box 100 
Brockway. PA 15824 
SGA 2; Marching Band Color- 
guard; Field of View 
1,2,3,4; Alpha Xi Delta 3,4; Kap- 
pa Delta Pi 2,3,4; Honors Pro- 
gram 1,2,3.4; Homecoming Court 
4; Gamma Sigma Alpha 3,4 
Clitherow, Randall 
20 Bishop Hollow Rd. #H-11 
Newtown Sqare. PA 19073 
Clouse. Amy L. 
3324 Princeton Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19149 
Orchestra 2,3,4; Symphonic 
Band 1,2; Statesman Jazz Ensem- 
ble 1.2; Criterions Jazz Ensemble 
3; Double REed Ensemble 2.3.4; 
Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Univer- 
sity Chorale 1; Women's Chours 
2; Masterworks Chorus 3; Cham- 
ber Winds 1,2 
Coates, Laurie 
413 E. Chestnut St. 
Coatesville. PA 19320 
Cobb. Mabel 
2104 S. 72nd St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19142 

RHA 3 

Cohen. Charlie 
16 Fleetwood Dr. 
Rockoway. NJ 07866 
Delta Phi Epsilon 3 yrs.; Recrea- 
tion and Leisure Program Stu- 
dent Coordinator 
Cohen. Matthew 
80 Academy Rd. 
Bala Cynwyd. PA 19004 
Rugby 2; Intramural Basketball; Intramural Soccer 1.2,3; 
Intramural Football 3 
Coldiron. Holly J. 
843 Waterway Rd. 
Oxford. PA 19363 
WCU Marching Band 1 
Masterworks Chorus 1.2.3; Pi 
Kappa Lambda 3.4 
Collins, Lakesha A. 
4601 Fernhill Rd. 
Philadelphia, PA 19144 
ADp Mentor 3,4 
Collins, Ryan 
109 W. Island Rd. 
Bayville. NJ 08721 
Pi kappa Phi 
Colon. Jennifer A. 
363 Sharps Ln. 
Hamilton. NJ 08610 
Comolli. Joshua S. 
411 Brookmeade Dr. 
West Chester. PA 19380 
Conner, Johanna 
11 Banbury Rd. 
Trenton, NJ 08690 
Zeta Tau Alpha 2,3,4 
Gonroy, David 
4 GaJewood Dr. 
Holmdel. NJ 07733 
Intramural soccer, volleyball, 
and basketball 
Constantinides, Natasa 
171 Kings Highway 
Mt, Royal, NJ 08061 
Cooper, Samantha J. 
2015 Grant Ave. 
2nd Floor 

Philadelphia. PA 19115 
Corcoran. Kyle C. 
6609 Gillespie St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19135 
Soccer; Anderson Math Club; Pi 
Kappa Phi; Chess Club; Water 

Gordes. Renee M. 
552 Royal Ave. 
Havertown. PA 19083 
Alpha Phi Omega 1.2.3; Social 
Work Club 2.3: Students for Life 

Costanzo. Christina 
317 W. Union St. 
West Chester. PA 19382 
Intramural Field Hockey 1; Na- 
tional Accounting Society 2.3,4; 
Institute of Managerial Acccoun- 
ting 3,4 

Coveleski, Salina R. 
94 Dawn Ln. 
Honey Brook. PA 19344 
Coyne. Francis 
3200 Norma Dr. 
Throndale. PA 19372 
Cozza. Matthew ). 
159 Windsor Dr. 
Churchville. PA 18966 
Football l,2,3,4(co-captain) 
Cream, Angela 
200 E. Maple Ave. Apt. #4 
Merchantville, N| 08109 
Crisanti. Stephanie 


640 E. Wiltshire Dr. 
VVallingford, PA 19086 
Phi Sigma Sigma 
Production Workshop 1.4 
Cronan, Ashlee 
312 Bay wood Rd. 
West Chester, PA 19382 
Culbertson. Amanda C. 
143 W. Greenwood Ave. 
Lansdowne, PA 19050 
Curran. Christine 
1231 Cranberry Ln. 
Coatesville. PA 19320 
Gymnastics 4; Darlington Biolog- 
ical Society 1; Student Athletics 
Committee 2 

Damm. lames D. 
4 Prince Circle 
Churchville. PA 18966 
Ice Hockey Club 1.2,3,4 
Daniels. Shamaine 
7273 Rupert St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19149 
SGA l,2,3.4(pres.); Forensics 
2.3.4(secretary-treasurer); Pi 
Kappa Delta 2.3.4; Phi Sigma Pi 
3,4; BSU 1,2,3: Peer Mentor for 
Office of Muliticultural Affairs 
2.3,4; Vice-Chair of the Board of 
the Student Gov't. Presidents 4; 
Pro-Choice Coalition 1; Feminist 
Majority Leadership Alliance 
2.4; Strategic Planning Commis- 
sion of the SSHE 4 
Davia, Rebecca K. 
2 S. Britton Rd. 
Springfield, PA 19064 
Davis. Laura ]. 
8278 Fayette St. 
Apt. A 

Philadelphia. PA 19150 
BSU 1.2.3; SGA 2; Office of Mul- 
ticultural Affairs Mentor 2,3.4; 
Chaplain for Gospel Choir 3; 
New Generation Ministries 2,3.4 
Dawe. Melissa A. 
1183 Victoria Rd. 
Warminster, PA 18974 
Aerobic Instructor 2,3,4 
Deegan, Kathleen 
38 S. Kirklyn Ave. 
Upper Darbv, PA 19082 
IRA 3,4; PSEA 3,4; Alpha Upsi- 
lon Alpha 4 

DeGregorio, Nicole Marie 
1304 Christopher Ct. 
Downingtown. PA 19335 
WCU Swimming 1 
Demarco, Michael 
533 Paxson Ln. 
Langhorne, PA 19047 
DeMichele, John III ]. 
1257 Jeffrey Ln. 
Langhorne. PA 19047 
Men's Soccer 1.2,3,4; Economics 
& Finance Society 2,3,4; Ac- 
counting Society 3,4 
Dennis, Jamal 
8012 Chelwynde Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19153 
Desposito. Melissa 
100 Morton Rd. 
Springfield, PA 19064 
DeStefano. Gina 
1012 Buttonwood St. 
Norristown, PA 19401 

Intramural Field Hockey 3 
Detweiler. David 1. 
231 Morris Ave. 
Woodlyn, PA 19094 
Phi Alpha Thela; Pi Gamma Mu 
Deveaux. Dellinah 
77A Marv St. 
Coatesville, PA 19320 
BSU 1.2; Political Science Club 

Devers, Robert L. 
116 Rockland Rd. 
Merion. PA 19066 
Men's Lacrosse 4 
DiBona. Kristy 
504 Central Ave. 
Havertown. PA 19083 
Dietrich. Megan 
1504 Cross Keys Rd. 
Reading, PA 19605 
.Mpha Phi 3,4,5(president); 
Masterworks Choir 3; Women's 
Chorus 3 
DiCati. Jessica A. 
758 Claire Rd. 
Philadelphia. PA 19128 
Dilenschneide. Brian 
12 Petergamble Ln. 
Glen Mills, PA 19342 
Dinan. Thomas 
635 Agnes Ave. 
Morton. PA 19070 
DiNapoli. Michele T. 
105 Jennifer Way 
Boothwyn. PA 19061 
DiPaulo. April D. 
1532 Virginia Ave. 
Havertown. PA 19083 
Disanto, Christopher 
260 Doris Ave. 
Holland, PA 18966 
Do, Hang 
2101 S. 64th St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19142 
Doe, Stephanie L. 
210 Central Ave. 
Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742 
Co-Ed Cheerleading; Phi Sigma 
Sigma; Order of Omega; Pi Gam- 
ma Mu 

Doebling, Cheryl 
129 Coldstream Rd. 
Phoenixville, PA 19460 
Dolan, Amy 
21 E. Chelton Rd. 
Parkside, PA 19015 
Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 
1,2,3,4; Student Dietetic Associa- 
tion 3,4; Student Health Science 
Club 4 

Donahue, Kathryn 
206 Remington Rd. 
Broomall. PA 19008 
Women's Lacrosse 1,2.3,4 
Donhue. Bree 
7408 Rogers Ave. 
Upper Darby. PA 19082 
Donnelly. Alison 
3839 Marshall Rd. 
Drexel Hill, PA 19026 
Accounting Club 1; Campus 
Crusade for Christ 1,2 
Doolin, Jerry HI 
87 Hill Terrace Dr. 
Pottsiville. PA 17901 
Men's Volleyball 4; Sigma Pi 4; 
Pre-Law Society 2; Economic and 
Finance Society 1 
Doran, Suzann 
551 Gates St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19128 
Douglas. Kelly Ann 
831 Pump House Ln. 

West Chester. PA 19382 
Management Association 4 
Dowd, Michelle 
747 E. Tioga St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19134 
Downs, Melanie 
211 E. Main St. Apt. 3 
New Holland. PA 17557 
Alpha Sigma Tau 2.3 
Dreyer. Stacey L. 
203 Second Ave. 
Broomall. PA 19008 
Drozdowski, Amy 
1928 Split Rock Rd. 
Lancaster. PA 17601 
Women's Rugby 1: Equestrian 
Team 2,3,4; Alumni Student 
Connection 2,3,4; Abbe' Society 
Dubose, Andre 
5861 Chestnut St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19139 
SGA Senator 2,3; SSI Board of 
Directors 2.3; Darlington Biologi- 
cal Society VP 4; RA 4; ADP Peer 
Mentor 3: BSU; Intramu- 
ral Basketball 1,2,3,4 
Duchin, Eric 
18 Morningside Rd, 
Colonia, NJ 07067 
Research 2,3: Intramurals Bas- 
ketball 1.2 
Dunbar. Christina 
365 Lewis Rd. 
Springfield, PA 19064 
Alpha Xi Delta 2,3,4: Spanish 
Club 3,4; Catholic Newman Cen- 
ter Student Association 2,3,4 
Duran, Suzann 
551 Gates St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19128 
Delta Zeta 2.3,4; Intramural 
Field Hockey 3; Dance Marathon 

Durbano, Angela M. 
513 Camelot Dr. 
Brookhaven. PA 19015 

Eason. Timothy S. 

2327 Oak Tree Rd. 

Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 

Pi Kappa Phi 2,3,4 

Ebert. Megan 

14 Howard St. 

West Lawn, PA 19609 

Alpha Sigma Tau 1,2,3.4 

Edelman, Michael 

Box 546 

Morgantown, PA 19543 

Edwards, Frank 

2638 N. Napa St. 

Philadelphia. PA 19132 

Egan. Stacey M. 

115 W. Laughead Ave. 

Linwood, PA 19061 

Elizabeth. Herbert C. 

677 Aubrey Ave. 

Ardmore. PA 19003 

Eltonhead. Stacey 

43 Pinehurst Ct. 

Balckwood, NJ 08012 

Enea, Paulette 

136 E. Union St. 

Westchester. PA 19382 

Engleman. Matthew D. 

4317 Stoudtsferry Bridge Rd. 

Reading. PA 19605 

Intramurals 1,2,3; Rec. and Lei- 

sure 2 

Esch. Jeven W. 
RR3 Box 139 
Birdsboro. PA 19508 
Friars' Society 2.3.4 
Esposito. Andrea 
45 Berkshire Dr. 
Howell. NJ 07731 
Women's Rugby 1,2,3.4 
Evans, Brad 
8 Ravlen Dr. 

Boiling Springs. PA 17007 
Theta Chi 1.2,3,4; Chi Alpha Ep- 
silon; Academic Develop- 
ment Program Peer Mentor 4; 
Ey. Regina M. 
3043 Taft Rd. 
East Norriton, PA 19403 
Council of Commuter and Off- 
Campus Students 1.2 (dir. of So- 
cial Services!; SAC 1,2 (publicity 
& promotion chairj; Alpha Phi 
Omega 3 (ambassador), 4 (alumni 


Faggiola, Gina 
200 Martins Run 
Media. PA 19063 
SNAP 3.4 
Fallinger. Tara 
5960 Waterfowl Rd. 
Schnecksville. PA 18078 
Fanucci. Audrey 
211 Willowbrook Ave. 
Folsom, PA 19033 
Zeta Tau Alpha 1.2.3 
Farnsworth. Christopher J. 
928 Anderson Ave. 
Drexel Hill. PA 19026 
Farnum. Brent M. 
106 Governors Circle 
Downingtown, PA 19335 
Delta Chi 2,3,4; IFC VP of Rush 3; 
Fraternity Violence Education 
Project 3,4; Italian Club 3,4 
Faust, Keisha Q. 
2723 N. Judson St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19132 
Chi Alpha Epsilon 1.2.3,4; Gos- 
pel Choir 1,2,3,4; Black Student 
Union; Office of Muhicul- 
tural Affairs Peer Mentor 3,4; 
Student Advisory Board 
Faye. Sean 
8911 Calvert St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19152 
University Theatre 1,2,3,4 
Fendler, Sheree 
213 Oneida Ln. 
Malvern. PA 19355 
Campus Crusade for Christ 
1,2,3,4; SAVO 2; Rec & Leisure 
Services-Aerobics Instructor 3,4 
Fereshteh, Mark 
1630 Lincoln Ave. 
Williamsport. PA 17701 
SGA 2; Orchestra 1,2,4; String 
Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Alchemist 
Club 1,2; Indo-American Club 

Ferstenfeld, Evan 
139 Yew Rd. 
Cheltenham. PA 19012 
Fetter, Vincent J. 
106 N. Dudley Ave. Apt. #2 
Ventnor. NJ 08406 

Finan. Danielle G. 
1001 Stella Ave. 
Croydon, PA 19021 
Finnegan. Kathleen 
1432 Nancy Dr. 
Southampton. PA 18966 
Phi Sigma Pi 2.3.4; Habitat for 
Humanity 2 
Fisher. Jennifer 
61 Cardinal Rd. 
Levittown. PA 19057 
Fithian. Christine 
306 Main St. 
Trainer. PA 19061 
Delta Phi Epsilon 2.3.4: Order of 
Omega 3.4; Panhellenic Rush 
Counselor 3.4; Inter-Greek 
Council Dance Marathon Asst. 
IChair 2.3 
Fizzano. Jennifer 
19 Ohio Ae. 
Ridley Park. PA 19078 
Fleischman. Lori 
;198 Martins Run 
i Media. PA 19063 
Alpha Upsilon Alpha 4 
I Fleming. Julie C. 
il37 Alverstone Rd. 
'Clifton Heights. PA 19018 
I Alpha Xi Delta (VP of Pro- 
gramming. New Member Educa- 
tor): Choose Children Philan- 
thropy; Adopt-a-Highway 
1.2; Kindred House RHA 
1.2; Panhellenic Council; 
IGC 1.2,3.4: ESLTutor 3 
Fletcher. Lesley 
28 Windy Knoll Dr. 
Richboro. PA 18954 
Management Society of Business 

Flocco. Christopher 
2973 N. Providence Rd. 
Media. PA 19063 
Campus Crusade for Christ 2.3.4 
Forsell, Michelle M. 
1 1107 Waltgraber Ln. 
Pennsburg. PA 18073 
Prp-Law Society (pres.): 
Hdnors Student Association 
I. -.3.4: Pi Sigma Alpha 1.2.3,4 
(pres.): Pi Gamma Mu 3,4 (pres.); 
Tutor 3.4: Peer Mentor 2,3,4 
Foster, Bradford T. 
77 Uperneck Rd. 
Pitsgrove. NJ 08318 
WCU Ski Team 1; Intramural 
Soccer 1; Kappa Delta Rho 
1,2.3.4: Greek Week Memeber 
1,2.3.4; IGC Rep. 1.2: ICC Rep. 1: 
Adopt-a-Block 1; Kappa Delta 
Rho Intramural Sports 1: KDR 
Exec. Board 1; Trick or Treat for 
Unisph 1 
Foster. Robin S. 
965 Wakeling St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19124 
Rec. & Leisure Services 1.2,3,4: 
Alpha Phi 3,4: Circle K 2; Union 
Associate at Sykes 3,4: Union 
Advisory Boards: SAC 4; S.A.LL. 

Franklin. Shari 
5420 Woodbine Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19131 
Freda. Deanna M. 
923 St. Joseph Dr. 
Upper Darby. PA 19082 
Pi Gamma Mu 
Free. Annette L. 
226 School Dr. 
Kintnersville. PA 18930 
University EMS 1,2,3.4 

Friel. Danielle 
RR »5 Box 5946 
Mohnton. PA 19540 
Aerobics Instructor 1,2.3; Delta 
Phi Epsilon 2,3(scholarship 
chair), 4; Panhellenic Associa- 
tion 3(Asst. VP 
Recruitment).4(president): Inter- 
Greek Council 3 (Dance Mara- 
thon Overall Chair); Order of 
Omega 4 (VP of programming); 
Rho Lambda 4: LEAPS Mentor 
Fries. Kristin 
504 Charmont Ave. 
Folcroft. PA 19032 
Delta Zeta 2,3,4 
Friscia, Kelly \L 
7 Glenview Dr. 
Glenmore, PA 19343 
Social Work Club 1.2,3,4: Phi Al- 
pha 4 

Funk, Maryellen 
239 S. Haviland Ave, 
Audubon. NJ 08106 
Alpha Sigma Tau 2,3,4 
Furlong, Jemmie 
155 Southeriand Ct. 
West Chester. PA 19380 
Social Work Club 3.4 

Gadomski. Caren A. 
314 W. 8th St. 
West Wyoming. PA 18644 
ACEI 3.4 
Gagliardi. Gail 
2510 Olcott Ave. 
Newtown Square. PA 19073 
Galiszewski. Sarah 
183 N. Marine Ave. 
Fanwood. NJ 07023 
Kappa Delta Pi 3,4: Junior 
Achievment 3 
Gallagher. Catherine L. 
109 Columbia Ave. 
Newtown Sq., PA 19073 
Gallagher, John P. 
205 Rochelle Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19128 
WCU Forensics Team 1,2,3; 
Honors Program 1,2,3,4: Honors 
Student Association 1,2,3.4; Res- 
idence Life and Housing 3,4 
Gallagher. Michelle 
125 Kaiser Dr. 
Downingtown. PA 19335 
Gallagher, Stefanie A. 
5728 Pheasant Rd. 
Bethlehem, PA 18017 
RHA 2: Abbe' Society 2,3,4: 
Gallery. Lynne 
705 \'alley Dr. 
West Chester. PA 19382 
Darlington Biological Society 4 
Gallo. Jennifer L. 
59 Thoroughbred Dr. 
Holland. PA 18966 
W omen's Soccer Team Phi Epsilon Kap- 
pa 4; Golden Rams Athletic Ad- 
visory Committee 
1. 2. 3(treasurer),4( treasurer): Stu- 
dent Athletic Advisory Commit- 
tee at National Level 3.4 
Galos, Steve 
149 McLean Ave. 
Manasquan. NJ 08736 

Kappa Delta Rho 2,3,4 

Ganyon, Leslie 

2451 Carpenter St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19146 

BSU 1,2 

RHA 1,2 

Garrett, Andaiye 

408 Old Farm Rd. 

Wyncote, PA 19095 

Garvin. Tiffany 

3709 N. Colebrook Rd. 

Glen Mills. PA 19342 

Gaspari. Damian 

1 Red Rose Way 

Levittown. PA 19056 

WCUR 2,3,4; Intramural Floor 

Hockey 3,4: Intramural Roller 

Hockey 2,3 

Gaymon, Leslie N. 

2451 Carpenter St. 

Philadelphia. PA 19146 

Geary. Kelly 

23 Big Woods Dr. 
Glen Mills. PA 19342 
Geist. Kellv C. 
23824 Meredith Ct. 
Hollywood, MD 20636 

RHA 1,2,3,4: SAC 1; DA in Go- 
shen 2; RA in Sanderson 3,4; 
LEAPS Mentor 4; Phi Sigma Pi 

Gentles, Holly 
414 Willowgate Ln. 
Media, PA 19063 
George, Mark 

24 Stable Dr. 
Elverson, PA 19520 
Gephart. Jennifer R. 
233 East Broad St. 
Palmyra. PA 17078 

Dance Team 2.3,4; DPW 2.3,4; 
Adapted Physical Education Pro- 
gram Supervisor 3 
Gerace, Carolyn 

220 Beechwood Rd. 
Parkside. PA 19015 
Social Work Club 3.4 
Gerlach, Katherine A. 
79 Forrest Dr. 
Holland. PA 18966 
Getzik. Aaron 

329 Bowantree Circle 
Yardley. P.A 19067 
Gidusko. Donald N. 
711 Bradford Terrace 
West Chester, PA 19382 
Rugby 2; Economics and Finance 
Society 3.4 
Giles. Leah 
824 Daisy Ln. 
West Chester, PA 19382 
Gill, Gretchen 
154 Kirch Rd. 
York, PA 17402 

Swim Team 1; Cross Country 
Team 2: RA 2,3: Circle K 1.2,3; 
WCUR 1.2; Women in Commun- 
ications 2,3: WCU TV4 2: Inter- 
net Presentation Group 2,3: Na- 
tional Communications Honor 
Society 2,3; Forensics 3 
Glinski, Kimberly A, 
2700 Oberlin Dr. 
York, PA 17404 
Glista. Jason 
528 Holmes Rd. 
Morton. PA 19070 
Gondek. Jill K. 

221 Pensdale St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19128 
College Republicans 2,3: CEC 3,4 
Goodman, Shana 

273 Yorkminster Rd. 
West Chester. PA 19382 
Goodnow. Nicole 
2247 S. Croskey St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19145 
Goudie, Rachel 
1203 E. Cedarville Rd, 
Pottstown. PA 19465 
Bapstist Student Ministries 1,2.3; 
Honors Program; NSLHA 

Graham. Duane C. 
325 West 4th Ave. 
Conshohocken. P.A 19428 
Grant. James G. 
5425 Woodcrest Ave. 
Philadelphia. PA 19131 
Friars' Society 2 
Grant. Katherine 
4911 Locust Ln. 
Harrisburg, PA 17109 
Grant. LaTonya 
7534E Tulpehocken St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19138 
Schmidt RHA VP 3; BSU SGA 
Rep.; Student Rep. for Advan- 
cemnt Committee: Homecoming 
Committee 3; Co-Founder of 
BSU Dance Co. 
Green. Cynthia 
529 Prospect Ave. 
Bridgeport. PA 19405 
Green. Elise 
428 Edsam Ave. 
Pitman. N) 08071 
Green. Jill K. 
224 New St. 
Exton. PA 19341 
Phi Sigma Sigma 3.4; Gamma 
Sigma Alpha 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4 
Green. Shana L. 
42-11 Revere Rd. 
Drexel Hill. PA 19026 
PSEA 3.4 

Greenberg. Michael 
18 Parker Rd. 
Plainsboro. NJ 08536 
Alpha Chi Rho 1.2: Jewish Herit- 
age Programs 3.4; Kinesiology 
Club 3.4 

Greger. Krista M. 
26 Fox Hollow Dr. 
Dallas. PA 18612 
Intramural Soccer 1.2: Intramu- 
ral Basketball; Rugby 
2.3(treas.l. 4(treas. & captain) 
Gribbin. Charles 
12 Walnut St. 

Newtown Square. PA 19073 
Ice Hockey 
Griffin. Nisa K. 
1405 W. 6th St. 
Chester. PA 19013 
Institute of Management Ac- 
counting 3.4: National Associa- 
tion of Black Accountants 3.4 
Grisolia. Selina 
275 Bryn Mawr .-^ve. 
Apt. J-48 

Bryn Mawr. PA 19010 
Groff, Jeremy 
1608 Hollywood Ave. 
Lititz. PA'i7543 

MENC Musical Theater 
Activities 1,2.4; Unusual 
Suspects 3.4; VNecks 2,3,4: Inter- 
varsity Christian Fellowship 
1,2,3.4; Marching Band 1.2: 
Opera Theater 2; Chamber Choir 
3,4; Concert Choir 2; ACDA 4 
Gross. Wendi E. 
11010 Audubon Ave. 
Philaelphia. PA 19116 

Alpha Upsilon Alpha 4; NSSHLA 
1,2.3,4; RHA 1,2.3.4 
Grunwald. Michele 
480 lames SI. 
King of Prussia. PA 19406 
Grygo. Scott 
198 Maple .Ave. 
Graterford. PA 19426 
Guerriero. Angela M. 
15 Faber Place 
Nutley. NI 07110 
Marching Band 1,2.3; Music Edu- 
cators National Conference 2.3.4; 
PA Music Educators Association 
2.3.4; Sigma Alpha Iota 
1 .2.3(treasurer).4(president) 
Guiberson. lames 
785 Mechanics Valley Rd. 
North East. MD 21901 
Alchemist Club 1.2; Accounting 
Society 3.4 
Gummel. Denise 
804 joeck Dr. 
West Chester. PA 19382 


Habbersett. Gail 
1257 Merrill dr. 
West Chester, PA 19382 
Hackett. leffrey S. 
603 Park Ln. 
Wvncote. PA 19095 
WCUR 3 yrs. 
Hajek. Karen A. 
45 Cedarbrook Rd. 
Hewitt. N| 07421 
RHA 1,2; Alpha Upsilon Alpha 4 
Haley. Kristina 
1106 Maine Circle 
Downingtown. PA 19335 
DPW 3 yrs.; Dance Team 2 yrs.; 
University Dance Co. 1 yr. 
Hall. Christy 
1915 S. 2nd St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19148 
Halligan, [ennifer 
1323 Leedom Rd. 
Havertown, PA 19083 
Dance Team 2.3; DPW 1,2.3.4; 
University Dance Co. 4 
Halvorsen. Kristen L. 
2490 Weir Rd. 
Aston, PA 19014 
Delta Zeta 1,2,3.4; Heahh Club 4 
Hammond, Marv 
1613 W. Market's!. 
Bethlehem. PA 18018 
RHA (secretary/treasurer) 1.2; 
RA 3.4; Ambassadors 3,4; Cam- 
pus Crusade for Christ 3.4; SAIL 
4; History Honor Society 4 
Handfinger. Michael E. 
305 Birch Valley Court 
Warwick, PA 18974 
ACEI 4; Intramural Tennis 4; In- 
tramural Football 3 
Handlon. Michelle 
3139 FanshaweSt. 
Philadelphia. PA 19149 
Hardink. loel R. 
21 Wayne Dr. 
East Lyme. CT 06333 
Marching Band 1.2; Alchemist 
Club 3,4 

Harriger. [ennifer A. 
2085 Egemont Dr. 
East Petersburg. PA 17520 

WCU Gymnastics 1.2,3.4; Future 
Health Professionals of America 

Harris. Shellv-Ann N. 
529 S. Hillside Dr. 
West Chester, PA 19380 
Abbe' Society 3,4; Board of 
Governor's Scholar 1,2,3,4; BSU 
1,2,3,4; Apt. Assistant 4; Wavne 
Hall DA 2,3 

Hartman, Marguerite A. 
1243 Maple St. 
Pottstown, PA 19464 
Haynie, Jeffrey W. 
1538 lev Brook Dr. 
Herndon, VA 20170 
SGA Senator 1; RHA Wayne Hall 
1; Kappa Delta Rho 3,4; Inter 
Greek Council 3.4; Inter Frater- 
nity Council 3,4 
Healy, Sarah 
208D N. Everhart Ave. 
West Chester, PA 19380 
Art Association 1,2,3,4; Rugby 1; 
Study Abroad in Greece 4 
Heffernan, Sherry E. 
26 E. 5th St. 2nd Floor 
Media, PA 19063 
Heidler. Katherine E. 
3075 Round Hill Rd. 
York. PA 17402 
Phi Alpha 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4 
Helker, Leigh 
337 Avon Rd. 
Upper Darby, PA 19082 
Hemple, Kelly 
2555 W. Colonial Rd. 
Boothwyn, PA 19061 
Henderson, Stephen C. 
335 Summit Rd. 
Springfield, PA 19064 
Henrv. Danielle 
1540 S. 28th St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19146 
Student Assistant for Women's 
Basketball 1,2,3,4 
Hepner, Lynn A. 
167 Hunters Run Rd. 
Honey Brook, PA 19344 
Earth Club 3; Darlington Biologi- 
cal Society 3; WCU Animal Be- 
havior Research Team 3,4 
Hermann. Robert 
220 Hill View Dr. 
Springfield. PA 19064 
Hewitt, Lori D. 
10 Meadow Dr. 
Chambersburg. PA 17201 
Office of Multicultural Affairs' 
Mentoring Program 1.2,3; SGA 
2,3; SGA Liason for Office of 
Multicultural Affairs 2; WCU 
Concert Committee 2; BSU 1,2,3; 
Student Art Association 4 
Hick, Ryan 
10 Gaping Rock Rd. 
Levittwon, PA 19057 
Hill, Ashley L. 
310 Plav Ground Dr. 
West Reading, PA 19611 
Hillmann. Heather 
1374 Mashie Dr. 
Wescoville, PA 18106 
Phi Epsilon Kappa 

l,2,3(president); RHA 

l,2(Ramsey pres.),3(advisor); RA 
in Tyson 3,4; Track 1,2; Rugby 
1,2,3; Ice Hockev Mgr. 2,3; Alpha 
Phi Omega 3,4(Social VP); Adap- 
ted PE Program 3,4; Fall '99 Com- 
mencement Speaker 
Hines, Shawonette E. 
431 W. Gay St. 

West Chester, PA 19380 
Hirshman, Brian I. 
9 Hadlev Dr. 
Robbinsville, N| 08691 
Habitat for Humanity 3.4|pres.); 
Lambda Alpha Epsilon 4; Brian's 
Run 4; Homecoming Court 4; 
Marching Band 1,2 
Hoffman, Christopher I. 
729 Chapel Rd. 
North Hills, PA 19038 
Lacrosse 1,2 
Holmes, Keisha 
623 1/2 Hamilton St. 
Harrisburg, PA 17102 
Pi Gamma Mu 3,4; Multicultural 
Affair Peer Mentor 2,3; Academ- 
ic Development Program Peer 
Mentor 4 
Holt. Rachel E. 
2351 Bovd Rd. 

Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 
University Theatre 1,2,3.4 
Hopson-Simmons. Charron M. 
2108 Homer St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19138 
BSU 1.2; Office of Multicultural 
Affairs Mentor 2.3,4; Captain of 
H.S. tours 2,3,4; Chester Co. 
Blood Drive 2.3.4 
Horn, Stephanie 
61 Keokuk Rd. 
Royersford. PA 19468 
Who's Who Among College Stu- 
dents; SNAP Mentor 4; Brian's 
Run 4 
Home. Eva 
5712 Malvern Ave. 
Philadelphia. PA 19131 
Houston, |. D. 
47 Sandhurst Ln. 
Elkton. MD 21921 
Phi Mu Alpha (officer 
3.4); Concert Choir 2.3.4; Cham- 
ber Choir 4; Masterworks Cho- 
rus 1; Close Harmony 2; Mar- 
ching Band 1.2.3,4 
Huizer. lessica A. 
1212 Berkley Ave. 
Beachwood.'N] 08722 
Marching Band Color Guard 1; 
Campus Bible Fellowship 1,2; 
RHA Schmidt Hall Pres. 2; 
WCAEYC 3,4; Dance Production 
Workshop 3,4; University Am- 
bassadors 3,4 
Hunke, Emily 
102 Deer Run Ct. 
Harleysville, PA 19438 
Hunsberger, |anine D. 
210 Ivystone Dr. 
Downingtown. PA 19335 
Accounting Society 4; Tax team 
for Arthur Andersen Tax Chal- 
lenge 4 

Hunter, Kristen 
826 Forest Ln. 
Malvern. PA 19355 
Hurley. Emily 
201 Adam St. 
West Chester. PA 19380 
Russian Club 2,3(VP),4(VP) 
Hutchinson. Kelly 
12 Pinewood Dr. 
Douglassville. PA 19518 
Psychology Club 2.3; RHA 1.2 

Ickes. Ryan 

5 Cemeterv Ln. 

Schwenksville, PA 19473 

Phi Kappa Sigma 3.4; John Pan- 

cott Gymnastic Center 3.4 

Ivans. Melissa E. 

916 Independence Rd. 

Norristown, PA 19403 

Alpha Sigma Tau 2 yrs 

Jackson. Kelley A. 
1025 Callahan Ave. 
Yeadon. PA 19050 
Black Student Union 1. 2, 3, 4; 
WCUR Radio Station 2; Women 
of Color Conference 3 
Jackson, Suzanne E. 
284 Cotswold Ln. 
West Chester, PA 19380 
The Quad 2.3,4 
lackson. Tracey 
209 David Ln. 
Westchester, PA 19382 
ladach, Michael T. 
11851 SewellRd. 
Philadelphia. PA 19116 
Intramurals 1.2,3,4; Baseball 1 
laniszewski, Jonathan R. 
11109 Drake Dr. 
Philadelphia, PA 19154 
Killinger Hall RHA l(wing rep & 
ass. program 

coordinator), 2(VP],3(VP); Inno- 
vations l,2,3,4(manager); Honors 
Dept. 1,2,3,4; WCU/Philadelphia 
Zoo Animal Behavior Research 
Team 3,4; Intramural Hockey 
3,4; Catholic Newman Student 
Ass. Choir 1 
laszczak. Amy 
569 Westwood Dr. 
Downingtown, PA 19335 
Delta Phi Epsilon 2,3,4 
Jenkins, Tamikia 
7455 N. 20th St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19138 
Black and Latino Greek Council 
3, 4(treasurer); Campus Pal. BSU 
4; Eta Sigma Gamma 3,4; Peer 
Educator 4; Delta Sigma theta 
2,3(recording secretary), 4(VP); 
Peer Mentor 3,4; Event Support 
Staff: Innovations 3; RA 3; A.A 3 
Johnson, Chet 
860 Roelofs Rd. 
Yardley, PA 19067 
Jones, Amy 
2 Berk St. ' 

Catasauqua. PA 18032 
Jones. Andrea 
2381 Wedgewood Way 
York, PA 17404 


Kalogris, Kate 
PO Box 431 
Devault, PA 19432 
Kaminski, Letha 

3006 N. Wales Rd. 
Norristown. PA 19403 
BSU 1,2.3,4; Peer Mentor 2,3,4; 
RHA 2,3: Social Work Club 3,4 
Kaplan. lordanna 
520 Mackin Dr. 
Cherry Hill. N] 08002 
Kaschenbach. Laura 
11 Spencer Rd. 
Dallas. Pa 18612 

Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority 1,2,3; 
Eta Sigma Gamma Health Educa- 
tion Honorary 3,4; Dean's List 3,4 
Kaschenbach. Laura 
11 Spencer Pd. 
Dallas. PA 18612 
Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority 1.2,3; 
Eta Sigma Gamma Health Educa- 
tion Honorary 3,4 
Kauffman, Steven G. 
130 Appletree Dr. 
Media. PA 19063 
Kee. Michelle P. 
1496 State Rd. 
Coopersburg. PA 18036 
Circle K 1; Marching Band 1; 
Concert Band 1; PSEA 1: Serpen- 
tine; Tau Beta Sigma; Media Adviorsv Board 
3.4; Math Club for Elem. Ed. Ma- 
jors 3.4; Inter-Organizational 
Council 4; SGA 4.5; Finance 
Committee 4.5 
Keenan. Shawn M. 
4715 Oakland St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19124 
Phi Kappa Sigma; IPC 
1,2,3,4: IGC 1,2,3,4; Pi Sigma Al- 
pha 4; Gamma 2,3: Dance Mara- 
thon 3 

Keiser, Allison 
126 Davis Bridge Rd. 
Bernuille. PA 19506 
Keller. Kristie L. 
3473 Stump Hall Rd. 
Collegeville. PA 19426 
Kellv. Lisa 
3814 Fairdale Rd. 
Philadelphia. P.'\ 19154 
Kelly. Robert 
7421 Mountain Ave. 
ElkinsPark. PA 19027 
Kent. Lisa 
1 Vermilion Ln. 
Levittown. PA 19054 
WCU Women's Rugbv 1,2,3,4; 
CEC 2,3,4 
Kern. Erin 

PO Box 151 33 S. Walnut St. 
lonestown. PA 17038 
Kestner. Colleen 
1111 Wooded Way Dr. 
Media. PA 19063 
King. Thomas 
6 Whitetail Dr. 
Chadds Ford. PA 19317 
Kirby. Tracy 
102 Bismark Way 
King of Prussia. PA 19406 
Kirschner. Lindsev H. 
210 Edgehill Rd. 
Havertown. P,A 19083 
Klein. John Ir. S. 
401 Collingdale Ave. 
Collingdale. PA 19023 
Kleinsmith. Kelly ]. 
419 N. Wyomissing Ave. 
Shillington. PA 19607 
Intramural Basketball 
SGA 2.3; Phi Epsilon Kappa 
4(Pledge Masterl: Annual fund 
Phon-A-Thon 2.4 
Kliamovich, Maria 

662 Longwood Rd. 
Collegeville. PA 19426 
Criminal lustice Club 4 
Klunk. Melinda A. 
50 Shady Lane 
Hanover. PA 17331 
Anderson Math Club 1,2,3; Exec- 
utive Member of Anderson Math 
Club 4; NCTM 4 
Kocher, Lisa 
1102 Sundance Drive 
Pen Argul. PA 18072 
Phi Sigma Sorority 2.3,4 
Kolb, Amy 
616 Saxony Dr. 
Fairless Hills, PA 19030 
Kolka, leanmarie E. 
2521 Eaton Rd. 
Wilmington. DE 19810 
Chamber Choir; Orches- 
tra String Ensemble 1,2,3: 
Sigma Alpha iota 1,2,3,4; Close 
Harmony 2; Chamber Singers 
1,2; Honors Program 1,2,3,4 
Kovalevich, Denise 
420 Goff Ave. 
Oaklvn. NI 08107 
The Quad 1.2.3 
Krammer, Deborah 
4434 Carwithan Rd. 
Philadelphia. PA 19136 
Flute Choir; Woodwind 
Quintet 1.2.4; Wind Ensemble 4; 
Symphony Orchestra 3.4: Sym- 
phonic Band 1.2: University Cho- 
rale 2: Women's Chorus 3 
Krangel. loshua E. 
2400 Anthony Ave. 
Broomall. PA 19008 
Hillel lewish Student LTnion 3.4 
Krause. Katherine 
1100 West Cheste Pike 
Apt. A28 

West Chester. PA 19382 
Krevitz. Alison M. 
236 Birch Dr. 
Lafavette Hill. PA 19444 
Krugler. Katherine E. 
137 Fairfax Rd. 
Rosemont. PA 19010 
Swim Team 2; Swim Team Man- 
ager 3.4 
Kuehn. Lori A. 
4 Green Ridge Rd. 
Voorhees, N) 08043 
Kurtz. \'irginia E. 
334 S. Twin Valley Rd. 
Elverson. PA 19520 
Baptist Student Ministry 1; 
CAOS 3; Masterworks Chorus 
1.2; Concert Choir 4; University 
Chorale 3: Women's Chorus 3 
Kvalkauskas. Lisa 
70 Douglas St. 
Fords, NJ 08863 

SGA 1; RHA 1; Concert Commit- 
tee 1: Alpha Sigma Tau 1,2,3,4; 
Gamma Sigma Alpha 3,4; Order 
of Omega 4; Orientation Leader 
3,4: Adopt-a-School 2.3,4; Dance 
Marathon 3,4 

Lachman, Angela 
111 N. York St. 
Pottstown. PA 19464 
Landau. Allison B. 

21 Van Wickle Rd. 
East Brunswick. NI 08816 
RHA 1,2,3,4: Hillel 1,2,3,4; Social 
Work Club 2,3,4: Phi Sigma Pi 
3,4; Phi Alpha 3,4; pi Gamma Mu 

Landis, Natalie 
125 Greentree Dr. 
New Holland. P.A 17557 
Lang. Michael 
1156 Bellemead Dr. 
Warminster. PA 18974 
Latella. Dana M. 
428 Windsor Place 
Wallingford. PA 19086 
Field Hockey 1.2: Council for Ex- 
ceptional Children 3.4: Internal 
Reading Association 3.4; Alpha 
Epsilon Alpha 3. 4 
Lauwers. Michael D. 
228 Park Lane 
Chalfont. PA 18914 
Lauwers. Michael D. 
228 Park Lane 
Chalfont. PA 18914 
Lavoie. Bethany K. 
152 5th Ave. 
Estell Manor. NI 08319 
Marching Band; Sigma 
Alpha Iota; Aerobics 4 
Lawing. Shy 
1512 S. 13th St. 
Harrisburg. P.A 17104 
Black Student Union 3.4; Resi- 
dent Life Staff Development 3.4; 
New Generation Ministry 3.4; 
SGA 3; Campus Bible Fellowship 
3; Resident Assistant Resident 
Life 3.4; Multi Culture Affairs 
Peer Mentor 4: SAIL Leadership 
Organization 4; 
Lendzinski. Melissa 
4230 Maywood St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19124 
CEC 4; Circle K 1.2 
Lewis. Christopher I. 
877 Alexander Spring Rd. 
Carlisle. PA 17013 
Sigma Pi; Freshman Ori- 
entation Leader 2; Fraternity Vi- 
olence Education Project 3.4 
Lewis. Velesia 
217 Annette Marie Dr. 
Long Pond. PA 18334 
Forensics 2; Gospel Choir 4; 
Spanish Club 2; ARC Committee 
2.3.4; Campus Pal 
Lightner. Kelly E. 
5137 Merilee Dr. 
Erie. PA 16506 

SGA 2.3; Finance Committee 3 
Linderman. Paul Ir. D. 
1216 Randy Dr. 
Pottstown.'PA 19464 
Delta Chi Inter- 
Fraternity Council 3.4; Inter- 
Greek Council 4: Department of 
Recreation and Leisure 4: Dance 
Marathon 3.4; LEAPS 4; SAIL 4 
Lindstadt. Carrie Ann 
312 W. Miner St. 
Westchester. PA 19382 
Sigma Gamma Epsilon 3,4; 
Equestrian Team 
Lindv. Michael E. 
86 S.' Powder Mill Rd. 
Morris Plains, NI 07950 
WCU EMS 2; Alchemist Club 
1,2,3,4; Future Health Profes- 
sionals 3,4; Forensics 1 
Liott, Gina 
1124 Basin Rd. 
West Chester. PA 19382 

Ice Hockey Manager 2,3; Phi Ep- 
silon Kappa 2.3.4; Adapted Phys- 
ical Activities Program Supervi- 
sor 3,4 

Lippman, Genua I. 
33 Atrium Way 
Manalapan, NI 07726 
Lloyd, Lisa A, 
238 Maryland Ave. 
Oxford, PA 19363 
Marching Band 1,2,3; Abbe' Soci- 
ety 3,4; Wind Ensemble 
l,2,3,4(secretaryl; MENC 
2,3(secretary),4(pres.); PMEA 
2.3.4; University Chorale 

I (treasurer): Women's Chorus 
2(pres.): Masterworks 3; Fellow- 
ship of Christian Musicians 3,4 
Lorenz, Lynn M. 

60 Annawanda Rd. 
Ottsvile, PA 18942 
Delta Phi Epsilon 2.3.4 
Loveland-Iones. Catherine E. 
138 W. Evergreen St. 
West Grove. PA 19390 
Wellness Center 1,2,3,4; Future 
Health Professionals 3; SGA 1,2 
Lowe, Brendan 

II Henry St. 
Tuckahoe. NY 10707 
Symphony Orchestra 1.2.3,4; 
Wind Ensemble 2.3.4; Percussion 
Ensemble 2.3.4; Marching Band 

Lowery, lemilla 
1002 Flanders Rd. 
Philadelphia. PA 19151 
Baptist Student Ministry 4; Gos- 
pel Choir 1,2,3 
Lowmaster. lenifer 
225 Pine St. 

Punxsutawney. PA 15767 
Ludwig. loseph 
1080 Church Lane Rd. 
Reading. PA 19606 
RHA 1: Lacrosse Statistician 3; 

Lyons. Timothy 
27 Hickory Ln. 
Chalfont, PA 18914 


Magrann, Michelle 
3815 Andrea Rd. 
Philadelphia. PA 19154 
Alpha Sigma Tau 3.4; Kappa Del- 
ta Pi 4; Gamma Sigma Alpha 3.4 
Maiale. Leigh 
11 Carol Ln. 
Berwyn. PA 19312 
Mairose. Amanda 
530 Hammond Rd. 
York. PA 17402 
Manelski. Matthew T. 
1151 Edward Ave. 
Allentown. PA 18103 
Mangold. Heather 
1601 E. Glenmont Ln. 
West Chester. PA 19380 
Elementary Education Math 
Club 2,3(president),4; Math Tu- 
tor 3 

Mann, Christina B. 
803 Green St. 
Marcus Hook. PA 19061 
Mariani. lennifer 
1319 Longshore Ave. 

Philadelphia. PA 19111; Phi Sig- 
ma Sigma University 
.Ambassador 3.4: SAC 1: RHA 1 
Markey. lessica 
701 VVillowdaie Ln. 
Kennett Square. PA 19348 
Gymnastics Team 1.2: Dance 
Production Workshop 4 
Mariey. Ryan 
4101 Ml. Vernon Ave. 
Brookhaven. PA 19015 
Campus Crusade for Christ 3,4: 
Intramural Soccer 4 
Martini. Denise 
16 Old VVindv Bush Rd. 
New Hope. PA 18938 
Martinson. .Sandy A. 
622 S. Walnut St. 
West Chester. PA 19382 
Mason. Janice 
188 Lower Orchard Dr. 
Levittown.PA 19056 
Dean's List 4 
Masters. Kara 
65 Scarlet Ave. 
Aston. PA 19014 
Matarese. )ill 
30 Nina Way 
Red Bank. N] 07701 
NSSLA Wellness Center 
Student Director 3.4 
Mathews. Brandon G. 
385 Gershal .'\ve. 
Pittsgrove. P.-V NJ 08318 
RA 2.3.4: RHA 1: CEC 2.3.4 
Mattiello. Noel 
69 Cassat Ave. 
Berwyn. PA 19312 
Matz. Bonnie 
1880 PineRd. 

Huntingdon Valley. P.A 19006 
Ski Team VP 1.2.3: Delta Phi Ep- 

.Vlaugeri. Christina 
269 Coverly Rd. 
Lansdowne. PA 19050 
DPW 2.3 

Mayberry. Stacy L. 
1429 Heather Place 
Pottstown. PA 19464 
Alpha Phi Order of Ome- 
ga 3.4: Gamma Sigma Alpha 3.4: 
CEC 3.4: International Reading 
Association 4: Alpha Upsilon Al- 
pha 4: Ail-American Collegiate 
Scholar 3.4 
Mazzoni. Stephanie 
2895 Vine Rd. 
Vineland. N) 08360 
Delta Phi Epsilon 
McCall. lames D. 
1040 Nicole Dr. 
Newtown Square. PA 19073 
Economic and Finance Societv 

McCall. lanelle M. 
7824 Chelwynde Ave. 
Philadelphia. PA 19153 
B.S.U. 1,2.3.4: Gospel Choir Desk Assistant 3.4 
McCann. Tara 
2125 Arbor Ln. 
Aston. PA 19014 
Daedalus 3 
McCarraher, Sara 
177 West 17th St. 
Ocean City. N) 08226 
McClarv. Melany 
38 A Broad St. 
Washington. N] 07882 
McCloskey. Michelle 
300 Walnut St. Apt 210 
Ridlev Park. PA 19078 


McClung. Shaun 
1308 X'aliey Wood Dr. 
Downingtown. PA 19335 
Delta Chi Fraternity 
McCormick. Richard 
292 Sunset Rd. 
Strafford. PA 19087 
McCurdy. Eric 
120 Woodview Ln. 
Media. PA 19063 
1002 Shavertown Rd. 
Boothwyn. PA 19061 
McDaniel. lonelle 
5633 Gainor Rd. 
Philadelphia. PA 19131 
McDaniels. Lori F. 
1541 Pennsbury Dr. 
West Chester. PA 19382 
Marching Band Field of 
View 1: l3PW 2: Accounting Soci- 
ety 3.4(president): IMA 3.4: Bap- 
tist Student Ministries 
McFadden. Andrea R. 
331 Weymouth Rd. 
Plymouth Meeting. PA 19462 
Marching Band 1.2: University 
Chorale 1: Concert Band 2; Lin- 
guistics Club 3.4 
McGibboney. Aesha D. 
125 Carver Ct. 
Coatesville. PA 19320 
Women's Basketball Phi 
Alpha Honor Sorority 4 
McGione. Teresa 
7257 Guilford Rd. 
Upper Darby. PA 19082 
McGlennen. Lauren A. 
73 St. John's Dr. 
Glen Mills. PA 19342 
McGow. Melissa L. 
2806 Filbert St. 
Reading. PA 19606 
Aerobics Instructor 2.3.4: Desk 
Assistant 4: RHA Vice Pres. 3 
McGuire. Tara 
210 W. Byron Way 
Apt. 209 

King of Prussia, P,\ 19406 
McKee. Kristie 
1609 Pulaski Dr. 
Westchester. PA 19382 
Academic Development Program 
1: Chi Alpha Epsilon 3.4 
McKeon. Ryan C. 
581 Fletcher Ave. 
Oradell. N| 07649 
McLenaghan. Colleen D. 
300 Beechtree Dr. 
Broomall. PA 19008 
McNichol. Sara 
206 Crestview Dr. 
Telford. PA 18969 
Phi Sigma Sigma 1,2,3,4 
McQuaide. Stacy 
202 Greenwood Ave. 
Riverside. NI 08075 
Intramural Basketball 4 
Meakim. Kathryne 
530 Brookfield Rd. 
Drexel Hill. PA 19026 
Mealano. Robert A. 
142 S. Walnut St. 
Birdsboro. PA 19508 
Medea. Koren 
148 Michael Dr. 
Red Bank. N) 07701 
Delta Phi Epsilon 2.3.4 
Melanson. Kevin E. 
2405 Overlook Dr. 
Aston. P.A 19014 
Mellinger. Amy 

2515 Freysville Rd. 
Red Lion. PA 17356 
Melonev. Fawn L. 
1313 Old Bethlehem Pk. 
Sellersville. PA 18960 
Melonill. Nicholas 
401 Lore Ave. 
Wilmington. DE 19809 
Environmental Association 
1.2.3,4: GAOS 1.2,3,4: Marketing 
Association 3,4 
Menendez-Manion. Pedro 
126 Orchard Park 
Allendale, N| 07401 
Spanish and French Tutor at the 
LARC 3,4; International Student 

Mergogey, Matthew 
63 Gaping Rock Rd. 
Levittown, PA 19057 
Kappa Delta Rho 2,3.4; Adopt- 
a-School 3; Adopt-a-Highway 

Messick jr.. David M. 
8483 Rooster Ct. 
Laurel. MD 20723 
Marching Band 

1.2 (historian). 3 ( pres. )4 (pres.): 
Men's Volleyball 2; Homecoming 
Committee 4: Wind Ensemble 
1.2.3; MENC 4; PMEA 4; Master- 
sorks Chorus 3(treasurer); Men's 
Chorus 2(pres.) 
Metcalfe. Craig 
7819 Deerrun Rd. 
Laverock, PA 19038 
Meyer. Lauren 
433 Cedar Ln. 
Mickelton. NI 08056 
Intramural Soccer 3: Circle K 4 
Michele. Lynne R. 
18 Locust Grove Rd. 
Cherry Hill. N) 08003 
Intramural Softball. Vollevball 
1.2.3; Ski Club 1: CEC 2,3 
Mika, Courtney 
124 Ballantrae Dr. 
Elkton, MD 21921 
Miller, Eboni 
1017 S. Colorado 
Philadelphia. PA 19146 
Gospel Choir 1.2; Peer Educator 
at the Wellness Center 2,3,4; RA 
3,4; Wellness Alliance 3; Peer 
Mentor 3 

Miller, lennifer A. 
285 Hickory Drive 
Kennett Square, PA 19348 
Equestrian Team 1.2.3,4 
Miller, Robert 
4589 Leigh Drive 
Walnutport. PA 18088 
.Vlpha Phi Omega; Cham- 
ber Choir Golden Rams 
Marching Band 3.4; WGU Trav- 
eling Players Theater Company 4 

Mimm. Linda 

155 Lismore Ave. 

Glenside. PA 19038 


Campus Crusade 2.3.4 

Mimms. AI 

2039 lason Dr. 

Huntingdon Vly. PA 19006 

Football 2.3.4 

Mindlin. Stephaine 

916 Case Dr. 

Neshanic Station. NI 08853 

Delta Phi Epsilon 2.3,4; Gamma 

Sigma Alpha 4; Rho Lambda 3,4; 

Order of Omgea 3.4; University 

Ambassador 1,2.3: Deleware Val- 

ley Reading Association 4: Inlii 

national Reading Association 4 

Rho Chi 4 

Minko. Michael 

655 Amalia Lane 

Southhampton. PA 18966 

Baseball Economics am 

Finance .Society 3.4 

Minzola. Teresa A. 

441 Thrush Dr. 

Gilbertsiville. PA 19525 

Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Lacrossi 

1.2.3,4; Social Work Club 3,4 

Misket, Kimberly L. 

459 Cheshire Dr. 

Downingtown. PA 19335 

Sigma Theta Tau 4; SNAP 4 

Moffett. lared 

900 Maple Ave. 

Oaklvn. NI 08107 

WCL? Basketball 3.4 

Monaghan. Elizabeth A. 

1618 Hedgewood Rd. 

Hatfield. PA 19440 

Sigma Alpha Iota 2.3.4; Marchin; 

Band 1.2.3 

Montgomery. Carin 

102 Sequoia Dr. 

Newtown, PA 18940 

Delta Phi Epsilon 1,2,3,4: Ordei 

of Omega 4; Phi Delta Theta 3,4 

Moore, Caroline A, 

3 Willowbrook Rd. 

Broomall. PA 19008 

Moore, David 

3921 Longfellow St. 

Allentown, PA 18104 

Morris. Timothy 

31 Stonehenge Ln. 

Malvern. PA 19355 

Morris. Victoria 

326 Richmond Rd. 

West Chester. PA 19380 

Motznik. Catherine M. 

305 Green Circle 

Exton. PA 19341 

Phi Sigma Pi 3.4 

Moyer. Timothy 

3 Forrest Ave. 

Downingtown. PA 19335 

Football 1.2.3: Charter Membe 

of A.R.I. 

Moyle. Arian L. 

5429 Comfort Circle 

Bethlehem. PA 18017 

Phi Sigma Sigma 1.2,3,4 

Muccia, Lisa Rose 

9 Blake Dr. 

Cranford, N| 07016 

Muhr. Michael C. 

1659 Oak St. 

Lebanon. PA 17042 

Soccer 1; DPW 2 

Mulhern. Kate E. 

P.O. Box 355 

Wallingford. PA 19086 

Field Hockey 1.2.3,4; Lacrossi 

1,2.3.4; Athletic Advisory Club - 

Munkanta, Menso 

5415 Christian St. 

Phila. PA 19143 

RHA 1.2; BSU 1.2: Intermura 

Basketball 12,3 

Murphy, Ryan M. 

29 Runway Ave. 

New Holland. PA 17557 

Pi Kappa Phi 1.2.3,4; Intramural 

1.2: Adapted P.E. Program Supei 

visor 3,4 

Myers, Kerry D. 

85 Village Rd. 

Etters. PA 17319 

Swimming 1.2 



vlyers. Scott E. 

12212 Ashbridge Rd. 

A'est Chester. PA 19380 

rhe Quad 2(asst. business 

iigr.).3(asst . business 

ngr.).4(business mgr.); Media 

\dvisory Board 2 

vlvers, Terren 

)l'o Plainfield St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19150 


Vafus Ir., James 
'.O. Box 39 
''eapock. N| 07977 
"Jagle. )ohn ]. 
1514 Bethel Rd. 
3ooth\vyn. PA 19061 
i?hi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 4.5; Mar- 
fPhing Band Concert 
Phoir 5: Mastervvorks Chorus 4: 
Symphonic Band 1 
Varayouski. Robyn 
209 Loganberry Ln. 
Freehold. N| 07728 
./Mpha Phi Omega 3.4.5 
Mardone. George 
221 Covington Ct. 
Seuell. XI 08080 
Nitka. .Autumn 
502 Covington Ct. 
Sewell. \| 08080 
Phi Sigma Sigma 2.3.4 
Norman. Kelly A. 
167 West 5th St. 
Bridgeport. Pa 19405 
Marching Band 1.2; Concert 
Band 2: Sigma Alpha Iota 2.3.4; 
Universitv Chorale 2 

Osenbach. Marsha L. 
R.D. #1 Box 144A 
Andreas. PA 18211 
Marching Band 1.2.3; Flute En- 
semble; Sigma Alpha Iota 
l,2.3.4(seargant at arms) 
O'Brien. Kathy 
123 E. Gay St. 
West Chester. PA 19380 
O'Brien, Stephanie M. 
121 Kent Rd. 
Lancaster, PA 17603 
A.C.E.I. 2,3.4 

Painter. Sara T. 
112 Sandy Bank Rd. 
Media. PA 19063 
University Theatre; Ex- 
perimental Theatre 4 
Palamone. Regina 
2418 Periwinkle Ct. 
Phoenixville. PA 19460 
Dance Team 1.4; DPW; 
Student Dietetic Association 3.4 
Pallon. Stephanie 
218 Ballvmore Rd. 
Springfield. PA 19064 

Palmer. Michelle 
1 Arbor Lane Gir. 
Doylestown. PA 18901 
Pantano. Nancy N. 
628 VV. Wayne Ave. 
Wayne. PA 19087 
Pi Gamma Mu 
Papuga. Mark 
52 Meadovvbrook Dr. 
Somerville, NI 08876 
Pi Kappa Phi 2,3.4; Intramurals 

Parsons. Elizabeth \'. 
920 Penn Valley Rd. 
Media. PA 19063 
Intervarsity Christian Fellow- 
ship 3; .Alpha Phi Omega 3.4; Pi 
Gamma Mu 3.4; Aerobics 3.4 
Paszkowski. Dawn 
16 Wychwod Way 
Warren. NI 07059 
Alpha Phi 2.3,4 
Paulson, Melissa L. 
10 S. Maple St. 
Mt. Carmel. PA 17851 
Swimming 1.2; Student Dietetic 
Association 4; Health Club 
Treasurer 3.4 
Pearson. Cori L. 
35 Shellflower Rd. 
Levittown. PA 19056 
Alpha Phi Omega 2,3; Social 
Work Club 2.3.4; Phi Gamma Mu 

Pearson. leanine 
5762 lefferson St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19131 
Penn, Brian 
110 Overlook Ave. 
Willow Grove. PA 19090 
Marching Band 1.2; Statesmen 
lazz 1; Criterion's lazz 2; Friars' 
Societv liason & 
public relations chair) 
Penny. Anjela I. 
2315 Beacon Hill Rd. 
Lancaster. PA 17601 
Perone. Raymond M. 
614 Buttonwood St. 
Norristown. PA 19401 
Eta Beta Gamma 3,4; Dean's List 

Perry, Saleemah N. 
8424 Lvons Place 
Philadelphia. PA 19153 
National Association of Black 
Accountants 4(treasurer) 
Peterson. Kenya 
P.O. Box 453 " 
Quakertown. PA 18951 
Baptist Student Ministry; 
Virtuous Women of Soul 4; Gos- 
pel Choir 1.2.3: Women's Choir 
1: Social Work Club 3.4; Phi Al- 
pha 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; New 
Generation Campus Ministries 

Peterson. Melissa 
1703 Scott Dr. 
Newtown. PA 18940 
Delta Zeta; Tennis Team 

Petrushkewich. Tracy 
6622 N. Lawrence St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19126 
Petruzzelli, loy M. 
412 Iven Ave. 
St. Davids. PA 19087 
French Club 3.4; Pi Gamma Mu 
Phillips. David P. 
3245 Goodley Rd. 
Boothvvvn. PA 19061 
Alpha Chi Rho 1.2,3,4; Art Asso- 

ciation 4 
Pickens, loi M. 
1718 44th St. 
Pennsauken. N'l 08110 
Office of Multicultural Affairs 
Peer Mentor 1,2,3,4; Board of 
Governors Scholar 1,2,3,4; B.S.U. 
1,2.3.4 (exec board 2); RA 2,3,4; 
Wellness Center 

Voulenteer/Peer Educator 
1,2,3,4; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 
Inc. 2.3.4 (pres. 2. vice pres 3.4); 
Black and Latino Greek Council 
Vice Pres 4: CASE secretary 2; 
Public Relations Department In- 
tern 2; Daewoo Motor America 
Campus Advisor 3;WCUR Radio 
1 Police Athletic League Program 
Assidtant 4 
Pierson, lennifer 
2456 Center St. 
Bethlehem. PA 18018 
Student Dietetic Club 3.4 
Pietrowski. Natalie A. 
106 lohn Glenn Ave. 
Kenhorst. PA 19607 
Women's Swimming 1.2.3: 
Women's Water Polo 3.4; Stu- 
dent Athlete Advisory Commit- 
tee 3: Anderson Math Club 2.3.4: 
Phi Mu Epsilon 3.4; Honors Pro- 
gram 1.2 
Pike. Amanda E. 
1301 Virginia Ct. 
Marlton, N) 08053 
Alpha Phi 2,3,4 
Pincus. Lemont M. 
586 Franklin Way 
West Chester. PA 19380 
College Republicans President 4; 
WCLfEMS 3.4 
Plachuta. Kristina 
1577 Spring Meadow Ln. 
Boothwyn. PA 19061 
Pock. Michael 
99 Hart Rd. 
Cherry Hill, NI 08034 
Polito, Donna M. 
1056 Coolidge St. 
Granford. NI 07016 
Field Hockey 1,2,3.4; Softball 3,4 
Pompizzi. lennifer 
2221 Harwood Dr. 
Upper Darby. PA 19082 
Powell. Naima L. 
6600 Lotus Rd. 
Philadelphia. PA 19151 
Priebe. Alyssa L. 
1143 Cardinal Dr. 
West Chester. PA 19382 
Alpha Upsilon Alpha 
Pugh. Zakia 
3802 Poplar St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19104 
Purnell. Judith A. 
928 Fulton St. 
Chester. PA 19013 
Epsilon Honor Society 4 

Quarles. Conrad 
8612 Thouron Ave. 
Philadelphia. PA 19150 
Football 1.2.3,4: Peer Mentor for 
Office of Multicultural Affairs 
2.3,4: Golden Ram Athletic Ad- 
visorv Board 2.3,4: Dean's List 


Quattrone, Lauren M. 

25 Old Town Rd. 

Cherrv Hill. NI 08034 

Social Work Club 3.4; Phi Alpha 



Rakestraw. Tract M. 
100 Schoolhouse Ln. 
Kennett Square. PA 19348 
Raschiatore. Amy 
116 Leedom Ave. 
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 
Rawlev, Tina 
2630 High Ave. 
Bensalem. PA 19020 
University Theatre 3,4 
Rebar, Lauren 
530 Orchard Ave. 
Langhorne. PA 19047 
Alpha Sigma Tau 
Rebimbas. Silvia 
2072 Mountain Ave. 
Scotch Plains. NI 07076 
Athletic Training Club 1,2,3,4; 
Student Athletic Trainer-Men's 
Basketball 4 
Reed, Emma C. 
47 S. Broad St. 
Hughesville. PA 17737 
CHAOS 3; lunior Achievement 
2; WAEYC 3 
Regan. Amy M. 
291 Sunset Rd. 
Wayne. PA 19087 
Regan. Erin 
166 4th St. 
Cresskill. NI 07626 
Women's Rugbv 1,2,3,4; Sports 
Club Council 2,3,4 
Reichert, William Ir. T. 
2608 Washington .\\e. 
Claymont. DE 19703 
Phi Alpha 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4 
Renor. Hana 
599 Erie St. 

Stratford. Ontario, Canada N5A 

The Quad Entertainment Staff 
Writer 3,4 
Rhoades, Cori 
East Fallowfield. PA 19320 
Cross Country 3.4; Indoor Track 
3.4: Outdoor track 3.4 
Ricci. Shawna E. 
176 Blue lavRd. 
Chalfont. PA 18914 
Psi Chi 3.4; Women's Choir 3 
Rice. Sarah L. 
951 Copella Rd. 
Bath. PA 18014 

Alpha Phi Omega 2.3.4; Social 
Work Club 3.4; Phi Alpha 3.4 
Rivera. Tamarra 
131 N. DewevSt. 
Philadelphia,' PA 19139 
Roberts, Carrie 
121 Virginia Dr. 
Nazareth. PA 18064 
Track and Field 1.2; Student Af- 
fairs Committee 3,4 
Robinson, Shana' A. 
7123 Forrest Ave. 
Philadelphia. PA 19138 
Academic Development 
Program-Peer Mentor 1,2,3,4; RA 

3,4; RHA Bldg. Pres. 2: Mullicul- 
lural Affairs Mentor 3,4; BSU 

Robinson. Stacy C. 
8205 Newbold Ln. 
Laverock. PA 19038 
Black Student Union 1.2 
Roderick. Amv C. 
2332 Coles Blvd. 
N'orristown. PA 19401 
Rodriguez. Elsa Y. 
1713 Valley Dr. 
West Chester. PA 19382 
Rogers. Jeremy 
10 Red berry Rd. 
Levittown, PA 19056 
Symphony Orchestra; 
Chamber Choir 2.3.4— treasurer 
Rosenkowitz. Andrea 
246 Lockart Place 
Philadelphia, PA 19116 
Alpha Phi; Adopt- 
a-School 1,2,3 
Ross, Akselrad 
67 Taylors Way 
Holland, PA 18966 
Ross. Mark M. 
96 Upland Terrace 
Collingdale, PA 19623 
Statesmen |azz Ensemble 1.2.3,4; 
Saxophone Ensemble 1.4; Mar- 
ching Band 1,2.3 
Rothmiller, Issac III W. 
1329 S. 53rd St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19143 
Route, Lorelei R. 
1164 Village Ln. 
Sanatoga. PA 19464 
Row, Vance 
8796 Manahan Dr. 
Elicott Citv, MD 21043 
WCU Football 1.2,3.4; Charter 
Member of ARI 
Royer, Dawn L. 
340 S. Hanover St. 
Pottstown, PA 19465 
Rozzi, Paul L. 
606 S. Temple Blvd. 
Temple. PA 19560 
Rudolph, Brigid 
121 Bergen Ave. 
Bellmawr, N| 08090 
Ruta, Sarah C. 
200 Tourist Park Rd. 
Halifax. PA 17032 
Ryan, [ennifer A. 
100 Oxmead Rd. 
Westampton, NI 08060 
Lacrosse 1,2.3 
Ryan, Kelly 
700 1st Ave. 

Prospect Park. PA 19076 
Cheerleading 2,3 


Salapeh, Tvra K. 

901 N. Duke St. 

Lancaster, PA 17602 

WCU Gospel Choir 1 

Salpan, [oyce L. 

609 Ridge Ave. 

Kennett Square. PA 19348 

Asian American Association 

1.2.3,4; CAOS 2; RHA 1; EMS 1; 

Yearbook 1,2.3; Fencing 4 

Sandor. Ronald Ir. |. 

342 Prospect Ave. 

Bridgeport. PA 19405 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 3,4 

Sandrowicz, Amy 

416 Maple St. 

Scranton. PA 18505 

Intramural Field Hockey 2,3,4 

Sangwan. Rajindes 

1211 Trafalgar Ln. 

West Chester. PA 19380 

Scarafone, Rosalee A. 

537 Wesle\' Rd. 

Springfield, P.-X 19064 

Scargill, Philip 

403 Dartmouth Rd. 

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 

Schaefer, Marlena 

2440 S. Chadwick St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19145 


Schaefer, Marlena |. 

2440 S. Chadwick St. 

Philadelphia. PA 19145 

Schaeffer. Christopher D. 

126 Powerline Rd. 

Boyertown. PA 19512 

Marching Band 1,2,3; Men's Vol- 
leyball 3; AUA 4: IRA 4 

Schilling, |ason M. 

2656 Timberglen Dr. 

Wexford. PA 15090 

WCU EMS 1.2; RA 4.5 

Schink. lanelle M. 

104 Stardust Dr. 

Holland, PA 18966 

ACEI 3; AUA 4; SAVO 2 

Schmidt, Brian 

322 Paxson Ln. 

Langhorne. PA 19047 
Intramural Soccer 1: Intramural 

Roller Hockey 2,3,4 
Schnakenberg. Svbil L. 
320 N. Main St. ' 
Sellersville. PA 18960 
Ambassador Club 3.4; Walt Dis- 
ney World College Program 3; 
Culture Cluster Tutoring Pro- 
gram 3 

Schnee. Mariah 
918 Fit water St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19147 
Women's Center Club 1,2; Safe 
Space Alliance 1,2: Psvchology 
Club 1,2 

Schoedler, Andrea 
5930 Reynolds Mill Rd. 
Seven Valleys, PA 17360 
WCU Marching Band 3,4,5; Tau 
Beta Sigma 3,4.5; Serpentine 5 
Schrader. Eric S. 
54 Rocky Ridge Rd. 
Quakertown, PA 18951 
Marching Band 1,2.3.4; Field of 
View Winter Colorguard 1.2,3 
Schramm, Kelly 
30 Locust Ave. 
Springfield. PA 19064 
Daedalus 3lprose editor); Office 
of Communication Studies Aide 
1,2,3,4; Dean's List 3 
Scott. Nicole R. 
1817 N. 27th St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19121 
Seaman, Margery 
1716 Barker Circle 
West Chester, PA 19380 
Psychology Club 1,2; Criminal 
lustice Club 2; Social Work 3 
Selwood, Courtnev 
220 S. Walnut St. ' 
West Chester. PA 19382 
Intramural Volleyball & Softball 
2.3; Political Science Club 2.3.4; 
Pi Alpha Sigma; Pi Gamma Mu 
Sen. Sharon 

265 Holly Ln. 

Lancaster. PA 17602 

RHA 1; National Association of 

Black Accountants 3,4{secretary) 

Senko. Michael W. 

561 Brentwood Rd. 

Forked River. N| 08731 

Indoor Track and Field 2,3; 

Spring Track and Field 2; Friars' 

Society 3.4; Phi Alpha 4; Pi Gam- 
ma Mu 3,4 

Senkovv. Laurie M. 

100 Nassau Blvd. 

Prospect Park, PA 19076 

Dance Team 1.2,3,4; DPW 

1,2,3.4; WCU Aerobics Instructor 


Seymour, Kenneth E. 

480 Langdale Ct. 

King of Prussia. PA 19406 

Shatzer. Jennifer M. 

201 N. Bradford Ave. 

Apt. B4 

West Chester. PA 19382 

Shaughnessy, Leah 

44 Aristone Dr. 

Berlin. NJ 08009 

Sheets, Vanessa R. 

1055 Pinetown Rd. 

Fort Washington, PA 19034 

NSSHLA; Aerobics 

1,2,3.4; Study Abroad-London 3 

Sheridan, Heather D. 

2529 S. FairhillSt. 

Philadelphia, PA 19148 

Shields, Mary C. 

1253 Fanshawe St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19111 
Shipp. Shelley A. 

1664 Bow Tree Dr. 
West Chester, PA 19380 
Dean's List; Gilbert & Sullivan 
Shoup, lanelle E. 
213 Broad St. 
Akron, PA 17501 
RHA 1,2; Sykes Fitness Center 
Monitor 2,3,4; Aerobics Instruc- 
tor 2,3.4 
Shunk, Kelly 
517 Fritztown Rd. 
Sinking Spring, PA 19608 
Softball 1; Rugby 2; Circle K 4 
Silow, Andrew 
1708 Salt Kettle Circle 
Dresher, PA 19025 
Psychology Club 1,2,3,4; Staff 
Writer for The Quad 1.2,3; Pre- 
Law Club 3(VP),4(Pres.); fewish 
Heritage Program 

3(lntern),4(Pres.); Hillel 1; Alpha 
Chi Rho 

Simmons. Marcellus J. 
215 Scott St. 
Easton. PA 18042 
WCU Football l,2,3(captain),4 
Simonelti, Wendy 
225 Home Place 
Exton, PA 19341 
Simons. Gary 
1104 Almshouse Rd. 
Ivyland. PA 18974 
Art Association 1.2,3,4 
Skidmore, Amy 
2643 Pickertown Rd. 
Warrington, PA 18976 
Sigma Tau Omicron 1.2,3,4 
Sklar, C, A, 
15 Chipper Dr. 
Kendall Pk., N) 08824 
Slavmaker, lefferv A. 
986 Telegraph Rd. 
Coatesville, PA 19320 

Smalls. Erycka D. 
110 Conestoga Rd. 
Pittsburgh. PA 15235 
Black Student Union Public Re 
lations 3,4; Gospel Choir 3,4 
African-American Literature .So 
ciety 4; SAC 3,4; Homecominj 
Committee 3,4; WCAEYC 3.4 
Smith. Andrea R. 
106 Alexander Ave. 
Nutley. N) 07110 
Women's Center Babysitting Ser 
Smith. Corinne 
158 Long Ln. 
Kirkwood. PA 17536 
Smith, Darian M. 
16 Revere Ct. 
Metuchen, NJ 08840 
Alpha Phi 2.3.4; Gamma Sigma 
Alpha 3,4; Dance Production 
Workshop 1,3,4 
Smith, Diana L, 
28 Beechtree Rd. 
Levittown. PA 19057 
Innovations 1.2,3.4: Alpha -\i 
Delta 2,3,4: Anderson Math Club 

Smith. Jennifer L. 
708 Bicking Dr. 
West Chester. PA 19382 
Eta Gamma Sigma 3,4; Health 
Club 3,4; Wellness Center Peer 
Educator 4 
Smith, Zena N. 
5935 N. 13th St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 
National Association for Black 
Accountants 4 
Snyder. Erich 
64 Hillside Ave. 
Metuchen, NJ 08840 
Intramural Soccer 2,4 
Snowboarding Club 2; Year E\ 
change in London 2; Daedulus 
Photographer 3; The Quad Pho- 
tographer 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4 
Snyder, Jeffrey 
1013 Meadowcrest Rd. 
Kimberton, PA 19442 
Snyder. Mark 
1013 Meadowcrest Rd. 
Kimberton, PA 19442 
Alpha Chi Rho 1,2.3.4 
Son, Nathan 
3317 Brighton St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19149 
Asian American Association 

Sosh. lennifer M. 
15 Hearthstone Dr. 
Reading, PA 19606 
WCUR 2,3,4: Women's Water Po- 
lo 2,3 

Sosh. Robert 
15 Hearthstone Dr. 
Reading, PA 19606 
Rugby 2 yrs. 
Soublis. Peggy 
40 N. Linden Ave. 
Upper Darby, PA 19082 
AVA 4 

Spangler, Tricia L, 
343 Hershey Mill Rd. 
Mountville, PA 17554 
Marching Band 1,2,3; 
Concert/Symphonic Band University Chorale 1: 
Women's Chorus 2; Masterworks 
Chorus 3: Collegium Musicum 
3.4; Campus Crusade for Christ 
1.2,3,4; Fellowship of Christian 
Musicians 3,4 

Squitiere. Steven 
826 Westfield Rd. 
Springfield. PA 19064 
Stallings, Shave D. 
1453 N. Alden St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19131 
Stanback. lacqueline 
453 E. Walnut Ln. 
Philadelphia. PA 19144 
BSU 1: Multicultural Committee 
of SGA 1; Women of Color Con- 
ference Committee 2,3; National 
Association of Black Accoun- 

itants 3.4: Daewoo Campus Advi- 
sor 3: SGA 3; Peer Mentor 2.3.4 
Stegossi. Michael M. 
170 Hidden Hills Rd. 

iMedia. PA 19063 


Stelan, Erica L. 

8 East Gate Dr. 

Glenwood. NI 07418 

Marching Band 1,2,3 

Stephan. Garrett L. 

4155 Painted Sky Rd. 

Reading. PA 19606 

Wind Ensemble 2.3.4; Marching 

Band 1.2; Symphony Orchestra 

11.2.3; Men's Choir 2; 

iMastervvorks Chorus 3; Sym- 
phonic Band 1.2; Brass Ensemble 
1,2.3.4; University Chorale 
Stewart. Carolyn 
1959 Muhlenburg Dr. 
Landsdale, PA 19446 
Stewart, lames 1. 
66 N'ew Rd. 
Elverson, PA 19520 
University Chorale 1,2; Men's 
Chorus 1,2.3.4; Masterworks 3.4 
Stewart. Megan 
5070 Hancock Ln. 
Pipersville. PA 18947 
Stival. Sarah M. 
Rd. =2 Box 168A 
New Ringgold. PA 17960 
McCarthy Hall RHA 1; Delta Phi 
Epsilon 2.3.4: University Tu- 
toring Center Tutor 2; pi Sigma 
Alpha 3.4: Order of Omega 3.4; 
Rho Lambda 3.4; Tyson Hall RA 
4; Pre-Law Society 4 
Storey. Kimberly 
13 Venus Wav 
Sewell. N| 08080 
Alpha Sigma Tau 3.4 
Streeter. Christine 
731 Washington St. 
Royersford. PA 19468 
Stretch. Erika |. 
28 Park Rd. 
Hatfield. PA 19440 
Health Majors Club VP 3.4; Stu- 
dent Dietetic Association Secre- 
tary 3.4; Eta Sigma Gamma 2 
Strickland. Douglas S. 
16 Katie Wav 
West Chester. PA 19380 
Phi Mu Alpha Sigma 
1,2,3.4: Marching Band 2.3; Sym- 
phony Orchestra 1.2,3.4; Concert 
Choir 1.2.3; Clarinet Ensemble 

Strigel. Lisa 
PO Box 434 
869 Penns Park Rd. 
Penns Park. PA 18943 
Kinesiology Majors' Club 
(secretary) 3.4: WCU Adapted PE 
Program 3.4 
Strittmatter. Kurt 
111 S. Walnut St. 
West Chester. PA 19382 

SNAP Executive Officer 4 
Strunk. Tanya 
407 Walnut St. 
Royerford. PA 19468 
Cheerleading 2,3,4 
Sullivan. Carman 
1524 Windermere Rd. #104 
West Chester. PA 19380 
Sullivan. Kevin 
805 Ohio Ave. 
North Wildwood, N) 08260 
Intramural Hockey 1: Kappa Del- 
ta Rho 2,3,4 

Sullivan IV, Timothy F. 
2910 Fisherville Rd. 
Coatsville, PA 19320 
Marching Band 1: Alchemist 
Club 1,2,3,4 
Suozzo. William [. 
25 Conaskonk Dr. 
Ocean. NJ 07712 
Baseball 3.4 
Swift, Claire M. 
106 VorktownRd. 
Collegeville. PA 19426 
Sylvina. Stacy 
16 Penn View Dr. 
West Grove, PA 19390 
Szewczak, Amy 
3976 Stevenson St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19114 
Marketing & Management Socie- 
ty 2,3.4; Economics and Finance 
Society 3 

Tavlor. Max T. 
1678 Dolly Dr. 
Vineland. NI 08361 
Concert Band 1.2: Symphonic 
Bad 2,3,4; Wind Ensemble 3,4; 
Orchestra 3,4: Masterworks Cho- 
rus 1,2,3; Concert Choir 4: Flute 
Ensemble 1,2,3.4: Marching 
Band 2.3.4: Criterions lazz En- 
semble 4: Phi Mu Alpha 3,4 
Tedeschi. Michele 
656 Crestwyck Dr. 
King of Prussia. PA 19406 
SNAP 1: Orientation Leader 2; 
Phi Sigma Pi 3.4; Student Affairs 
Committee for Nursing Class of 
2000 3.4: Sigma Theta Tau 4 
Telegadis. Alexis I. 
309 Ueland Rd. 
Red Bank. N) 07701 
Circle K 1.2: Alumni Student 
Connection 1,2,3; Alpha Xi Delta 
2,3,4: Alpha Upsilon Alpha 4; 
SAC 1,2,3,4; ACEI 4; RHA 1,2 
Terra, Nicole D. 
312 Ivy Rock Ln. 
Havertown. PA 19083 
Tesone. Maria 
RR #1 Box 38B 
Wapwallopen, PA 18660 
Philosophy Club 1; Photography 
Editor for The Quad 4; Printmak- 
ing Club 2,3,4 
Teter, Amv 
RR *4 Box 266 
Montrose. PA 18801 
Flute Ensemble 1,2,3,4: Mar- 
ching Band 1,2,3: Symphonic 
Band 2,4: Concert Band 1,3; 
University Chorale 1; Women's 
Chorus 2; Masterworks 3; Sigma 
Alpha lota 2,3,4 

Thomas. Deborah L. 
622 Main St. 
Trainer. PA 19061 
Alpha Xi Delta 1,2.3.4; Anderson 
Math Club 3.4: Pi Mu Epsilon 
3,4: Order of Omega 2,3,4 
Thomas, Kimberly A. 
43 Evergreen Ln. 
Phoenixville. PA 19460 
Circle K 2; Crew for WCU Plavs 

Thomas, Paulette 
394 E. Cliveden St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19119 
Multicultural Affairs Committee 
1; SGA 2: BSU 1,2,3,4; OMA 
Mentor 2,3.4; Campus PAL 4 
Thorpe, Sallie D. 
627 Church Ln. 
Upper Darbv. PA 19082 
BSU 1,2.3,4; Chi Alpha Epsilon 2: 
W.W. Smith Scholoarship Award 
Recipient 1,2,3,4; Pi Sigma Alpha 

Tittle, Jennifer 
424 W. Mt. Vernon St. 
Lansdale. PA 19446 
Peer Educator with Wellness 
Center 3,4; Women's Club Water 
Polo 3.4 

Tolentino. Mitzi 
459 Foster Dr. 
Springfield. PA 19064 
Summer '95 ADP 1; XAE honor 
society 1; Dean's List 1; Peer 
Mentor 3; Asian American Asso- 
ciation 2,3,4: Act 101 Academic 
Excellence Award 4 
Toliver. Richard 
2440 N. Chadwick St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19132 
BSU; Friars' Societv 3,4; 
Res. Life & Housing 1,2,3,4; SGA 
1,2,3; BSU Dance Co. 2,3,4; DPW 

Tomlin, La'Kisha 
1055 N. 67th St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19151 
RHA 1,2; Gospel Choir 1,2 
Torres, Luis 111 M. 
104 Oxford X'allev Rd. 
Fairless Hills. PA 19030 
LASO President 2; RA 2,3,4; 
LambdaTheta Phi 3,4: Dance 
Marathon Co-Captain of Recruit- 
ment 3; IGC Public Relations As- 
sistant 3: Black and Latino Greek 
Council 3.4; President's Work 
Group 3,4; IGC President 4 
Toth, Amy 
1250 Wison Dr. 
Upper Darby, PA 19083 
Town, Melanie K. 
607 Chambers Roch Rd. 
Landenberg, PA 19350 
Treston. Tara 
758 Shropshire Dr. 
West Chester. PA 19382 
Truitt. Lauren S. 
524 S. Church St. 
West Chester, PA 19382 
Truitt, Thomas 
87 Kara Ln. 
Feasterville. PA 19053 
Football 1,2.3.4 
Tucker. Adam L. 
855 Orchard Ln. 
Lansdale, PA 19446 
Criterions l,2,3,4(pres.); Mar- 
ching Band 1,2,3: Wind Ensem- 
ble 2.3: Symphonic Band 1,2: 
Masterworks Choir 2,3: Concert 
Band 4; Sax Ensemble 1; The 

Quad 1 

Turner, Stacey B. 
2150 Arbor Ln. 
Aston. PA 19014 
Tyirin, Christine 
1203 B. Cross Hill Ct. 
Lansdale. PA 19446 
Tyler. Yasmeen 
5639 N. Warnock St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19141 
WCUR 1,2.3,4 


Valenzo, Marcie 
448 Biscayne Rd. 
Lancaster. PA 17601 
SAC 1: The Quad 1.2: Intramural 
Basketball 2.3 
Vanderstine. Christen 
1020 Woodbine Ave. 
Bensalem. PA 19020 
Alpha Sigma Tau 1,2.3 
Verrill. Jennie ]. 
RD 3 Box 3256 
Mohnton, PA 19540 
Rugby 2: ACEI 2,3: Accounting 
Society 2 
Vey, Paula A. 
605 Tallwood Ln. 
Green Brook. NI 08812 
Alpha Xi Delta 3.4: National Stu- 
dent Speech Language Hearing 
Association 3.4 
Vittoria. lodi A. 
2820 Haverford Rd. 
Ardmore. PA 19003 
Voelker. Kristen 
126 Lake View Dr. 
Mohnton. PA 19540 
Vogel. lillian 
19 Hamilton Ln. 
Plainsboro, NJ 08536 


Wahrman. Hallie B. 
570 Fairfield Rd. 
East Windsor. NI 08520 
RHA 1.2,3,4; Concert Committee 
2,3,4; ACEI 1,2: SAC 2 
Walker. Katherine 
493 Douglas Dr. 
West Chester. PA 19380 
Walker. Mykeeya 
216 N. 57th St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19139 
BSU 1,2,3,4; Office of Multicul- 
tural Affairs 1,2,3; WCU Interna- 
tional Institute trip to Ghana 1.3 
Wallace. Melanie 
218 W. Wilmont Ave. 
Somers Point, N| 08244 
Marching Band 1.2,3,4.5; Con- 
cert Band 1,2,3,4; Women's Cho- 
rus 4; University Chorale 2 
Wallin. Lena 
505 Storv Rd. 
West Chester, PA 19380 
Criminal lustice 3,4 
Walls, Tonya 
703 S. Penn St. 
West Chester, PA 19382 
BSU 2 yrs. 
Walsh, Scott 

H8 Greendale Rd. 

Philadelphia. PA 19154 

Walters. Kerri L. 

9 Patterson Ct. 

Pennsviile. N) 08070 

Zeta Tau Alpha 1,2.3: SN.AP 3.4 

Walton. Erin 

2559 E. Ontario St. 

Philadelphia. PA 19134 

Zeta Tau Alpha 2.3.4: Resident 

Life 2.3.4: Panhellenic Council 

3.4: Dance Marathon 3.4 

Ware. Peter ). 

407 Upland Rd. 

Havertoun. PA 19083 

Baptist Student Ministry 1.2.3,4: 

Bible Study Leader 

Warren. Heather 

1509 Cedar Hill Rd. 

Ambler. PA 19002 

Washington. Anika B. 

5113 Pulaski Ave. 

Philadelphia. PA 19144 

Gospel Choir 1.2; SGA Senator 3: 


Washington. Chate'l 

644 N. 54th St. 

Philadelphia. PA 19131 

BSU 2: SGA 2; Gospel Choir 2: 

Phi Alpha 4: Social Work Club 4 

Watson. Aisha 

8084 Michener Ave. 

Philadelphia. PA 19150 

Gospel Choir 1.2; BSU; 

Tau Delta Rho 2.3.4 

Weinberg. Deidre 

1609 Cammar Dr. 

Wall. N) 07719 

Alpha Sigma Tau 2.3.4 

Weishaar, Trish 

P.O. Box 12 

Cashtown. PA 17310 

Welliver. Kathryn M. 

432 E. 11th St. 

Berwick. PA 18603 

Alpha Phi 2.3.4: Psychology Club 

1,2; Adopt-a-School 2; Adopt- 

a-Block 2,3.4; Rho Chi 3; RHA 1; 

Panhell Rep. 2; Dance Marathon 

Morale 2.3,4 

Welsh. Philip 

2262 Sunnyslope Dr. 

Pottstown.PA 19464 

Geography Club 2.3 

Wenger. Jill C. 

27 Pinevvood Ave. 

Ephrata. PA 17522 

Field Hockey 1.2: Phi Epsilon 

Kappa 1.2.3,4 

White. Azure 

1220 S. 19th St. 

Phialdelphia. PA 19146 

Alumni Student Connections 3; 

Peer Mentor 3; BSU 1; Publice 

Safety Security Officer 2&4; RHA 

President 3 

White. Mosette S. 

504 S. 2nd St. 

Steelton. PA 17113 


Wiater, Marcie A. 

2120 Magee Ave. 

Philadelphia. PA 19149 

SGA 1; RHA 2; ACEl 4; Jewish 

Heritage Program 3 

Widmann, Heather D. 

4442 Southview Ln. 

Doylestown. PA 18901 

Wiegner. Shannon 

134 Morton Rd. 

Springfield. PA 19064 

Criminal Justice Club 3.4: RHA 


Williams. James |. 
2237 Highland Ave. 
Morton. PA 19070 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 3.4 
Williams. Raymond M. 
4910 Walton Ave. 
Philadelphia. PA 19143 
BSU 1.21historian): RA 3: Big 
Brother/Big Sister Volunteer 3; 
Darlington Society 4 
Williams. Sharron N. 
1735 Plum St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19124 
SGA 2; Book Drive 2: Track and 
Field 3: Treats for Tots 2: The 
Quad 3 

Williams, Stacey 
601 Lorraine Ave. 
Oreland. PA 19075 
Geography Awareness Teacher 
2; Best Buddies 2 
Williams. Whitney 
220 S. Walnut St. 
West Chester. PA 19382 
Williamson. Lindsay 
29 Erinn Ln. 
Lebanon. PA 17042 
Circle K 2: Dance Team 1,2.3.4 
— choreographer 2,3,4 — 
treasurer 3; captain 4; DPW 
1,2,3.4 — choreographer 2.3.4: 
president 4: SNAP 4; Nursing 
Slide Show Committee 
Wilson, Dorinda T. 
305 Cobbs Creek Pkwy. 
Philadelphia, PA 19143 
BSU 1,2,3,4 
Wilson, Rae 
6040 N. 10th St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 
BSU 1,2,3.4; RHA 1.2.3,4; BSU 
Dance Team 3 
Wilson, Terae P. 
1731 N. Lindenwood St. 
Philadelphia. PA 19131 
Wise, Lakeisha 
624 N. 34th St. Apt. B 
Philadelphia. PA 19104 
BSU Program Coordinator 3: 
SGA 2.3; OMA Peer Mentor 3; 
SAC 3,4; Innovations 2,3.4; Habi- 
tat for Humanity 4; SAVO 3: 
RHA 2,3.4 

Witmer. Matthew A. 
914 Herman Dr. 
Mechanicsburg. PA 17055 
Accounting Society 1,2,3.4 
Woish. [ennifer C. 
23 Maple Dr. 

Conshohocken, PA 19428 
Alpha Xi Delta 2,3,4: Research in 
Microbiology 3,4; Darlington Bio- 
logical Society 4 
Wolfsteller, Margaret A. 
805 Jefferson Way 
Hershev's Mill 
West Chester, PA 19380 
Wright. Rohan A. 
658 Black Rock Rd. 
Bryn Mawr. PA 19010 


Philadelphia. PA 19143 

^ates. Tamira 

139 E. Washington Ln. 

Philadelphia, PA 19144 

Campus PAL Program 4; Mentor 

Program 1; Zeta Phi Beta 3.4 

Yesse. Ashley B. 

309 Thistle Ln. 

Perkasie, PA 18944 

Alpha Sigma Tau 3.4; Student 

Ambassador 3.4 

Yost. Amy K. 

309 E. Vine St. 

Stowe. PA 19464 

Young, Theodore A. 

941 S. Mountain Rd. 

Dillsburg, PA 17019 

Marching Band 1,2; Statesmen 

lazz Band 1.2 

Voungkin. Lynne 

515 Beverly Dr. 

Magnolia. NJ 08049 

Alpha Phi 3.4; Dance Production 

Workshop 2.3 

Zack, Joseph A. 
1113 Cloverbrook Ave. 
Bensalem, PA 19020 
Football 3.4 
Zelesnick, Shannon 
500 Washington Ave. 
Downingtown, PA 19335 
DPW 4; ACEI 1,2,3,4 
Ziegler, Karen L. 
352 Cory's Ct. 
Birdsboro. PA 19508 
Zonay, Amanda L. 
2336 Springtown Hill Rd. 
Hellertown. PA 18055 

Yager. Kelly 
524 Main St. #319 
Honesdale, PA 18431 
RHA 2,3; Internship 4 
Yancy, Marie 
4904 Kingsessing 

Amy Ahn - Congratulations on your many 

accomplishments at WCG. We are so very 

proud of you and the honors that you have 

received. Stay firm in your ebullient 

personality. You are going to be a very 

accomplished and wonderful teacher. We 

wish you all of the best that life has to offer*; 

We love you. Mom and Dad 





Tracy Angstadt - We 
accomplishments at We|st 

You are a very outsta 
Luck with your future p 

best life has to offer 

so proud of your 
Chester CIniversity. 
ding woman. Good 
ans. Wishing you the 
love you, Mom & 




.^ _ Sarrbw> 
four. ..Congratdlatl^nsr 
Hugs-to-thj^ bestdaughti 
' ' Miovn^, Dad 


PJ Bates - What-a long/-l|iard 

you did it! Hard 
determination and comnjiitment 
Congratulations on your 
are very proud to be 
you the best life has to 

Zakiyyah Ali - it's an honor to call you 
daughter. Your achievements at West Chester 
:- University simply add to the pride and 
Admiration we all have for you. Your sense of 
responsibility, commitment, and focus ensures 
f\ \ ' jprttinued success in ail of your endeavors. 
/''<J^ l' ' "Congratulations! Your father would be 
C^'C '^r ^ enorhasiusly proud of you! Thank you. Love 
f- '" ' Mommy and family. 

proud of you and 
" wish for you is the 
nd happiness. We 
lian, Randy, and 

Todd Barnes - We are so 

your accomplishments. Ou' 

best in life with success c 

love you- Mom, Dad, Ji 


You did it in 
Teddy is speechless. 

er, bar none! Love- 



Jason Barshinger 
well done!! We are all so 
Much love! Dad, Debbie, 
and the entire Barshinger 


trip it's been! But 

got you there, 
accomplishment. We 

parents and wish 
ffer. Luv Mom & Dad 

Greg Boland - Music is 

soul and the laughter in 

all so proud of you anc 

attain your dreams. Yoi 

and success will be 

waiting. We will see 

Carnagie Hall. We love 


Congr atulationa_;<?r\ a:j9b 
^ery prouclof you.^ 
Enflt^$ta^'i J^y/^ 
ind St^^' papiilies Rj 

fid passiqn in your 
your l^eart. We are 
\»(e Hnpw you will 
h,ave worked hard 
ydijrs. The world is 
yfl'u as a soloist at 
you. Dad, Mom, 

Sallie Boulware - We ar^ so proud to be blessed 
with such a beautiful d aughter, granddaughter, 

Rachel Buckowitsky - Congratulations on 
your accomplishment] Let us share this 

sister, niece, and cousin, you have worked so 
hard to achieve the goals you have reSc|a'edin (^ 
life. We wish you the best life has to offe^i We A 
Love You!! Mom, Dad, Mike, Mom-Mom, DUqne,/ '^^ 
Uncle Larry, Aunt Ernestine, lloni, Larry Jr., and * '■ 



' i i:,^<''<3ubt'ej 'HTie uncertainties of the present 
■^•i'i.-Vv.^ •/■ a[w,ays give away to the enchanted 
^i[_ , possibilities of the future. You are destined 
^£j-— -1 , Wof greatness. Enjoy your journey and 
remember to have fun." We are all so 
^ ^, proud. Love, Mom, Dad & Lauren 

'^^ ^>fe 


Jodi Byrd - You are a remarkable y_ourig - 
woman. You have worked diligerttlytO achieve 

the highest grades, striving for excellence.'. 

Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off. 

You have reached a milestone, in y.bUf iifetha^t ' 

others emulate. May the Hdty Spirit within-4ead 

you to the next plateao^Love, Mqni- 

Lindsay Castello - We are se pre 
accomplishements at We^i-€fiester University. 
You are a lovely yojjn^woman. Go share your 
talents with th^^Cvorld. Wishing you all life has 
to offe^r^e love you, Mom and Dad 

Samantha Cooper - May your life after 

graduation bring you as much joy and 

happiness as you have brought to us. Love 

forever Mom & Dad.. .Meow Meow Meow. 

Love always, Tammi 



behave made us extremely proud 
of with all that ytou have accomplished. Now go out 
; cffid'show others Ijow to "Reach their goals." You 
wil\' he- a great teajcher. We love you and are proud 
~ of Who you j;\^ve_become. Love, Mom, Dad & Brad 







You are a shining example of what 

a daughter isTrrwarm, caring and loving. 1 have 

watched you grow mtOva beautiful woman that 

makes me so proud; not omyvto be your mother, 

but also as my best friend! May^ your dreams 

come true. Love always, 

John DeMichele - Knew you could do it in fo\ur 

yeiars. We're very proud and impressed of 

caring, responsible adult you've become. Theras 

something special inside you & it's now time tc 

leave your cocoon, spread your wings & soar like a 

butterfly. Always here for you. Luv, Mom, 

Brandon, Karla — Be happy — Make your ov 


Kelly Douglas - Congratulations on your 

outstanding achievements at WCG. We are alT 

very proud of you! We wish you all the best as 

you ombark on your career in business. 
Remembebsfailure is never fatal, and success 
is never final. <Sciaet'em, tiger! We love you! 
Dad?>teno & Kristy 

Christopher Farnsworth '^ty^na extropielyX- 
proud of my accomplishmertt^s at ■\West- -ti 
Chester University. My mothef.teld me a'long'-L^ ' ; , 
time ago, you can accomplish ^ny|tiit3g '^''X.oU^^'V" 
put your mind to it and doni g^v.e up. Well '■ \. 
Mom, I didn't give up. Thapk ycH^^'r also Want 
to thank Diane for her empiftcwpal support^as ^^• 
well as her gifted typing ability. 1 love you! 
There is so much more I want to accomplish" 
on my sojourn, so I'll say goadbye arid I'll see- ^'^ '*^ j 
you at the end. Thank yo»HV.CXl. ' " , ^ 


Eric Duchin - You did it- Congratulation^ We wish 
you a beautiful future. You have a spfecial place in 
each of our hearts. We love yoxyfevy much. Mom, 
Dad, Elliot, Lisa, Evi, Jare^xCnristine, Uncles Jay, 
Allan, Bob, Steve, AurrfsMarcia, Donna, Margy, 
and cous«T<tJon, Jordan, Adam Maddy 


Danielle Finan - Congratulations on your 

aqcohaplfshnoents at West Chester University. 

Wiahiiig you success and happiness throughout 

the-fulfcre! With all our love. Mom and Dad 


Lori Fleischman - You have far exceeded all 

our expectations. You are a spectacular 

woman. Here's to you and all that life has to 

offer you. Get out there and take all the world 

has to offer you. We love you always!! Mom 

Dad, Tobi, and Daryl 

• / Annette Free - Your four years at West 

-•^ i . ; -Chester University have come and gone. 
'■>' . f^\ Qp^^uation day is approaching. Dad and I are 
.< ' Very 'proud of you and hope all your dreams 

, fy'i^ys i ,dorr\elrue. Always remember, let your heart 

e best to you always. Love you! 
Dad, Mom, and Kiters 


,j/V-' .. fv.ys i ,cJorr\elrue. A 
- ■■-'X^V^g^i'^eybuKTh 

Andaiye Garrett - We kn 
would never come but \ 
tenacity, your motivat 
will keep you seeking 
goals. Just remember 
you through all your 
thought life was tougf 
world. Love, Morr 

Dw you thought this day 
ou persevered. It's your 
an, and your spirit that 
and achieving your life 
G xl will continue to bless 
endeavors. And, you 

Welcome to the real 

Dad, and Chanti 



Kim Glinski -^B,^;y9u 

been a long:gndji<[ough 

in accomplishing youN 

to repch for jthe staps e 

ver^'pxoud of you ^nc 

lW ^(^„ 

Greg Grant - CongrS|tulations!! 
wonderful, outstanding 
proud of you. Hold on t 
you! Mom, Dad, 


have finally done it! It' 

raad, but you succeedei 

goals. Mow, you are ready 

nd beyond. We are so 

love you very mucl^! 

Dad & Tony 

You are a 
young man!! We are so 
3 your dreams. We love 
Kyle and Maggie 

Emily Hunke - Great job and congratulations « 

on your accomplishments and graduation. . 

You're off to a great start and we are so prou^ 

of you. We love you!! Mom, Dad, Alyssa and 


Holly Gentles - You have met 

before you with determination 
perseverance. We are so ver y 
all you have accomplished 
The Lord bless you alwaysl^We 
Congratulations! Motljer ~ 

what life has put 
very proud of 
50 successfully, 
love you! 
■ & Dad 


CI lester 

suc< ess 

Shana Goodman - We are 
accomplishments at West 
We know you will be a 

you do. You have made 
toughest times. Wishing you 
to offer and much happines & 
your family 

Kathleen Finnegan - All that 
that you dream of. All that rr 
That is what you are wishe< I 
your graduation day, Sundey 
and always. Congratulations. 

Jordanna Kaplan - We are so proud of your 
ac(;omplishments at West Cniester University. 




, in whafever ^.y 

tl^u^h^e Jh, 

the-bekjlife has ^ 

alw^s'. I^ove'--:. 

- I 


/ou hc^pe for. All 

akes you happy. 

With love, on 

, May 7, 2000 

Love, Mom and 

Our little girl has grown into such an 

.v ' . ,/:^^'^- outstanding woman. Wishing you the best life 

/ ^^b ;■■' -^/ \/jf»as tbr offer. We love you! Mommy, Daddy, 
K^^.4i^<^A , Mom-Mom, and Zayda 



^>v s(' 


Mike Lang - I have always been so proud of 

you, especially now. Remember learning never 

ends. Be bold and confident wHen you.gofor 

your dreams. LoVe, Mom - 


Teresa McGlone - Wishing ys^u.-a^l th^besUn_ 

- ■ ^L 

the years ahead. We are soiT^ppySnd proud 
of your success. Con^catdlations! May all your 
dreams come truerTLove, Mom, Dad & Colleen 

Sar^ McCarraher - As a daughter, sister, and 

frjend...Yo,u have brought happiness, goodness, and 

^'. ftiendship-to us all — May the future alv/ays be 

filled with happiness and success — and only the 

best for j^bu — We love you!!! Congratulations!! 

Leigh Maiale - So you did it, a WCU grad. We are 
[oud of all you have done. You will always be 
that littlegilt~wJ30 everybody thought of as "nice & 
sweet." Now the w^rk^s your oyster; we hope you 

get a lot of p>earis. LYMYNVlpm, Dad, Tony & Lisa 

H. Mangold - Great Job! We are all very proud 
of you. We love you very much and wish you 

the best life has to offer. Love, Dad, Linda, 
Bill, Mom, Scott, Gretchen, Andy and Lindsay 


Bonnie Matz - Celebrate the accomplishment of 

your dreams and always keep them alive\ You 

reached for the stars, achieved your goals end 

shown so many people how special you are!\ We 

are very proud of you and love you infinity! Mom, 

3d, Stacey Joshua, David, Eric, Mom-Moii 

Bubby, Zayda and all your family 

Stephanie Mazzoni - Your accomplishments 

come as no surprise to the ones that know and 

love^ou. Your future is so bright, reach for the 

stars! W^^ve you. Mom, Dad, Matt, Jeff and all 

your family 

Nicholas Meloni - The pride is heart-felt! Your Mom, 

Dad, David, Lynne & John Congratulate you. 

Everyone needs time to meet their i^he and you 

have met yours overwhelmingly^^^u set your goal 

and met it. May you do the^ame with everything 

from her on! You hav^-^tKe will, intelligence and 

fortitude to acparfiplish whatever you desire. 


Joi Pickens - You've alw^s-had a way of'^\ ' 
bringing happiness to life, eyeqxbgck Vi(heffVr' 
you were very small. ..But sfieirjg yoi^ toaay' so 
full of promise and of dream^y^tyrhs out to be 
the greatest joy of all. Congratulations! You^v^; 
made us all so very proud?! We love you!! -: 
Mom, Wayne, Clayton and Geoffrey, 


David M,9Gre - We always knew you had what it 
tal^es, A jfeb well done! You will make a difference 
^ inc our world. Love, Mom and Dad 


Tim Morris - We're all prud of you! Continure 

to listen, learn, and share, and live life to the 

fullest. "If you can trust yourself when all men 

doubt you... Yours is the earth and everything 

that's in it." We love you! Love, Mom, Dad, y-l^pV v^T'^^TV-^^^ i"^^^ , ^ t ^^ r^ ^ 

y ;, ▼., _ . >v \^.. ^ v; 'world. -bovs always & forever, Mom, Dad, 

CMichelle Kee - We are very proud of you and 
ve done in your 4 1/2 years at West 
ter. We wish you the best of luck in 
Whatever the future holds for you. Make 
lieachiiig count & give your students a better 

Kelly & Sean 


Wf ^^' \ ' Caihto.-'Fluff, Max & Snowflake 

Michelle Palmer - We 
finishing your colleg 
everything we wanted i 
you the best in 

always, Morrfi 

ire so proud of you 
education. Your 
a daughter. Wishing 
every^ing you do. Love 
and Dad 

: r. 

Lauren Qu^tfl^jte^We 
and your ^Cgie^a^ents 
honors from We^ Chefef 
you hgppinessi always 
has-^6 offer. (With all^i 


are so proud of you 
as you graduate with 
;r University. We wish 
all the blessings life 
love. Dad, Mom & 


Erin Regan - Your*accoin| 
past four years have be 

laughter and tears you 
wonderful young woman 

you! Kiss, kiss, hug 


plishments over the 
;n inspiring. Through 
have grown to be a 
. We are so proud of 
Mom, Sean and 


Alan Sklar - The Lord jave us two ends to 

use, one to think with; c 
depends on v/hich yoL 

nd one to sit on. It all 
choo30. Heads yoa — 

Stephanie Poe - So many ace 

good times and great mempries 
Chester. You have mad us 
reach your goals, be 
happy. Always rememb^i 
everything you are because 
Love Mom and 

pi cud. 
succe ssful 


Traci Rakestraw - Words carft 
feelings for you. We can onl; f 

proud we are of you. You 
happiness into our lives, espdci 
are the daughter that fathers d 
I'm lucky that you're mine 
Your loving family, Dad, Patjty 
Pop Pop 


Ryan - Congratulatic ns 
acomplishments and WCu! \\ 
of you. Good luck in your 
All our love, Mom, Dae 

win, tails you lose. We're proud of your hard* <^' 
work and accomplishments. Love, Mom, Dad, - 
Adam and Doug 

Tanya Strunk - Congratulations! You did it. 
am very proud of your accomplishments. I 

at West 
May you 
and be 

r, "You're 

\^e love you." 

defscribfe ^jj^jr 
tell yot^^gw 
ring joy ar^ ; >| 

regniif)!, ?(na^ ' ; , 
igrayigtiori?.^ >V 

ot\- your 
e 9r^ so proud 

ing career. 
& Karie 


. v.. 



know- it has not been very easy but you 

^Iw'^s stuck to it. Best of luck to you. 

Love, Mom 

-4 ^ 







I'. , 



Claire Swift - Congratulations onbeirig the nrst 
Swift to earn a degree! Believe now and.^' 
always that you can achieve anyt^ng. Love 
always, Sean" 7~^y N- "■■ 



Melanie Town - Your accomplisWndJlt^ at 
West Chester University e)$cieeded our , 
expectations. Your persistence and] 
has paid off. We are vervptedSof you. Love, 
Mom, Da^-CIay and Jenn 


^<ikKi Teo;ai\; Congratulations on your graduation 

form West Chester University. All your 

dgtermiriatior and hard work has paid off! We 

are, so proud of you and wish you the best in 

your future endeavors. We love you! Dad, Mom, 

*> N Paul and Stephen 


Stacey Turner - We are so proud of you and 

your accomplishments. Your commitment, 

jcaring spirit, sensitivity, and compassion touches 

t^one^ you meet, make the world a better 

place. Thinft~^>«iitvour mind and listen wit your 

heart. You will aJwayS'te surrounded by our love. 

Mom arxSDad 

Yamieen Tyler - There are no limits to what 

^ou can do. Your talents and abilities, your 

uniqueness and warmth, your strength and 

dedication in everything you do all of these 

will help you reach your dreams. Seek 

discover, and embrace with openness the 

richness of experience. Believe in yourself and 

you will always know success. I love you, 


Wtoney Williams - Our sunshine and soon to 

be star. We're proud of you and love you- 

beathiful inside and out! Mom and Dad 

Kerri Walters - You have worked very ftard for 

this moment and you should be very proWJ of 

what you have accomplished. But no oneiis 

more proud than your parents. You are a 
beautiful young woman and have so much 
give. The world is now a better place with it'^ 
newest R.N. Love, Mom and Dad 

Jon-Paul Wunderlich - We are so proud oyaW you 
have accomplished. You will touch so rnany lives 

in your future and you will teach them to grow. 

God bless you. Love, Mom, Kirkygtacy & Kirk- 


Karen Ziegler - Remember no tnatter \vhere life 
takes you, we're here for you. CJ^hgratulations 
and God Bless! Love, MoiT?^nd Dad_ ^ .j^^- 

B^st bflifekjio the Classes of 1999 and 2000! 

'> >. 

1. The Serpentine Staff 



Y earoo 




/lie time has come to announce the completion of the 
2000 edition of the Serpciuine at West Chester Lhiiversity, 
which was printed in Dallas. Texas by Taylor Publishing 
Company. All of the senior portraits were taken by Carl NA'olf 
Studios m Sharon Hill. Pennsylvania. All of the pictures 
found m this year's edition were furnished by Carl Wolf 
Studios and the Serpentine staff. 

I would like to take a moment to extend my personal thanks 
to everyone who helped in the production of this book. Mike 
Durinzi. our Carl Wolf Representative, and all of the Carl 
Wolf photographers-there is no way that I could ever thank 
you enough for all that you have done for this book, without 
your support there would be no book. Mike was always there 
to lend a helping hand wherever he could. Ed Patrick. Jr.. our 
Taylor Representative-again someone I cannot thanks 
enough. \'ou were always there to reassure me that everything 
was going to work out-you are truly an exemplary representa- 
ti\e. Mike Peich. our advisor-you were always there to make 
yourself available to us. thank you. 

Lisa Westervelt. and everyone on the SSI business stafT-for 
helping our business manager keep the Serpentine running 
smoothly. Diane DeVestem. Mary .Anderson, and the rest of 
the Media .Advisory Board-for helping me to learn about the 
importance of media. Da\e Timman. Mary Shaw, and the 
entire Sykes staff-for allowing me to make last minute room 
reservations and acquire storage space. Dr. Oliaro and SG.A- 
for giving us the generous budget that keeps us in production. 
Dr. .Adler-for giving us endless support. Steve McKiernan-for 
always being available for last minute questions about 
LUVIM and to help ensure that we covered all of the events 
this past academic year. Leigh Creeden and .Amanda Gilbert, 
my roommates-for coming to the office this summer to help 
me number the senior pictures and complete the senior pages. 

Finally, 1 would like to thank the 1999-2000 yearbook 
staff.. ..Angle, my co-editor-for returning phone calls, organiz- 
ing the dedication of the 1999 edition of the Serpentine, and 
working on the senior directory . Jen-for being a great business 
manager and helping over the summer to finish up layouts. 
Brad-a last minute addition to the staff, who came in and 
completed the academic section without missing a deadline. 
Janet-for tackling the events section. Maureen-the newest 
addition to the Serpentine, not only did she complete the 
student life section herself, but she spent numerous hours 
helping me finish up the last few pages for each deadline. 
Maureen always gave 1 10% no matter what I asked of her. I 
know that we had our rough spots from time to time, but we 
pulled together and made everything work. Thank you all for 
your hard work it has been greatly appreciated. I look forward 
to another year of overseeing the production of this book. 

Thank you all. — Serpentine Co-Editor in duel. 

Katie M. Shaulis 

inal ParewellT, 


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